King Mo Warns Newton "Payback Is A Bitch"

King Mo says

"Listen, I’m going to be real honest about this. Emanuel is fake as hell," "He runs his mouth about being a black skinhead or something, and likes to act real hard. He’s as hard as baby shit. I’m going to destroy this guy. He landed a shot on me in our first fight, nothing more than that. I’m better than him in every facet of the game. I didn’t even shoot on him that first fight. I can take this fight anywhere I want it, and I will. It’s over. I’m taking that belt in Long Beach, bringing it back to Las Vegas, and no one is getting it back. Not Vegh, Not Rampage. Not Tito, not anyone. It’s mine. Payback is bitch, Emanuel."

This is what Newton said

"I’m not going to spout off and trash Mo, I don’t have to do that," Newton said. "I know Mo is going to run his mouth and try to sell his game, but I don’t have anything to prove. I’m the one that knocked him out, and he’s the one that has to deal with that loss on his record, not me. I did it once, and I’m going to do it again, this time on an even bigger stage. History likes to repeat itself, and November 2nd Mo’s going to have to deal with another big loss on his record."

Big ups to thats where I found this

This is my take on it

Newton caught Mo Last fight but I beleive this will be a completely different fight. Newton may have the striking advantage but Mo is the all around better fighter. Once Mo mixes up his striking with his takedowns like he's been doing lately there is no way Newton will stand a chance against him, this fight will go the way Mo wants it. I think he will tko Newton in the 2nd round of the fight.

Something else Mo said caught my attention, he says nobody will ever take the title from him including Vegh, Tito, or Rampage. Now I beleive Mo could easily defeat Tito and Vegh but if he happens to fight Rampage that will be the biggest fight of his career. If we happen to see a Mo and Rampage fight in the future not even I could predict who would win that fight all I know is it will bring Bellator huge ratings and it would be a fight that would be talked about for years to come.

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