UFC 162 GIFathon: The Spider in Cage Rage, Weidman's debut, a chilling Barboza KO, and more!

Dallas Winston, Bloody Elbow

The Bloody Elbow team looks back at some early career highlights for several prominent fighters competing tomorrow night at UFC 162 in Las Vegas.

It's fight week, which means it's time for another edition of the Bloody Elbow GIFathon. On the Friday before a UFC PPV or Fox event we give you a look back at some early showcase moments for current UFC champions, contenders, and new prospects. Dallas Winston, Zombie Prophet and I combine to make these for you at least once per month, and it's a great way to look at highlights you may not have seen before. For the UFC 162 edition of the GIFathon, you'll see:

....and more! So let's get this started, shall we?

Anderson Silva vs. Curtis Stout (2005)


Mookie Alexander: I suggest watching the video itself, because the British ring announcer is hilarious and sounds quite inebriated in his six hour fighter intros. The fight itself was all Anderson. Stout tried to suplex Silva early in the first round, but Silva instead put him on his back and was immediately in side control. Silva maintained top position before delivering the finishing blows with just seconds to go in the round. The Spider defended his Cage Rage middleweight title that evening, and after his DQ loss to Yushin Okami in Hawaii, Silva produced the famous upward elbow on Tony Fryklund for his final fight before entering the UFC.

Dallas Winston: We all guffaw at the power and precision of Silva's strikes on the feet, and those ungodly qualities transmit even better from the top. Silva is an insta-finisher from the top position with ground strikes, or he'll strangle folks when they give up back-mount to alleviate the striking damage.

Chris Weidman vs. Reubem Lopes (2009)


Mookie: Our own Matt Kaplowitz actually documented Weidman's MMA debut from training camp to post-fight reaction, and this is Weidman tearing up Reubem Lopes on a Ring of Combat show in New Jersey. Lopes literally never advanced to a better position after Weidman had him in side control (which came seconds into the fight), and in less than 2 minutes he was tapping out to a kimura. Lopes hasn't fought since that beating.

Dallas Winston: This is the same type of domination Weidman showed against Munoz, which is rare in MMA as there aren't many fighters with such synchronous mastery of both wrestling and sub-grappling. Kimuras from north-south like this are particularly devastating because the only connection Weidman has with Lopes is a two-on-one grip, and he's able to form a strong and wide base on both knees while keeping ideal posture in order to wrench the hell out of it.

Frankie Edgar vs. Jay Isip (2005)


Mookie: See? Frankie Edgar can finish fights.

Dallas Winston: He chokes him out, brah. And that's why I get paid the big bucks for being an MMA analyst.

Roger Gracie vs. Ron Waterman (2006)


Mookie: Roger Gracie is a huge middleweight who was a regular 99 kilogram (roughly 218 lbs) competitor in BJJ competitions, so it's no surprise to see that his MMA debut came at heavyweight against Ron Waterman in Vancouver, BC. Waterman powered out of the first armbar (not shown in this GIF), but he wasn't successful on the second try.

Dallas Winston: What's so odd here, in addition to Mookie's point about the armbar attempt just before this that's not shown, is that Waterman battles to break Roger's wrist and head control in order to posture up and get out of the danger. And he does! But, after winning that mini chess match, Waterman dives right back down and sacrifices the advantage he just fought to gain by giving up head/wrist control and slumping into an armbar. Overall, an unwise strategy against an alpha-submissionist.

Edson Barboza vs. Jose Figueroa (2010)


Mookie: An aside on Figueroa -- he was knocked out on an M-1 Global event on November 20th of 2011. California inexplicably licensed him to fight on December 9th, and he was KO'd again. That is unbelievably dangerous. Also dangerous? Edson Barboza putting you to sleep with a vicious right hand. We haven't seen much of Edson's punching power in the UFC, but that doesn't mean he's incapable of producing moments like this.

Dallas Winston: It's funny (in a grossly immature way) to scroll down to this gif and observe what seems to be a motionless corpse strewn about the cage floor. This is a simple case study in How To Use Your Opponent's Forward Momentum and Aggression Against Him, and why charging forward with your hands down is inadvisable.

Mike Pierce vs. Mike Dolce (2007)


Mookie: You'll almost certainly remember Mike Dolce as MMA's premier nutritionist and not as an MMA fighter. His professional career tally stands just 5-10, but he's taken on the likes of Antonio McKee, Shane Primm, Karl Amoussou, and Mike Pierce. This 2007 bout with Pierce was actually filmed as part of Fighting Politics, an independently produced documentary on Matt Lindland. As for the fight itself, it was quick, it was brutal, and Dolce was out before he hit the floor.

Dallas Winston: Early stoppage! If you're going to make a straight-line blitz effective, this is how to do it. This is also a Team Quest specialty that's been employed endlessly by Randy Couture, Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and Matt Lindland: blast off a right hand, change levels and follow immediately behind it to make contact when the defender pauses to block/dodge it with his feet planted. Notice how much ground Pierce covers with this one seamless combination, and how quickly he does it.


Thanks again to Zombie Prophet and Dallas Winston for their continued work on the GIFathon series. The next edition of the fight week GIFathon will be Friday, July 26th, one day before UFC on Fox 8 in Seattle.

If you have any GIFathon suggestions please list them in the comments. Note that we cannot publish GIFs featuring any UFC material, Zuffa-era WEC, PRIDE, or Strikeforce shows.

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