UFC: Tim Kennedy to Vitor Belfort: 'Fight clean, stop using steroids'


UFC middleweight prospect, Tim Kennedy expresses disdain for Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson's TRT usage.

Tim Kennedy is on Cloud Nine these days. He's in the UFC, he just beat Roger Gracie at his own game, and now, he's got a fight scheduled with Lyoto Machida. For those of you that have been living under a rock, Machida is making the cut to 185 and Kennedy will be his first test in the middleweight division.

A mere two weeks prior to the bout being booked, there were rumblings that the Austin, TX native might be facing Vitor Belfort, but that plan was scrapped. Instead, Belfort will meet light heavyweight star Dan Henderson in the octagon. The fight will be in Brazil on November 9.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Kennedy took the hard line against both Belfort and Henderson for their testosterone usage, stating:

The real competition for those two is who is going to have the highest testosterone levels during the fight camp. Just take their testosterone levels from four weeks out, and that's the winner of the fight, no reason for these guys to even meet in the cage.

If you have a guy who can only fight in a scenario where hes injecting synthetic testosterone into his body, he shouldn't be fighting.

This is mixed martial arts - integrity, legacy, discipline - this is not Mark MaGwire baseball. He almost killed the sport of baseball. Somebody needs to come to grips this is damaging the sport.

His requirement to fight me was to fight me in Brazil. If I get a call to fight, I'm told it's at this time, at this place and I accept. I don't go around being like 'well, I'm only going to fight so and so if we meet in Austin, Texas.' Fight clean, stop using steroids.

Something tells me that Belfort, who has been calling out everyone and their grandmother lately, is not going to take kindly to these bold statements. Who knows, maybe we'll get to see Belfort vs. Kennedy after all.

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