BECW S6E6 Recap: UFC 162



Ahoy, Mutherfukers. What a way to go, huh? 17 fights, 10 knockouts, 3 submissions and 7 years after Anderson Silva's UFC debut, the greatest fighter of all time was finally defeated. By devastating knockout, no less. The MMA world has been scrambling to make sense of Silva's bewildering performance but as yet, no words have managed to fill the giant void left behind by the Spider. The inevitable changing of the guard never really took place and despite Chris Weidman's success on the ground in the first round, few are rushing to congratulate him on unseating the seemingly invincible champ. For all the decisiveness of the finish, Saturday felt oddly lacking. What was shaping up to be a phenomenal fight was marred by Silva going full retard and until we see a rematch - if ever - we won't know whose skillset would prevail.

Far more cut and dry are the BECW results. Two teams got themselves well and truly into playoff contention while another faltered and two teams clinched a playoff spot. Read on for the full results and the highly intriguing playoff picture.

Individual scores, UFC 162

For complete individual scores, go HERE.

Rank Name Score
1 #16 tomvale13 90
2 #47 Brad Ackerson 87
3 #34 PDG27 86
4 #12 Patrick Wyman 85
5 #72 forkboy 84
6 (C) ScoreCardOTN 82
6 #1 swiftman 82
6 #38 Tim Bernier 82
6 #48 corey nielsen 82
6 #54 Andersac 82
6 #59 KNOWLEGE 82
6 #112 loveandpeace 82
6 #120 SlipNRip 82
14 #2 clayguidashair 80
14 #88 TheTrapezoidConspiracy 80
16 #28 Dave Strummer 78
16 #40 Dr. Octagon 78
18 #19 Zachary Kater 77
18 #30 sday420 77
20 (C) RonSwanson 75
20 #17 sgiblin 75
20 #73 grizzlyatoms 75

After a disappointing season, tomvale makes his presence felt with an impressive 90 points, only three points from securing top spot on all of MMA PG. Six players in the top 10 are Fuken Magis, led by forkboy.

Individual scores, Overall

Rank Name Score Change
1 #17 sgiblin 470 +1
2 #6 Ben Bauman 468 -1
3 #47 Brad Ackerson 463 +7
4 #84 fedorable 461 -1
5 #1 swiftman 459 +2
6 #34 PDG27 449 +15
6 #48 corey nielsen 449 +12
8 #4 pooki 446 -1
8 #29 phenylenginerods 446 -4
10 #10 sun yue 445 -3
10 #58 TitanFan2K 445 +3
12 #106 jason18 443 +4
13 (C) Sugel Mendoza 441 -8
14 #57 Kaleb Kelchner 436 -3
15 (C) ScoreCardOTN 435 +10
16 #32 skeebop 434 +6
16 #54 Andersac 434 +12
18 #12 Patrick Wyman 432 +21
19 #13 brutalbobbyt 431 +4
19 #86 Centre Line 431 -8

sgiblin and Ben Bauman switch spots at the very top while PDG27 and TAFKAGSPMMG made the top 10 thanks to outstanding UFC 162 scores.


Rank Name Relative
1 #106 jason18 +94
2 #108 DarthRevan +82
3 #84 fedorable +80
4 #86 Centre Line +67
4 #112 loveandpeace +67
6 #88 TheTrapezoidConspiracy +63
7 #107 euthanatos +57
8 #83 scruffy_thejanitor +55
9 #96 memitim +49
10 #58 TitanFan2K +48
10 #120 SlipNRip +48
12 #115 Starseed +46
13 #71 BROCKLESNAR!!!!!! +45
13 #110 Snax +45
15 #47 Brad Ackerson +44
16 #57 Kaleb Kelchner +43
16 #103 LYHL +43
18 #48 corey nielsen +42
19 #63 Manch1ld +41
20 #85 Hurricane_Heron +40
20 #98 mmastation +40

Your last-rounders can make or break your team, and Newt and KMcCaig are surely pleased to have picked up DarthRevan and jason18. Most impressive, however, is Fedorable's rebirth from mediocre veteran to top player.


Rank Name Relative
1 #11 Afrotikiman -115
2 #9 FFC -103
3 #35 pookie_gnome -96
4 #5 POW -93
5 #33 JakeHopkins -91
6 #25 kreally -72
7 #8 alxn -69
7 #53 Zane Simon -69
9 #26 Garrett Turpin -67
10 #37 -Neil- -66
10 #62 GregtheRangerStott -66
12 #24 sklart -62
13 #20 Hayabusa2000 -59
14 #56 MaZZacare -54
15 #55 Noahwob -53
15 #76 thuggis -53
18 #14 Horselover Fat -52
19 #2 clayguidashair -51
19 #64 discoandherpes -51

Ouch, afro. It almost doesn't even feel good to make fun of you when you aren't here to defend yourself. Can you please issue a public apology and maybe donate some money to a cat shelter? Out of the 12 first-rounders, 5 are doing very, very well while the remaining 7 have been big to gigantic busts. Yours truly included.


Division 1


One of the most one-sided matchups of the season saw The Fuken Magi absolutely demolish the hapless Hands of the Judges, who are still winless and looking for their first H2H success. In the closest collision of the night, Newt & co. barely eeked out a victory against RonSwanson despite the latter's triumph in the H2H matchup. The three point differential clinches a playoff spot for The Split Decision Pickers while Swanson's Bangzillians must be feeling the heat as their perfect 4-0 start may not be enough to secure a playoff spot.

Division 2


In the Battle of Texas, mollcutpurse's H2H bonus just about stole the victory for the Beauties in a pivotal matchup. Meanwhile, Marcu$'s Field of Dreams continue to struggle despite jafotinatos' H2H win over RStephen4. The Picketts' win means Division 2 is still wide open, although The School of Comedy has a points differential to overcome.

Division 3


Everything went wrong for JDH's Fox Blockers as two no-pickers saw them plummet to a brutal defeat. PFP's upset of the 11 Inchers however means that the Fox Blockers are through to the playoffs. TheTrapezoidConspiracy's defeat of sun yue in the H2H matchup was just enough to sneak past KMcCaig's high-scoring team that could plummet all the way to a wildcard spot with a third consecutive loss in week 7.




Playoff hunt

The following teams have clinched a spot: Split Decision Pickers Anonymous, Fox Blockers
The following teams have been eliminated: The Hands of the Judges, Rosenthal's Field of Dreams, Ultimate Fighter Paternity Suit Lawyers

The remaining seven teams will go through with a win except the Stephen Thompson School of Stand-Up Comedy who have to outscore the Beauties by 90 points in the process. Rosenthal's Field of Dreams stand a good chance of clinching a wildcard spot, meaning there are effectively 8 teams who could qualify for the remaining 6 spots, 9 if you include PFP's Lawyers.

Next week's matchups

Division 1


The best team faces the worst in a largely meaningless matchup while the resurgent Magi on a two-event win streak can clinch a playoff spot by beating the faltering Bangzillians (two-event loss streak) who could lose out on the playoffs entirely due to their relatively weak points score.

Division 2


It's week 6 all over again but with added oomph. The Picketts and the Beauties are through with wins while Sugel's Comedians need to win & score big to clinch an automatic spot. Meanwhile, The Field of Dreams have everything to play for as a wildcard spot is within reach.

Division 3


It's now or never for the Lawyers who have to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat to secure a wildcard spot. Meanwhile, 11 Inch Reach Advantage and CLYDTSFF duke it out in what should be a thrilling winner takes all (but loser likely takes a wildcard spot) matchup.

That's it, y'all. See you in a couple of weeks for UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Moraga.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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