Bellator 97: Chandler, Askren title defenses, King Mo - Results and play-by-play

Live results for Bellator's summer special. The show will feature Light- and Welterweight title fights as well as the Finals of the Light Heavyweight tournament.

Join us for all the Bellator 97 main card action. Brent Brookhouse will be doing play-by-play for all 5 fights on the main event on Spike TV which begins at 8 p.m. ET.

Here's the fight card:

Michael Chandler vs. David Rickels Lightweight Title Fight
Ben Askren vs. Andrey Koreshkov Welterweigth Title Fight
Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal vs. Jacob Noe Light Heavyweight tournament Final
Ryan Martinez vs. Vitaly Minakov
Patricio Freire vs. Jared Downing

Lawal has been emitting his usual amount of trash talk about tonight's opponent who retired Renato Sobral at Bellator 96. King Mo beat Seth Petruzelli to advance to the Finals.

Patricio Pitbull vs. Jared Downing - Round 1 - Pitbull dropped him early and then caught him in a guillotine when he stood back up, but Downing was able to survive. Back to the feet they go and Pitbull lands a left hook and Downing accidentally clips him low with a leg kick. They continue and Pitbull lands a nice flurry. Downing with a few left hands that get in a little bit. Another right drops Downing and he's back up. Another right and his legs are starting to go. Pitbull with a nice combo. 10-9 Pitbull.

Round 2 - Huge right by Pitbull and he drops him, now he drops him again. And then drops him again and this one is over. The ref has seen enough. Patricio Pitbull wins by TKO (punches), round 2.

Ryan Martinez vs. Vitaly Minakov - Round 1 - Minakov pushes him into the cage and then gets the takedown about two minutes in. Now Minakov landing some good punches on the ground. Big knee as Martinez stands up. Huge left from Martinez and Minakov takes it. Minakov with a good elbow inside nd Martinez throws some big shots coming forward and lands a good counter. Minakov with a good uppercut now. Minakov with a shot but can't get the takedown. 10-9 Minakov.

Round 2 - Minakov with a few good shots and now he pushes Martinez into the cage. Martinez is bleeding from the nose. Accidental groin shot by Minakov and the ref calls for a break. MInakov with some good shots as they restart. Wait...the ref took a point for the groin shot? Right hand by Martinez. Right by Minakov. Another right hand lands. Right hand by Martinez again. 9-9 even because Minakov lost a point.

Round 3 - Right hand by Martinez and a hard one by Minakov. Martinez is having a good round here. Minakov with a takedown and he moves to mount and fires away with some heavy strikes. Minakov tees off now with some big shots and this one is over. Minakov wins the Bellator heavyweight tournament. Vitaly Minakov wins by TKO (strikes), round 3.

King Mo Lawal vs. Jacob Noe - Round 1 - Leg kick by Noe. Another good leg kick. Mo Shoots and gets the takedown with ease. Mo with some big left hands. Mo really holding on tight to Noe as he tries to scoot up the cage. Noe gets to his feet and Mo is right back to trying for the takedown and he gets it. Knee to the body by Mo. Mo with another takedown. Mo opening up with some good punches now. Noe manages to get guard back. 10-8 Mo.

Round 2 - Noe throws a right hand. And a good leg kick that lands to the inside of Mo's leg. Mo with another takedown, Noe trying to punch off his back. Noe tries for an armbar but can't finish it and it's just more Mo ground and pound. He's just beating up Noe as this continues. 10-9 Mo.

Round 3 - Noe with a leg kick. Mo takes him down. They get to the feet and Mo lands a big jab and a big right and Noe is bleeding badly. Mo shoots again and gets the takedown and there's a smattering of boos. Mo throws a few punches and it's stopped. King Mo Lawal wins by TKO (punches), round 3.

Ben Askren vs. Andrey Koreshkov - Round 1 - Askren with a takedown attempt, he can't finish it and he just twists up Koreshkov's body and takes him down using a wicked sort of submission hold. Askren is just doing whatever he wants to Koreshkov. 10-8 Askren.

Round 2 - Askren shoots, Koreshkov reverses and tries to end up on top but Askren ends up on top with ease. There's not a lot to say. Askren des whatever he wants, whenever he wants. 10-8 Askren.

Round 3 - More. Of. The. Same. Now Askren is in mount and elbowing and punching away. 10-8 Askren.

Round 4 - Askren...guess what? He took him down. Now he's in the mount and he's punching away. Koreshkov gives up his back. Askren just kinda punches away. Askren isn't even punching hard but it's over. Ben Askren wins by TKO (punches), round 4.

Michael Chandler vs. David Rickles - Round 1 - Chandler catches Rickles in the first minute, knocks him down and follows up with massive punches for the finish. Michael Chandler is a bad man. Michael Chandler wins by KO, round 1.

SBN coverage of Bellator 97: Askren vs. Koreshkov

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