An Apology To Bellator

They were the last words my grandfather ever told me. "When a man makes a mistake, he needs to own up to it and apologize.” Grandpa cleared his throat as he continued, “And Daniel, I think it’s time you apologize to me for being my grandson. Seriously, what the hell? My grandkid could’ve been that nice girl from that Amanda Show or that hilarious young man Skeetch on that Bell show, but no, I got you! Actually don’t talk, just get the hell out my way, and remember that under no circumstances are you to contact me again.” My grandfather proceeded to hop on his one-way flight to some city in Portugal. This was my tenth birthday.

Now, on the eve of my eighteenth birthday, I’m ready to apologize. Not to my grandfather, but to Bellator. Bellator, I’m sorry.

Until recently, I counted Bellator out as a direct competitor to the UFC, but I was wrong. Last Wednesday at Bellator 97, the MMA landscape was shifted. Bellator announced that on November 2nd, they will put on their first pay-per-view event that will be headlined by a blockbuster superfight.

Two former UFC Light Heavyweight Champions. Two legends of MMA. Two active TNA wrestlers.

“The People’s Champion” Tito Ortiz versus Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. It’s happening.

This is why I watch MMA, to see the best fight and the best. Based on the overwhelming viewership of 28 million people that witnessed the fight announcement on Spike TV (source for viewership numbers: Shannon Knapp), I’m not the only one.

I also polled my twitter followers on what they thought of the potential fight, but I didn’t receive any replies. I would largely attribute this to my low follower base which at press time is only my mother and an account I made for my dog.

Sure, both fighters are coming off three losses, but if you look at the facts, this fight becomes interesting. You see, both Ortiz and Jackson are undefeated in fights coming off three consecutive losses. It’s also important to note that both fighters have said that they are in the best shape of their lives which is a meaningful statement because we’ve never really heard either fighter say such a thing before.

It’s truly a relief that this contest is happening. Every day I would cry at the thought of a Rampage/Ortiz bout never coming to fruition, simply because this fight is MMA’s version of Pacquiao/Mayweather. It just needs to happen. Thanks to Bellator, my eyes will be dry tonight.

If we’re going to go back in MMA history to find a dream match comparable to a fight of this magnitude, then we would have to go all the way back to 2010 at Impact FC 2 where Ken Shamrock took on Pedro Rizzo.

Both fighters add depth to an already insanely deep Bellator Light Heavyweight Division. Tito Ortiz is a fighter that does well in press conferences and is dependable to show up for ever bout agreement based on his anemic injury history. Quinton Rampage is on the top of his game, and he’s a fighter that handles criticism superbly. The only other mixed martial artist that can handle more criticism without being offended is clearly the thoughtful and self-conscious King Mo.

The pay-per-view numbers of this card will be huge. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they surpass UFC 100’s buyrate. The UFC is having the GSP/Hendricks fight on November 16, and they should seriously look at moving the fight date because of how closely it is to Bellator’s November 2nd super PPV.

Needless to say, the buyrate for Bellator’s inaugural PPV will justify them holding Eddie Alvarez captive and preventing from making a living fighting top lightweights in the UFC.

I’m also salivating at the potential jokes we will see from the MMARoasted twitter account. Seriously, I can’t wait to see what he’s got on Rampage and Tito because those are two guys that I haven’t really seen him make fun of on that account.

Rarely have I been sorry in my life, but today is one of those times. Bellator, I’m sorry for doubting you. And grandpa, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry for being your grandson. I would love to talk to you, please just send me an email at

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