UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman - Winners and Losers


A look at all of the real winners and losers from the UFC 162 card in Las Vegas last night.

UFC 162 was captivating for 10 fights in my eyes. I was overjoyed by a lot of good scraps, and had a smile on my face going into the main event. I figured that no matter what happened in the Silva/Weidman bout, I was a winner for getting to watch the undercard and I was getting my money's worth for the main card.

I most definitely don't feel the same way now, seven hours after the main event ended. Yes, I'm still awake.

I'm tempted to really tear into the bullshit I saw from Anderson Silva in this post. But my job is to be objective about winners and losers here, so that's what I'll do. I will say this though - generally, people buy UFC PPV's for the main event, and I'm not happy that I paid all that money for...that. Witnessing the upset is one thing, but when one of the two combatants seemed to be less interested in the fight than I was, it's hard not to be upset. I'm a big fan of comeuppance, and I was ultimately happy with the outcome. But I handed in my Silva fanclub card tonight, and I'm not exactly clamoring to get it back.


Chris Weidman - If you're surprised that he's here, you're crazy. The dude just knocked out the greatest fighter of all time and became the new UFC middleweight champion. I hate how it all played out, but I absolutely love that he took the clown show at face value and knocked out the clown. He deserves everything he got because he earned it, and no one will ever underestimate him ever again. Remember the weigh-in? Chris Weidman quoted Game - "Hate it or love it, the underdog's on top." What a premonition. Props to Weidman for not letting Silva get into his head and getting the win of all wins.

Frankie Edgar - Did the UFC give him a winnable fight to kill his debatable losing streak? Probably. Do Bronx showed up for sure, but it didn't matter. Edgar looked excellent as usual and he won the fight. It's not an Edgar fight unless there's blood all over his face and it made an appearance, but Frankie nearly finished the bout late and looked like the top guy he is in the process. He's in a weird spot as a guy that's been in like 19 title fights lately, but Edgar's obviously a force to be reckoned with at 145. Or 155. Hell, he could probably make a run at 170 if he's willing to bleed a little more.

Charles Oliveira -As I said above, Oliveira was considered an afterthought in the need to build Edgar back up, but he delivered in a fight with a former world champion. Both men cut a blistering pace for 15 minutes and Oliveira never looked out of his element for a single second of those 15 minutes. Edgar connected more, but Do Bronx showed heart, skill, and a improved standup game that should make some people take notice. It's not often that a dude can drop a 30-27 fight yet seriously open some eyes. But Oliveira did that tonight. And he's only 23.

Mark Munoz - Should Munoz have ever been ranked # 3 at 185? I don't know. But it was easy to write him off after the horrible loss to Weidman a year ago and the subsequent issues that kept him out of the cage until last night. He didn't care though, and proved that writing him off was premature with his win over Boetsch. After a close first round, he brutalized a top-ten middleweight with shots would have caved in my ribs. He undoubtedly pulled out the best MMA wrestling performance of his career, and he made it entertaining to boot. Boetsch did the best he could, but if this was the NHL and we were giving out three stars, Munoz was clearly the # 2 behind Weidman.

Cub Swanson - I continually underestimate Cub, and he continually proves me wrong. His wild style got him grounded for round one and I thought it would continue on that way, but it clearly didn't. He did a great job in round two, then got the finish in round three. I'm not sure what to think of how unorthodox and wild he is - will that help or hinder him against truly elite fighters? What I do know is that Cub Swanson is fun as hell as a spectator, and he is worth paying to watch. I've said this before, but that's about the highest compliment I can pay a fighter.


Anderson Silva - That was all tactics? That was all an angle? Sorry, but that's bullshit to me. I paid to watch a fight, not a sideshow. Anderson's days as a matador are over for the time being, and I'm honestly happy to see it at this point. I paid for the card expecting an actual fight. I bet on Silva expecting that he'd actually care about winning. Instead, he acted like a clown and didn't take anything seriously. Comeuppance can be beautiful, and it was last night. It was buried in in nine layers off shock and took a little while to bubble to the surface, but it was still beautiful. You deserved that, Anderson Silva. You deserved that. I never truly disliked you until last night. But you just burned through every ounce of credibility you had with me because you just didn't care enough. I'm not allowed to use the words I want to use to describe how I feel about you right now, but I'm not a happy camper. I feel like the WWE just played me into buying a PPV and offered up a DQ finish in their main event. You don't even care enough to want a rematch now? Get out of my life, Anderson Silva. Go away.

Dana White - Anderson's actions disgusted me as a fight fan. I needed to leave the house and decompress after witnessing it. I went to a bar where the post-fight press conference was on TV, but with no sound. I was sure that White was tearing Silva a new one for his clown act. Instead, after I got home and watched the press conference, I listened to Dana actually defend it. It was "a great fight" according to the boss. What? Really? I appreciate that a potential rematch is a cash cow for the UFC. But a reporter rightfully grilled Dana on Anderson's total disrespect, and Dana completely no-sold it. I couldn't believe it, especially since this was similar to UFC 112 where Dana theratened to fire Silva for the same BS. White takes a lot of heat, but he has always defended the idea that great fighters actually fight and he has derided clowning. Tonight, he sold out on that. Lame.

Chris Leben - From day one, Leben has been the underdog with heavy hands and a great chin that was easy to get behind. But he's just not a UFC-caliber fighter any more because he's so easy to figure out. The fact that he got a split decision means that one judge has a very primitive view of the sport. All Leben did was come forward. Craig completely controlled the clinch, he backed off the right way to land solid shots of his own, and he clearly won the fight. Leben got outclassed again. It's sad to see, but that's the nature of the fight game I guess.

Dave Herman - I'll keep this short and sweet, just like his fight. Four straight losses. Weed rehab (!?). Knocked out in 17 seconds. Heeeere's your card.

UFC fans - I really feel bad for people that bought the PPV last night. Sure, a lot of the main card fights delivered. And the main event offered one of the craziest upsets in UFC history, so at least they got to see it I guess. But when the UFC middleweight champion can't even take his fight seriously, why should you or I give a shit? I'm not stupid enough to say that Anderson Silva threw the fight, but he certainly didn't seem totally committed out there. Maybe he was way too overconfident. Maybe karma just caught up with him. Who knows. I know people that are reading this will be divided on what I'm saying here, but I really feel like Silva did us all a disservice last night. And Dana White thought it was great. That might be the worst thing of all in the long run.

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