BECW6: UFC 162 Live Shenanigans


Ahoy, fukers of muthers. Are you excited?! ARE YOU?

Not only do we have a tasty looking card on our hands tonight, things are also heating up nicely in the BECW and this event could seal the fate of several teams.

The Matchups

Division 1
The Fuken Magi (2-3) vs. The Hands of the Judges (0-139)
Split Decision Pickers Anonymous (4-1) vs. The Duane Bangzillians (4-1)

Huge matchup at the top of the table between Newt's legion and RonSwansons Bangers. The winner of that matchup will secure a playoff spot while the loser will face The Fuken Magi in Week 7. Should the Magi beat the hapless Judges, they have a great chance of clinching a 2nd place finish in the division.

Division 2
Beauties and the Beard (3-2) vs. Stephen Thompson's School of Stand-Up Comedy (3-2)
Rosenthal's Field of Dreams (1-4) vs. Brad One Punch Wolf Picketts (3-2)

In the uber-tight Division 2, every matchup counts. The Field of Dreams can no longer make the playoffs directly and will have to look to score enough points to get a wildcard. Meanwhile, the winner of the Battle of Texas will clinch a playoff spot if lanky's manky bunch fail to win.

Division 3
Fox Blockers (4-1) vs. Can't Let You Do That Star Fox Fallon (2-3)
11 Inch Reach Advantage (3-2) vs. Ultimate Fighter Paternity Suit Lawyers (1-4)

Should Fox Blockers and the 11 Inchers secure wins, the top 2 will be set. However, CLYDTSFF still have a golden chance to make things very, very interesting while PFP and his Lawyers are 105 points from a wildcard spot and have some serious catching up to do.

The Fights

Main card (PPV, 10pm ET)
Weight class
Middleweight Anderson Silva (c) vs Chris Weidman
Featherweight Frankie Edgar vs. Charles Oliveira
Middleweight Tim Kennedy vs. Roger Gracie
Middleweight Mark Muñoz vs. Tim Boetsch
Featherweight Cub Swanson vs. Dennis Siver
Preliminary card (FX, 8pm ET)
Middleweight Chris Leben vs. Andrew Craig
Lightweight Norman Parke vs. Kazuki Tokudome
Heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Dave Herman
Lightweight Edson Barboza vs. Rafaello Oliveira
Preliminary card (Facebook, 7pm ET)
Welterweight Seth Baczynski vs. Brian Melancon
Welterweight Mike Pierce vs. David Mitchell

The Spreadsheet

Like every other healthy boy, I've spent my summer vacation enjoying the sunshine working on a fix for the sluggish live spreadsheets. Tonight marks the debut of the new and improved live scoring framework which features a bunch of stuff behind the scenes but should look no different to you guys.

Your new spreadsheet link is as follows:

If you fancy yourself a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, you can probably figure out what the link to next week's spreadsheet will be.

... And finally

Remember, Bloody Elbow site rules still apply. This means:

  • Don't be a dick
  • No gifs
  • No streaming links or any other such illegal activities
  • Don't talk about Tottenham

Mutherfukers? Lettuce.

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