Intense King Mo Interview About Newton

PC: Big rematch against Emanuel Newton coming up. How do you feel about it?

KM: I feel good, mayne; just ready to do my thang on November 2nd.

PC: This is your first time fighting someone twice in MMA, although I'm sure you did it a lot in wrestling. Is your approach for fight two different or are you just changing up a few things?

KM: My approach is the same. I just have to make a few adjustments. The thing is I'm not the same fighter, you know what I'm saying? For one, I will be a little healthier. I got time to rest up and I got some new little wrinkles that I haven't shown yet and I'm going to start mixing it in.

PC: Newton has been doing a lot of talking. Are you paying attention to it or are you focusing 100% on King Mo right now?

KM: I don't know what he's saying. He is so lame and unlikable, no one is paying attention. If it was that good, people would be blasting it in the headlines. He is lame; ain't nobody paying attention to him. If I said something, it would make headlines, but he just lame, dog. He wants to make it look like I'm out there bashing him or I'm arrogant and cocky, but truth be told, he is the one that's cocky and arrogant. I'm just me. I'm cocky towards everybody I fight, but me, I'm a laid back dude.

PC: Are you excited to be a part of your first pay-per-view event?

KM: You know what? I really ain't thought about it. I'm just focused on whooping his ass. I'm going to torture him. I'm going to hurt him. I'm going to punish him. I'm going to have him begging the referee to stop the fight. I'm going to give him the option of quitting or just getting beat up.

PC: What is it about Emanuel Newton that gets under your skin like that?

KM: He just lame, man, and he's fake. When we were in the sauna, he was like, "I'm coming for you nigga! I'm just playing; I'm joking." I didn't say anything to him; it was cool. I had respect for him because he was one of Antonio McKee's guys. I like Antonio and I respect him because he is one of the few black fighters I've seen who has been in the game for a while. He been fighting for a long time and I respect him. Met him quite a few times and I like him. We not cool right now because I'm going to beat up his boy, but I respect him. He's taught me a lot of things. But then he been saying shit like I've been acting cocky towards him, which isn't true. I've always been cool with Emanuel Newton until now. He started running his mouth after the fight and buying into his hype and I'm going to punish him for that. Name one fighter other than Gegard Mousasi that said I was disrespectful? I did it to Mousasi on purpose because Gegard was looking past me like I was a bum. That's why I was like, "You're not that good and I'm going to beat you," but he is good and I just wanted him to know that I wasn't afraid of him. No fighter has ever said that, besides Jacob Noe, and that's because I felt like he was disrespectful, but we're cool now. Other than that, I'm very respectful to everybody I fight.

PC: This being Bellator's first pay-per-view, I'm sure there will be press conferences and other build-ups where you will be around Newton. Are you gonna save it for November 2nd or should Bellator invest in some more security?

KM: This is business, man. I'm going to wait until November 2nd. He's so lame anyway, dog; he just corny. First of all, you know he's lame by the type of music he listens to. That punk rock shit come on, man, get out of here with that shit. You know he a lame because now he's trying to convince himself that God's on his side. Since when did God choose sides? We see a lot of people try to use that tactic; Robert Guerrero. I guess they are just more special than everybody else.

PC: I think the main event between Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson is a great move for the company and also the sport. A lot of naysayers though. What do you say to the negative people?

KM: You know what? I think it was a great move and the people that are hating on it can go fuck themselves and kiss my ass. To me, if you want to see an entertaining fight, since when did records matter? If you want to see an entertaining fight, be entertained. Why complain? If you want to complain about everything, why don't you find a gym, train, get your record up there, and be somebody instead of complaining.

PC: First pay-per-view, you gotta get a more extensive entrance for this one.

KM: Yeah, I'm gonna talk to Bjorn about the entrance next week and so forth. For my entrance song, I'm going to do a mash-up between the Bellator Champ song by Lil Man, you can follow him @LilManOfficial on Twitter, but I'm going to do a mash-up on that and the Big Payback by James Brown.

PC: When does the official camp start for Newton?

KM: In about 2 weeks. Really camp never ends for me. I started preparing for him right after my last fight with him. I started to see more holes and weaknesses. It's going to be a different fight, man. It's going to be a beatdown. He gotta get down or lay down like they said on State Property. We know he gonna try to get down, but he's going to end up laying down, straight up.

PC: You said a few months back that this year, you are putting all of the spinning stuff to rest. I'm sure you are expecting him to go back to that well.

KM: I got a special guest coming into my camp who is an Olympian in Taekwondo and he will be in my camp to help me train. We gonna take care of that spinning stuff. It's nothing to worry about.

PC: You know we will be all over this camp. Until the next time, give me some closing thoughts my man?

KM: Y'all tune in on November 2nd and watch me beat this black skinhead down. They gonna call it a hate crime once I'm done with him.

Shout out To FightHype

Now here's my take

Mo is confident and not afraid to speak his mind as always. Reading this interview you can see how passionate Mo is about getting revenge on Newton and winning the prestigious Bellator LHW title. There is alot of bad blood between these two and that always makes for a good fight. Newton came out victorious the last fight but I got MO winning this fight however he wants. I believe Mo will be aware of Newtown's striking and wild spinning backfist that he likes to throw so this time around this will be completely different from the last fight. I agree with Mo on the Rampage and Tito fight, as a big MMA fan I'm not worried about their record I just want to see an entertaining fight and that's what Rampage always brings to the table. I have never bought a ppv from any orginazation but Mo has me so hyped up about this fight I may have to order this ppv.

This will be Bellator's first ever ppv and it seems like they are trying to make a serious impact.

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