What is next for the main card UFC on Fox 8 fighters?

Jessica Andrade: She certainly showed a skill-set that was certainly competitive in the division in round 1, finishing in a submission position over Carmouche before being thoroughly dismantled in the second round. She should face another fighter coming off a loss in order to see who still has the goods at the bottom of the division to maintain a potential contender status down the line.

Result: She faces off against Rosie Sexton.

Liz Carouche: Carmouche showed she was more than just Ronda Rousey's first UFC defence cannon fodder and showed a ruthless streak in round 2 resulting in a more than justified stop in what would have been a 10-8 round. She may have just had a title shot, but a fight against Cat Zingano while Rousey fights Tate for a number one contender spot would be exciting. It's not as though the UFC has a habit of keeping their previous contenders spot warm after an injury.

Result: She squares off against Cat Zingano

Bobby Voelker: He may have come into this fight on short notice, but he was worked over by a faster, more effective striker and his durable chin was only able to last so long before Lawler's beautiful high kick started the end of his night. However, I expect the UFC to give him a chance to rebuild his stock and give him a lower ranked fighter to try to re-establish himself.

Result: He faces Dan Miller in a fight that puts the loser in a very precarious situation.

Robbie Lawler: There is little doubt Lawler has reinvented himself as of late in the welterweight division with impressive knockouts over former title contender Koscheck and now Voelker. It's time to take that step up in competition and see how his game holds up against a big enough name that will push him closer to a title shot.

Result: He faces off against Nate Marquardt in a fight that even in this division, if either has a good showing, could leave them only a couple of fights away from a title shot.

Jake Ellenberger: Well, it's safe to say this fight did not go as Ellenberger anticipated. After the weeks of trash talking, Ellenberger was outclassed technically in a match that he was never going to be the most technical in. He appeared tentative to let his hands go, and was unable to evade jabs GSP would be proud of from Macdonald that he was popping off, and could not find his way around the footwork of Macdonald. The truth of the matter is Ellenberger may think he can beat anyone in the world on his day - but with performances like this we are less and less likely to believe it. He will deservedly take a step down in competition, and will be interesting to see if the 'Juggernaut' comes back to action, or if his motivation takes a dive down.

Result: A fight against Thiago Alves would be interesting.

Rory MacDonald: Most people will argue that 'Ares' didn't produce a performance to send shockwaves around the world and announce that the superstar potential had been on display. The fact of the matter is, he never needed to. This is still a very young fighter who was in a very big fight against an opponent publicly speaking out against his ranking in the world as 'ridiculous'. He pumped his jab, he worked his footwork, and he never needed to exert anything other than that to produce a victory. The explosive and powerful Ellenberger than one can presume he planned for just never showed up, and he had no need to take unnecessary risks in a fight that he was winning. He may not have finished the fight or shown anything emphatic, but the truth of the matter is he beat the number 4 welterweight in the world, and there's only so many fights left that aren't George. That being said, I can think of one match we would like to see...

Result: He fights the winner if Condit:Kampmann 2 in a number one contender bout. Both Condit and Kampmann have lost lopsidedly to GSP and Hendricks respectively, decisively- another win over other than each other against MacDonald would help provide a basis for a shot at the title. Also, who wouldn't want to see the rematch that injury robbed us of between Condit and MacDonald?

John Moraga: The UFC did not take a very big risk promoting Moraga to a championship fight. He was unknown, but he was undefeated in the UFC with two finishes, and this event was not expected to gain a large number of viewers in the first place at this time of the season. To the UFC, there were two outcomes: A dominant champion continues his reign, or a hungry up-and-comer comes in and takes the division by storm and creates a rivalry at the top of the division. Unfortunately for Moraga, he was simply outclassed by the faster, more technically sound champion who had a perfect game plan. He will have lost no fans and gained both exposure and new fans alike from being on free television. In order to continue his exposure, I think a fight against another relatively well-known flyweight coming off a loss would make a lot of sense.

Result: He faces off against Uncle Creepy Ian McCall.

Demetrious Johnson: Well, what's left to say about Mighty Mouse? He just gets better and better every showing, and this fight put a statement out that Johnson is a very impressive champion, and more than anything showed how exciting the flyweight division can be. A lot of people find the division 'boring' but from emphatic takedowns, to multiple submission attempts, to the latest stoppage in UFC history, this fight defied the defiant opinion that this division may not have what it takes to attract audiences in the near future. I believe a 'super fight' is far off the cards for now- Johnson needs a couple more victories to start to build a legacy, and bantamweight has enough issues with Cruz and Barao needing to, assuming Cruz is healthy again in the coming months, assert who is the champion.

Result: The winner of the Benavidez:Formiga fight.

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