White says he and Roy Jones Jr. are 'talking' while some pretend a ridiculous fight with Silva makes sense

Ethan Miller

Dana White says that he is flying Roy Jones Jr. out to Anderson Silva's title defense at UFC 162 and that the two are "talking." This has led many to act as though the absurd idea of a fight between Jones and Silva makes some sort of sense.

Anderson Silva's desire to fight Roy Jones Jr. is nothing new, the UFC legend has talked about the fight for about as long as he's been the sport's top dog. Jones is one of Silva's idols and Anderson values the idea of getting to take him on for whatever reason.

While the fight -- either MMA or boxing -- didn't make much sense a few years ago, it makes far less sense now. Silva is still on top of the sport, still a dynamo who is able to do freakish things against the best fighters in the world. Jones, on the other hand, is a shell of his once great self, not having fought for over a year since he was gifted a split decision win over late replacement, warm body Paweł Głażewski. That was Roy's only fight of 2012, coming after a 2011 that saw a win over Max Alexander who came into that bout on a six fight tear that saw the New Jersey Native pick up a record of 0-5-1. That Alexander fight was an attempt to get Roy back on the winning side of things after a three fight losing streak that was capped with a brutal KO at the hands of Denis Lebedev.

While the fight has always just been Anderson's silly little fantasy, suddenly it's being treated as a possibility. Silva had recently once again floated the idea of the fight being something he wanted more than a superfight with Jon Jones or Georges St. Pierre and now Dana White says that the two sides are "talking" while declining to expand on what exactly means. But it does have much of the media acting as though there's some chance that the bout will happen.

MMA Junkie has some of the details:

White in 2009 said no to the possibility of the matchup happening when Jones first brought it to the table. But four years later, things may have changed.

"Roy Jones Jr. is coming to the fight," White on Thursday told MMAjunkie.com. "Roy and I are talking."

But White does admit he's unsure why Silva wants the meeting to happen.

"It makes no sense to me. It makes no sense to me," he said. "I don't know why (Silva wants it). It's like these guys, when they grew up, they had their heroes or whatever their deal is, it's something they want to do or accomplish. This is something Anderson wants to do."

For some reason there is a subset of MMA fans who treat this as "hey, if that's what Silva wants, why should we act like it's so crazy?" And the simple answer is that it's pointless, a waste of Silva's time and potentially dangerous on both a physical and professional level. Roy is shot. There's no way around that fact. He's old, his chin is bad, he's been violently knocked out by Antonio Tarver, Glen Johnson, Danny Green and Lebedov and suffered a lot of other damage along the way. In an MMA fight there's an incredibly high chance that he gets badly hurt. In a boxing match it's possible that Jones' skill is enough to beat Silva and that's just not a good look for the UFC champ considering how shot Jones is. But even in a boxing match Jones is risking injury. His chin is gone, he's old and he hasn't fought anywhere with stringent procedures for medical clearance since April of 2010.

The Pensacola News Journal covered Jones' desire to continue his boxing career:

"I’m still off and on," Jones Jr. said last Thursday while attending the "City of Champions Pensacola" sports museum fundraiser at Sanders Beach Corrine Jones Community Center. "I still love the sport. Bernard (Hopkins) is keeping me alive. He’s at 48 still doing it, so he lets me know that you can still do it if you want."


"It’s just a matter of being smart about it, taking the right fights and the right situation," Jones said. "I don’t go too far out of my way to make too much happen.

"I just love the sport of boxing. Anything I can do exciting, I will do, but other than that, I take it easy."

They then ended the article talking about the "possibility" of a fight with Silva.

To put it simply, there's no need to entertain the fight. There's no benefit, there are massive risks all around and it's a silly idea involving a man who in no way represents what he just was. He's just an old, shot fighter.

And I'll never understand why the MMA media doesn't treat the idea as being completely ridiculous. I suppose it's just easier to play along and get the quote.

Update: Kevin Iole at Yahoo! Sports gets more (depressing) info:

Silva kept saying a Roy Jones fight would be good for him, though he never would explain why. Later, UFC president Dana White said that Roy Jones was coming to Las Vegas for the fight and that they "would talk."

In a text message to Yahoo! Sports, Roy Jones replied, "Yes," when asked if he were going to talk to White about fighting in the UFC.

White is savvy enough to know that a Silva-Jones match in any context is unwise and not good business. He got to see that first-hand in 2010 with the farcical James Toney-Randy Couture fight. A boxer doesn't belong in a fight with an MMA champion and an MMA fighter doesn't belong in the ring with a boxing champion, which the Toney-Couture fight conclusively proved.

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