UFC 162 results: Dana White projects pay-per-view buys at 800K


UFC president Dana White told the media last night that according to his trending data he expected the event to sell about 800,000 pay-per-view buys.

Dana White told the media at the UFC 162 post-fight press conference that the event was "trending at 800,000 buys." That would be a very strong performance for an Anderson Silva headlined PPV.

Here are the reported numbers for Silva's last few headlining performances:

UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar (non-title LHW bout) - 410,000 buys

UFC 148: Silva vs Sonnen 2 - 925,000

UFC 126: Silva vs Belfort - 725,000

UFC 117: Silva vs Sonnen - 600,000

UFC 112: Silva vs Maia - 500,000

Dave Meltzer had some analysis of the numbers at MMA Fighting:

Any number near that level would have to be considered a major success for the company's marketing campaign for the show. Weidman came into the fight without ever having headlined a pay-per-view, and his signature win over Mark Munoz was on a Fuel show with a relatively small audience. Silva has topped 800,000 buys twice before, for his 2010 fight with Forrest Griffin, which was really a dual headliner for a show that also included a B.J. Penn vs. Kenny Florian lightweight title match, and for his 2012 rematch with Chael Sonnen on the same weekend last year.

The number would be well above most predictions for the show, and would be the second-best number this year, trailing only the Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz fight on March 16, which in the most recent estimates did just under 1 million buys. "The bar business was huge," White said as well, telling a story about being told people were on the streets going crazy right after the fight because of the magnitude of Weidman's win, which will go down as one of the most historically important fights in company history because it ended Silva's nearly seven years on top and record setting 16-fight winning streak.

It should be noted that Dana White's original "trending" estimates for UFC 148 were far larger than the later reported numbers. White was expecting well over 1 million buys for that event as of the night of the fight.

SBN coverage of UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman

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