Daily MMA 7/3: Countdown to UFC 162, predictions and analysis for the full card

Dallas Winston and Zombie Prophet of Bloody Elbow present a round up of the best MMA and UFC videos on YouTube. Today's list features: Countdown to UFC 162 featuring Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman, Frankie Edgar vs. Charles Oliveira and Cub Swanson vs. Dennis Siver, the full Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort fight from UFC 126, Dana White's take on Bellator's Fight Master 360 show and UFC fighter pay with The Fight Network, Anderson Silva on the majority of pros picking Weidman, Weidman's cage-side comments while watching Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar live, Mark Munoz on his battle with depression and weight, a pile of predictions for the full UFC 162 card, and more.

Dallas Winston and Zombie Prophet of Bloody Elbow present a round up of the best MMA and UFC videos on YouTube. Today's list features:

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The full menu for today is:

  1. Thumbnail 25:41 1

    Countdown to UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman

    by UFC 25,447 views

    Middleweight champion Anderson Silva returns to Brazil to ready himself at home for the toughest test of his career; meanwhile, Long Island's Chris Weidman works day in and day out in the hopes of becoming the next UFC champion.

  2. Thumbnail 7:08 2

    Countdown to UFC 162: Edgar vs. Oliveira

    by UFC 6,895 views

    Frankie Edgar's out to prove he still belongs at the top of his new division; Charles Oliveira wants to crack the top ten by pulling off the upset. Watch as they get ready for Saturday's co-main event.

  3. Thumbnail 12:18 3

    Countdown to UFC 162: Swanson vs. Siver

    by UFC 6,930 views

    Two ferocious 45er strikers who also have submissions prepare for a bout that will reshape the jam-packed featherweight division. See how Cub Swanson and Dennis Siver are looking to make a case for a title shot at UFC 162.

  4. Thumbnail 24:13 4

    UFC 162 Free Fight: Silva vs. Belfort

    by UFC 30,338 views

    Reigning champion Anderson Silva took on fellow legend and countryman Vitor Belfort for the middleweight title at UFC 126. After months of tense rivalry, their fight ended in one of the most memorable finishes in UFC history.

  5. Thumbnail 22:31 5

    5 Rounds on UFC 162, Weidman, Gracie, Nurse on Silva, Grappling in MMA & More

    by TheFightNetwork 5,424 views

  6. Thumbnail 7:05 6

    Dana White on Fighter Pay, Fight Master Critique and Promotion of UFC 162 on MMA Newsmakers

    by TheFightNetwork 2,382 views

  7. Thumbnail 1:39 7

    Enfusion LIVE: London Recap

    by TheFightNetwork 634 views

  8. Thumbnail 5:24 8

    Anderson Silva talks UFC pro's picking Weidman over him

    by fueltv 11,946 views

    UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva dropped in to chat with UFC Tonight analysts Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian before his big fight at UFC 162. Silva talks Chris Weidman, retirement, and much more.

  9. Thumbnail 2:26 9

    UFC Tonight's predictions for UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman

    by fueltv 3,252 views

    UFC Tonight's Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian have their predictions ready for UFC 162: Sonnen vs Silva. Spoiler alert: they think Silva's reign could be coming to an end.

  10. Thumbnail 4:45 10

    UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman Pro's Picks

    by fueltv 2,502 views

    UFC fighters provide candid analysis of the summer's biggest fight: Silva vs Weidman. No punches are pulled as they breakdown Chris Weidman's prospects for unseating Anderson Silva from his middleweight throne.

  11. Thumbnail 6:01 11

    UFC 162: Is Weidman the man to upset Silva?

    by SPORTSNETCANADA 599 views

    Fighters from around the UFC offer their predictions for the Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman fight at UFC 162.

  12. Thumbnail 4:34 12

    Chris Weidman Reacts To Silva vs Bonnar

    by fueltv 5,546 views

    Chris Weidman exclusively mic'd up Octagon-side for his real time reaction for Anderson Silva's last fight against Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153.

  13. Thumbnail 4:37 13

    Weidman: "I will beat Anderson Silva on Saturday"

    by fueltv 2,370 views

    A confident Chris Weidman spoke with UFC Tonight analysts Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian about his upcoming fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 162.

  14. Thumbnail 13:00 14

    Mark Munoz talks losing 60 lbs, depression, being top ten & UFC 162 return against Tim Boetsch

    by fighthub 2,420 views

  15. Thumbnail 1:34 15

    Unbeatable (MMA) Official Trailer #2 (2013) - Chinese Combat Movie

    by WorldCinemaNews 127 views

    Once a world champion in boxing, Fai, flees Macau to escape from loan sharks and unexpectedly encounters a young fighter who is determined to win a boxing match. Fai becomes his mentor and rediscovers his passion to fight not only in the ring but for his life.

  16. Thumbnail 4:17 16

    Canelo Alvarez " I cant get desperate, I have to fight my fight" (english/spanish video)

    by fighthub 167 views

  17. Thumbnail 21:05 17

    Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez- Full Los Angeles press conference (full HD)

    by fighthub 301 views

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