2013 July Mixed Martial Arts Postscript: From Expendables to Exiles

Photo by Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

David Castillo returns with the monthly Bloody Elbow postscript for July, 2013. Besides Anderson Silva's historic loss, what other bizarre antics kept us busy?

For some reason I skipped the month of June. Did anything important happen? Or was it the usual collection of dudebro philosophical illiteracy, and bizarre antics? Who knows, but July taught us what we already know in MMA: drug laws make no sense, and Anderson Silva is clinically odd.

July 2nd

Josh Rosenthal gets 37 months in federal prison for something called 'weed', and an intent to distribute. Rosenthal's presence isn't something I'll long for while he's gone, but that isn't to say I'm not confused by the hypocrisy of a country that is willing to look at alcoholism as a health issue, while drugs deserve the spotlight of expensive prosecutions and investigations. I won't elaborate on the issue of innocent informants being used in this stupid game because you could take a thousand different angles...all converging to illustrate the futility of it all, but you didn't come for a bad New Yorker impression.

Addendum: I recommend reading the comments in this thread. It looks like Christmas, and smells like gif.

July 6th

It's interesting how Anderson Silva is able to confound us as much in victory as defeat. I'm still trying to collect my thoughts, just like Silva is still trying to collect his braincells. It would be one thing if Silva simply got dominated, and looked old. Instead he looked like a clown, and got knocked out.

It's been a roller coaster ever since. First Anderson didn't want a rematch, now it looks like the rematch is set. Sports Illustrated opened up the floor for a debate about fight fixing and whether the Silva bout was evidence of it, much to the dismay of Dana's circulatory system.

I haven't even mentioned Silva's teary eyed response to these allegations. Probably because no amount of description will ever equal the image of the show's host cradling of Silva's head in response as Kevin Costner music plays in the background, while Blanka's genetically inferior but equally green orange-haired brother watches from afar.

July 11th

MMA loves to resurrect its ghosts, and July was no different. Talk of Tito Ortiz returning to MMA has had everyone scratching their heads. Ortiz has been a spent force for awhile. While he never took any bad beatings, he was constantly battling injuries. There's never not enough space for a cracked skull joke, but the phrase "a healthy Tito" is on par with "gentle King Jeoffrey".

I always liked Tito for his contribution to the sport, but his style in combination with his age and injuries leave him in the aesthetic doghouse. Though to be fair, even in his Humpty Dumpty state, Ortiz could earn himself some victories in Bellator, and elsewhere. So long as he avoids the 2nd round.

July 12th

There needs to be a catalogue for all the ruined bouts by injury. I had to link the search results page because I'm just too lazy to link separately the injuries to Bobby Green, T.J. Grant, and Josh Koscheck in a single day.

July 17th

While not necessarily MMA related, it's worth pointing out that the George Zimmerman trial was a big deal, and at least one Olympic boxer, Terrell Gausha, decided the American flag wasn't as meaningful. I'm not interested in resurrecting this debate except to point out that sports and politics should mix more often. The truth is that they often do, but because sports journalism is represented by people like Skip Bayless, we don't get to hear those debates.

With the Winter Olympics coming up, Dave Lozo over at Backhand Shelf considered the possibility of an NHL boycott at the Sochi Olympics over Russia's strict anti-homosexual laws. A far-fetched idea, granted, but isn't the NHL due its liberal incarnation of Tim Thomas?

July 22nd

Nick Diaz not doing what he should isn't news, but 'The Voice' felt snubbed all the same. Let's just hope Nick unretires and fights Demian Maia ASAP.

July 24th

Ronda Rousey is slated to be in The Expendables 3. This means less than Gina Carano's appearance in Fast and Furious 6, but more than Cynthia Rothrock's career, so I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I've always cheered for Stallone, truth be told. As a person, he's more self aware than you'd expect, and as an entertainer...well, what can I say? I own Judge Dredd (now considered the inferior version thanks to an admittedly solid remake, but I'll take the one with ABC robots, Armand Assante's scene chewing, and Diane Lane all day and twice in Sunday), Demolition Man, Tango and Cash...and yea yea, you get the point of my nostalgic lunacy.

I guess this bodes well for Rousey's career. After all, nobody will care about her acting. I just hope the next Expendables has less CGI knives going through people's bodies, and more Van Damme in direct-to-video mode.

July 29th

Aaron Riley retires following his UFC on FOX 8 loss to Justin Salas. Brother...you will be missed.

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