The day Anderson Silva lost



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I watched the excelent UFC 162 at a bar, with some friends. A few days before, we went to the same place to watch the FIFA Confederations Cup finals, between Brazil and Spain. It was hard to tell in which occasion the place was more packed. An Anderson Silva fight is an event on its own. Even those who don't follow MMA closely want to see him fight, after all, it's a sure spectacle: The taunting, the Matrix-like dodges, the devastating knockouts.

The audience celebrated as a goal when Anderson got back to his feet after being taken down by Chris Weidman, a virtually unknown by most people there. Another goal when the champion exhibited his almost preternatural reflexes while avoiding the challengers' punches and daring him to come forward, hitting his own chin. He moved forward, intimidating, landing leg kicks. It was a typical Anderson Silva fight, and you could feel the expectation growing in the air. Because, after the show, comes the knockout, right?

And it came.

78 seconds into the second round, while doing his trademark dodging, the champion got caught by a left hook and crumpled to the ground. Soon after, brutal punches by the challenger separated him from his senses. Anderson Silva, for the first time in 38 professional fights, was knocked out cold, his eyes blankly staring at the MGM Grand's ceiling while referee Herb Dean attended to him.

First came the silence. Everybody took a few seconds to take in what they just saw. Wasn't him invincible?

"Bullshit", i heard someone say. It had finally sunked in. Some celebrated, albeit timidly, but most were angry or disappointed, and it didn't took long for the first "This fight was fixed!" to be thrown in and repeated by many others right after. To them, Anderson Silva couldn't lose. After all, he's Anderson Silva! He beat Chael Sonnen, he knocked Vitor Belfort out with a "kick to the face".

Many there probably didn't even knew Anderson already had four losses in his record - all of those suffered to lesser fighters than Chris Weidman.

However, never before he had lost in the UFC. He never lost after creating his "aura of invicibility". Anderson Silva had four losses, "The Spider" was unbeaten. But, as Chris Weidman reminded us all Saturday night, "The Spider" is (or was?) a product of the mind. Other challengers before him had, at least on paper, some chance of beating Anderson Silva, but were destroyed by "The Spider" before they even set foot in the octagon.

On May 27th of 2000, Luiz Azeredo defeated Anderson Silva by decision.
On June 8th of 2003, Daiju Takase submitted Anderson Silva with a triangle choke.
On December 31st of 2004, Ryo Chonan submitted Anderson Silva with an exquisite flying scissor heel hook.
On January 6th of 2006, Yushing Okami defeated Anderson Silva due to a disqualification.

But it's July 7th of 2013 that will go down in history as the day Anderson Silva lost.

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