Prospects to Watch this weekend

Here are some of the better prospects in action this weekend

Bison FC 1 - 4 Jul - Sao Paulo, Brazil


Thomas de Almeida (10-0) vs. Jose Alexandre

21 year old Thomas de Almeida trains at Chute Box, and could be the next great fighter to come out of that camp. He has yet to go past 4 minutes in a fight as a professional. He is very composed in the cage, keeping his hands high, and then firing back as soon as his opponent leaves an opening. He has KOs with a standing right elbow, and another where he drops and stops the guy with a left hook, so the power can come from both sides, and is very efficient. Almeida already has fights scheduled for July 13th, and July 27th if he can remain healthy through this stretch.


Allan Nascimento (7-1) vs. Carlos Andre (1-0)

Nascimento stepped up in competition and loss last time out to UFC and WEC vet Will Campuzano. Now he will need to rebound, to build himself back up as one of the better BW prospects in the sport. Nascimento has slick submission, and can attack with them from just about any position on the mat. His Kneebar win over Terry Acker came in the 3rd round as he was down 2 rounds. Nascimento already has another fight scheduled for July 27th if he can get through this one without any damage.

KOTC - 5 July - Manila, Philippines


Lowen Tynanes (5-0) vs. Joe Condon

If you have been reading these "Prospect to Watch" post since I started them back in May, then Tynanes's name will look familiar to you. We last saw him laying an efficient beating on Felipe Enomoto at One FC 9, where he improved to 5-0 with the 1st round TKO. Now he is back in action to defend his KOTC title, and take another step towards the big shows. Tynanes is one of my favorite prospects in the sport right now, and I think his ceiling is a top 5 fighter in the world. He blends striking, wrestling, grappling, and GnP together in a package that works with his great athletic ability. Tyananes was a Hawaii state wrestling champion, and still prefers to do his work on the mat but looks more comfortable, and improved in his overall MMA game each time out.


Sean Strickland (11-0) vs. Yuske Sakashita

Strickland has only been to a decision 2 times in his first 11 fights, with 7 first round stoppages. At 21 years old he is the KOTC MW champion, and will certainly be getting a call from either Bellator or UFC if he can keep winning. He has spent time training with UFC fighter Josh Barnett, and well respected MMA vet Tony Lopez, so he is spending time around the guys that will help push him to get better. Early in his career he could be pretty wild on his feet, but the more recent video shows a guy who is very measured, and will work the striking game to help set up a takedown and work from top control.

GMC 4 - 6 Jul - Germany


Mateusz Teodorczuk (10-2) vs. Ruben Crawford (13-2)

A couple of 23 year old fighters on nice winning streaks meet in this one. Polish fighter Teodorczuk brings an 8 fight winning streak into this fight, while the German Crawford has his own 5 fight win streak on the line. I don't consider either fighter a super high-end talent, but they are both young and have found good success to this point in their careers. With a few more wins either could find their way in one of the big shows.

WFC - 7 Jul - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Raoni Barcelos (5-0) vs. Johnny Iwasaki (8-5)

Many Brazilian fighters with a record of 5-0 have a strength of schedule that would make Jason Reinhardt proud. Barcelos on the other hand has picked up wins over Joao Herdy Jr. (8-2), and Jorge Rodrigues Silva (27-8) his last two times out. While neither of those guys is a world-beater with big organization experience, they have compiled good records, and were both coming off at least 3 straight victories before losing to Barcelos. Iwasaki himself is on a 4 fight winning streak, and has won 6 of his last 7 so this will be another quality test for Barcelos. Barcelos looks to use his striking to set up his takedowns and work top control. He is good at landing a double leg as soon as his opponent commits to moving forward with a strike. He also does have some good power in his hands, as he clean KO'd Herdy with a short left hook in his last fight.

Review from Last Week

Substance Cage Combat

LHW prospect Pat Walsh (4-1) grounded out a Unanimous decision with a steady diet of takedowns, top control, and submission attempts. It was a good win for Walsh who rebounded from his first career loss with a victory over previously undefeated Todd Stoute (4-1). Kyle Nelson (4-0) remained undefeated with a very close split decision victory over Neelan Hordat-Reece (3-1)


Featherweight Mark Cherico (5-0) ripped through UFC Vet Donny Walker by 2nd round doctors stoppage. Chrico cut Walker in the 1st round, and continued to work on it forcing the doctor to step in during the 2nd frame. If UFC or Bellator isn't interested in Cherico, he seems like a good fit for RFA at the higher end of the prospect food chain.

Jungle Fight

Bethe Correia (6-0) remained undefeated with a UD victory over Erica Paes.

Inka FC

Middleweights Ben Reiter and Strikeforce vet Marcos Rogerio de Lima fought to a draw in Peru.

Gladius Fights

Lewis Corapi (5-1) dropped a Unanimous decision to UFC vet Marc Stevens in a Welterweight matchup

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