LAST CHANCE: Join the 2013 Bloody Elbow NFL Survivor League ... if you dare!

Football season starts this Thursday, September 5th, one night after UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs. Bader, as whatever is left of the Denver Broncos hosts whatever is left of the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

To help you better understand how a Survivor League works, I've carefully selected questions (written and sent to myself) to explain how the game works:

What's a survivor league? How do I play?

Every week from opening day to week 17, you pick one team you think will win their given matchup. However, you have to choose wisely, as you cannot pick the same team twice in a season. If you use up the New England Patriots in week 1 then your field is narrowed by one team starting week 2.

What's the deadline for locking in my pick?

Even though there are Thursday night games throughout the season, you do not have to make your selection by Thursday night. Instead, you can bypass the Thursday game and lock your pick before the 1 PM ET Sunday games start.

How do I get knocked out of the game?

Easy. You make an incorrect prediction and IT IS ALLLLLLLLL OVER. That's the point of a "Survivor League". You keep going until you're wrong and then you're dead. If you miss the Sunday 1 PM ET deadline then it's considered a "no pick", which also knocks you out of the game, so don't be that guy.

Who wins?

Last man standing (regardless of week) is the winner; that person continues playing until he/she makes an incorrect pick. Last year we had a winner by week 5, and that is something never to be repeated again.

Does this game continues into the playoffs?

Hell no. If you're even a casual football fan and you've properly read the above paragraphs then you know why this isn't feasible no matter what Yahoo says.

This Survivor League thing sounds fantastic. How do I join?

Go to this link:

Type in the following:

Group ID: 1911

Password: marsthelimit

There's no cap on registered users and no specific deadline beyond September 5th.

Lets mutherfukers!

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