UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman - Final pre-show thoughts


Some final thoughts in the hours leading up to the start of UFC 162. In the night's main event Anderson Silva will be trying to defend his UFC middleweight title against undefeated Chris Weidman.

With the great Anderson Silva set to defend his title tonight at UFC 162 on pay-per-view we are once again being treated to the Silva fight promo experience. It's an endless cycle of fighters being a nightmare for him on paper only to be humbled by the champ in the cage.

Middle Easy summed it up well with one simple tweet:

Make no mistake about it, Chris Weidman is a talented fighter. There is a realistic possibility that his wrestling skills and aggression could lead to him upsetting the champ. And there's always a real possibility that he is aided by Silva's age suddenly catching up with him.

But I keep thinking about Floyd Mayweather telling Robert Guerrero "This ain't Berto!"

Guerrero is a good fighter. No matter how the fight played out, he is a talented fighter who had won fights that put him in the position to fight Floyd. But, as Floyd tried to tell him, fighting Mayweather isn't the same as fighting the "good" fighters he beat to earn the position.

And...well, this ain't Munoz.

  • Strange to think that Frankie Edgar is facing the possibility of a fourth straight loss. It's been a weird run for Edgar since he first challenged for the lightweight title against B.J. Penn and won the bout in a controversial decision. He's been in great fights, close fights and seven straight title fights. Charles Oliveira represents his "easiest" fight since 2009 and he really needs to pull off the win to keep himself "in the mix."
  • One has to wonder what kind of battle Tim Kennedy faces outside of simply fighting Roger Gracie. Is he less likely to get the nod for a bonus because of his complaints over UFC fighter pay? Is he at risk of being cut after only one UFC fight if he loses? Or is it simply just a thing that happened that's over now that he has apologized to the promotion?
  • Is it weird that I wish Mark Munoz's fight with Tim Boetsch was for some sort of UFC intercontinental title? I mean, these two guys are exactly at that level where they're probably never going to be title contenders but are still very talented guys right below that level.
  • Cub Swanson needs to get laser tattoo removal on those crotch tree tattoos. He's on an incredible run and has proven to be way better than I thought he ever would be when I thought he'd maximized his career with his WEC featherweight title shot. But I just can't take him seriously with those damn trees. (edit: I forgot that Aldo didn't have the title yet when he stomped Swanson)
  • On a more serious note, Dennis Siver taking on Cub Swanson is going to be a lot of violent fun.
  • I hope that Chris Leben has figured life out. He had clear issues before he even fought in the UFC, issues that shone quite clearly during his time on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. Mixing in twenty UFC fights worth of punishment and drug issues aren't going to do him any long term favors. But, if he has his head straight then maybe his career can end on a higher note than once seemed possible.
  • I don't do fight predictions on our staff picks anymore because it's simply not fun for me to try and predict undercard fights. But I will go on record with my pick for the main event. Here's how I see it going down: Weidman will have a good first round, Silva likes feeling his opponent out and Weidman will be able to get going a little bit. In the second, Weidman will still be having some success but Silva will start to put some offense together. Round three will be the end when Silva starts picking apart a tiring Weidman, hurting him with some good shots. Weidman's desperation will lead to a mistake and Silva will finish him off.
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