UFC Fight Night 26: Matt Brown says not being afraid to lose is what sets him apart

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

UFC welterweight star, Matt Brown discusses what distinguishes him from other fighters, his motivation, what he's working on most as far as improvement, and more.

Saturday presents us with one of, if not the most stacked UFC cards of the year. The best part about the card? It's free. Fox Sports 1, formerly known as Speed TV, finally sealed the deal with the three resistant networks, and will now have a 93 million home viewer base. That's a lot of casual fan viewing, and pushes the UFC even farther out into the sports mainstream. To say that the card is significant is an understatement.

Right in the middle of this stellar card is a very intriguing match-up between two welterweights on lava hot win streaks. Matt Brown and Mike Pyle are two guys that personify real grit and mental fortitude. If ever there were a Royal Rumble type match, where every fighter in the UFC's welterweight division were tossed in the octagon, Matt and Mike would be among the last men standing. I'm sure of it.

Thebout between these two will almost certainly see the winner rocket into the Top 10. That's right. Neither guy is currently ranked in the Top 10, but we won't go into that. What we will do, is get down to a quick interview my MMA Sentinel co-host, Iain Kidd and I were able to grab with The Immortal. Brown discussed the significance of being ranked (or not) in the Top 10, a story about a mountain lion and the things he strives most to improve. Here's what he had to say:


You know, all that stuff is just superficial to me. I'm just here to fight and do the best I can. All the other stuff will kind of take care of itself. It's not really my concern at the moment. Maybe after the fight I'll think about stuff like that. At this point, I know that I've got a really tough guy in front of me, and that's all I can worry about right now.

I wouldn't really say it bothers me too much when guys can talk their way into big fights, but if I was in charge, it's not how I'd do it. -Matt Brown

Getting Big Fights Based On Merit Instead Of Trash Talk

I wouldn't really say it bothers me when guys can talk their way into big fights. I understand how things work. They're in the business of selling tickets and putting butts in seats. That's what it's all about. It doesn't really bother me too much, but if I was in charge, it's not how I'd do it.

Sakurai & The Mountain Lion

I know this one time, we were training with Hayato Sakurai, and we were running this mountain. Sakurai was being pretty lazy about it, and we see this dead deer carcass. Matt (Hume) told him that it was from the mountain lions. All the sudden Sakurai started running way faster, and he ended up beating everyone to the top of the mountain.

What Distinguishes Him From The Rest Of The Pack

I guess the biggest thing that might be different about me is that I'm not afraid to lose. I go out there to fight, and I don't really care if I win or lose. I'm just going to fight. That's about the only thing I can think of.

Area Of Concentrated Focus

I work on everything constantly, all the time. If I had to say I was to narrow it down, I'd say that recently, it's my wrestling that I'm working on most. It's the most important part of MMA. It's something I missed out on in the younger part of my career, so I've been focused on that more than anything else.


For me, it's a personal test. Everything in life is a journey where you test yourself, and in martial arts and fighting, you tend to learn more about yourself than any other way. Individual combat sports really let you learn about who you really are. That's how I look at it anyway.

You can follow Matt via his Twitter account, @iamtheimmortal

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