Bellator 97: King Mo won't be in Cormier or Nelson's fight camps


Bellator light heavyweight tournament star, 'King' Mo Lawal discusses his upcoming fight with Noe, his evolution as part of the Invicta commentary team, the advantages of not cutting weight, whose corner and training camp he'll choose to participate in when his good friends Daniel Cormier and Roy Nelson fight, and much more.

Bellator has been on hiatus for the better part of the summer with the exception of a fight card here and there for their Summer Series. It's been a month since we were treated to their last event, and tomorrow night, we'll be treated to another mid week card. Among the more entertaining and interesting bouts to watch is the match-up between light heavyweight star, Muhammed 'King Mo' Lawal and Jacob Noe.

Both are coming off wins and as such, are tournament finalists. My co-host over at MMA Sentinel, Iain Kidd, and myself had the opportunity to sit down with Lawal for a quick interview recently, where he discussed his upcoming fight with Noe, his evolution as part of the Invicta commentary team, the advantages of not cutting weight, whose corner and training camp he'll choose to participate in when his good friends Daniel Cormier and Roy Nelson fight, and much more in this great interview. Here's what he had to say:

Not Cutting Weight at 205lbs

I think it gives me an edge and an advantage, because while they're focusing on cutting weight, I'm still training, and focusing on my game plan, and focusing on them. I could make 185lbs if I really tried to, but I don't feel like it right now. My weight just now, after training is about 207lbs. 205lbs is my weight class until someone makes me go down to 185lbs.

By that, I mean someone whooping my ass so bad, you know, total domination. I'm talking about a Rodney King type beat down. I don't see that happening, but in the fight game, anything can happen; no one thought Anderson Silva would get knocked out.

Jacob Noe

He said the dumbest thing I've ever heard. He said, ‘Hard work beats skill and technique.' Well, it can, but a lot of the time, it won't. A person that is well skilled, and has good technique, can be in half the shape of a hard worker, and defeat him easily, because if you have good skill and technique, it takes less energy to execute your manoeuvres. Not only is it the dumbest thing I've heard in a while, but it's insinuating that he works harder than me, and that I don't work hard at all. He's the one that walks around at 230lbs, so obviously he's not working hard enough. He needs to worry about himself, and not worry about what I'm doing

Guys Running Their Mouth

It doesn't really bother me. If they talk about me, and they can look me in the eye and admit to what they're saying, that's cool, but if they act all bitch-made about it, and don't own up to what they're saying, that bothers me. That's kind of weak. I don't like that stuff. To me it's just two-faced.

Invicta Commentary

I practice a little bit at Tuff-N-Uff, an amateur show here in Las Vegas, and I've done a few of the shows just to work on things. The first two Invicta shows, we had a three man commentating group, actually a two man, one woman commentating group, and I just didn't want to jump in and over talk anybody, because that's when things get awkward. I was always trying to find the right time to jump in. Now, this last time, I could kind of feel when the right time to jump in was, so I could jump in and jump out. The first time, I was unsure, so I was kind of playing double Dutch, ‘can I jump in now? Nope, this isn't the right time ... Jump in, jump out', kind of trying to find the right timing to hop in and say what I had to say.

Thoughts on Cyborg, Inoue and Hyatt

Man, Cyborg is a beast. I thought she would get tired, because she's so explosive and aggressive, but she fought Marloes with a controlled aggression, and exploited what she had to. That Cyborg was the most complete Cyborg I've seen, as far as stand up, controlling her aggression, using her athleticism and her overall fight skills. She looked pretty damn good.

Watching Inoue, I thought she had the best boxing in all of MMA, including me, just the best boxing in MMA, period. Her head movement is great, her jab is on point, her right hand, her left hook ... She is the complete package as far as a boxer doing MMA goes. She's like a little, Japanese Paulie Malignaggi. She's on point, with quick hands, and I can't wait to see her fight again.

When it comes to Bec Hyatt, I feel like she's a five round fighter. If that fight had been five rounds, Bec Hyatt could have pulled off the victory. I enjoyed watching it, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them fight again somewhere down the line.

Germaine de Randamie

The only girl that I think could hang with Germaine standing, outside of Cyborg, is Miriam Nakamoto. I've seen Germaine in the gym knock out guys. I've been to Holland and people have told me stories about her knocking out 190lbs guys with a head kick. I've seen her head kick Luke Rockhold before. Luke took it, but he was like ‘what the hell?' Luke went out there trying to play around like, ‘Oh, I'm going with a girl', but Germaine doesn't play. She's going out there to knock people out.

Nelson vs. Cormier

I won't be training with either guy for this fight, it would be a conflict of interest. I'm just going to step out of the equation. I've already talked to Roy about it, and he's cool with it.

It's going to be a good fight, I know that. Daniel is a good wrestler, and quick. Roy is a gritty, hard-nosed power puncher. The thing people forget about the Stipe Miocic fight is, yeah, that was a great performance by Stipe, but at the same time, Roy was over trained. I knew it after the first round, because Roy can usually go five, five minute rounds with me and two other people while we rotate on him.

I kind of saw it in the last week of training, he started getting tired. I feel like he done too much, going from camp, to camp, to camp. After his camp he'd help me train, then he'd go back to his next camp, then help me train, then he'd train to fight Dos Santos, and then they'd be like, ‘Oh, no, you're going to fight Stipe Miocic now', two weeks before the fight. He was training non-stop. I think you're going to see a different Roy, and a different Daniel, and it's going to be a good fight.

Rampage vs. Roy Jones Jr

I'll tell you this, Rampage better do a lot of boxing. People want to say Roy Jones is washed up, but he's only lost in title fights. He hasn't lost to any bums. People have to realize he's not a bum, he's been boxing his whole life, and Quinton has his hands full.

Personally I think the fight should be on Spike TV. Pay-Per-View is cool, yeah, but put it on Spike TV and let everybody see it. Get some eyes on the channel and let everybody see what's going on.

King Mo and Rampage Tag Team in TNA

I definitely see something like that happening. It just comes down to when Rampage can start wrestling school. I'm just about done with it, I've just to go back and do a few more weeks after my fight. Once he starts wrestling school it's tag-team time.

Wrestling School

The lucky thing is, I've already got past all the technical stuff. Now I just go back and do matches and a few practices, but before I was staying in the gym for hours. The average practice would be about four hours long. Four hours long of running the ropes, getting body slammed, getting slapped, getting DDT'd, getting dropkicked ... I felt real sore, you know? Now I only have to do one or two of those.

When Quinton starts, he's going to have to do quite a few of them. It's going to be rough for him. I'm pretty sure he's going to be like, ‘Man, what the hell did I get myself into?' The first two or three weeks are hell, but after that it starts to get a lot easier.

You can follow Mo via his Twitter account, @KingMoFH

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