Boxing Mares vs. Gonzalez results: Jhonny Gonzalez shocks the world with huge upset KO of Abner Mares

Harry How

Get full results here from Showtime Boxing Mares vs. Gonzalez, featuring Abner Mares vs. Jhonny Gonzalez, plus Leo Santa Cruz vs. Victor Terrazas. We have results, with gifs, at Bloody Elbow.

Jhonny Gonzalez def. Abner Mares, KO Round 1 2:55

Words can not describe the shock of this win. Abner Mares, a man on the pound for pound list, an undefeated fighter who looked to be seriously on the rise, KO'd in just 1 round by the completely overlooked Jhonny Gonzalez. After 2 minutes of a feeling out process, Gonzalez used a perfect left hook to drop the heavy favorite Mares, sending the champion crashing to the mat. Mares struggled back to his feet, but was clearly hurt, and within a few more seconds, he was back on his back and the fight was wisely waved off.

At this point, you can pretty much close the books on any Upset of the Year award in boxing. Adonis Stevenson's KO of Chad Dawson was impressive, but it doesn't hold a candle to this. Just an incredible moment.

Leo Santa Cruz def. Victor Terrazas, KO Round 3 2:09

In the Showtime opener, the increasingly popular Leo Santa Cruz kept his undefeated record intact, taking out Victor Terrazas to claim a world title at 122 pounds. Santa Cruz is known for his high-volume punching style, and that was on full display here. Over the course of three rounds, Santa Cruz landed far too many punches, particularly with some excellent inside work. He closed the left eye of Terrazas, then dropped him twice in round 3 to earn the stoppage win. Post-fight, Santa Cruz said he planned to take a few more fights at 122 before moving up again. It will be interesting to see just how much further Santa Cruz can rise.

Gifs courtesy of Zombie Prophet:

First up, the historic finish to Mares vs. Gonzalez. Check out the beautiful work with the hook from Gonzalez here, as Mares has his left hand just the tiniest bit too low, and that's all the opening Gonzalez needs:


And here's the second, and final, knockdown:


Finally, the finish from Santa Cruz vs. Terrazas, including both knockdowns:


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