Post-Fight Schadenfreude is a Bad Look

I am a Washington Redskins fan, which means that until very recently, I have been subjected to a LOT of terrible, heartbreaking football, year in and year out. For the past two decades, two things kept me satiated: fantasy football and enjoying the sufferings of the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.



Even during the worst Redskins season, I could aways get excited for when the Eagles invariably screwed the pooch and sent their knuckle-dragging prison population of a fan base into their annual frothing frenzy of self flagellation. It was really glorious. I make a point of reading the Philly and Dallas papers after bad losses, and it never ceases to fill me with glee.

All of this is a long way around to saying that I get it. Enjoying the suffering of teams you don't like (and their fans) is a fundamental pleasure of sports fandom, and I wouldn't propose to deny it to anyone.

But lately, I've found post-fight comment sections around here increasingly tough to take. Especially in the immediate aftermath of fights (and probably before people have worked through all the booze they consumed) the comments are filled with vitriol and tired gifs of Cartman drinking tears. The volume of crowing, obnoxious posts reveling in whichever fighter's loss far, far exceeds the volume of comments praising the winner, or expressing excitement at something positive that happened.

MMA is different from team sports. Losses actually hurt fighters in very tangible ways. Knockouts inflict permanent injury, and even a decision can cripple a fighter economically. These aren't millionaire baseball players who are going to be richer and happier than the rest of us regardless of how many games they lose. MMA fighters put their bodies and minds on the line for our entertainment, and for most of them the reward isn't terribly impressive.

This is not to say I've never been happy about a loss. If I'm being honest, my joy following the Hendricks-Fitch finish probably had more to do with my dislike of Fitch than my love of Johnny, but even then, I don't remember spending my time reveling in his brain injury and being a jerk to Fitch fans.

Also, it is much braver as a fan to go out on a limb supporting fighters that you like, then to spend all your time shitting on ones you hate.

Or maybe I should just avoid post-fight comment threads.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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