The Ringmaster Chronicles: Sixteen Questions for Anderson Silva


The Circus is in town. As UFC 162 approaches like a gathering storm, the MMA universe is agog with the fevered anticipation of a momentous event. At the eye of the coming hurricane is living Legend Anderson Silva, who will be defending his championship belt and legacy against the rapacious upstart Chris Weidman. But one aspect of the circus is already falling flat and leaving otherwise engorged fans limp with ennui: the atrocious interviewing ability of the collective MMA press.

Silva, like many fighters, has repeatedly expressed frustration and distaste at having to answer questions lobbed into his bunker by MMA journalists. However, he has also at times shown himself to be voluble, witty, charming and insightful during interviews, often dropping gems of controversy for the MMA community to digest, debate and ponder. The problem isn't that Silva dislikes answering questions. It is that he hates answering the same obtuse, trite and shallow questions repeatedly.

Alas, the past couple of days have shown that the collective MMA media has not progressed in its ability to ask new, insightful, interesting or intelligent questions. Instead MMA fans must watch a bored Silva answer the same vapid questions ad nauseam about Jon Jones, GSP, Chris Weidman's strenghts, and even Chael Sonnen.

Clearly, these journalists need help. So to obviate the wasted opportunity to pick the brain of the best and most fascinating fighter in MMA, I hereby offer some questions for the MMA media to throw at Silva. Many of them are relevant whether he wins or loses against Weidman, and can be asked before or after the fight. Voila:

1) You are a devoted family man, but also rich and famous, especially in Brazil. Do women throw themselves at you, and how do you deal with it?

2) You usually bring your sons to watch your fights. How do you think it would affect them if you get beaten in front of them?

3) You said you originally wanted only 4 more fights in the UFC, but you reportedly signed a 10-fight contract. Why? Was it the money?

4) You are 38 years old. We've seen great champs like Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones Jr, Randy Couture etc. stay too long in the game and get defeated. Do you think you are taking the same risk by continuing to fight?

5) Do you think a great champion should retire while he's at the top, or when he starts to lose?

6) You have not lost a fight in years. How do you think losing will affect you (how has losing affected you) psychologically and emotionally?

7) If you lose the fight against Chris Weidman (or Now that you have lost against chris Weidman) what will be (are) your career plans? Will you retire, or keep on fighting?

8) How has getting older affected you physically, including your speed and reflexes? Are they the same as before?

9) How have you changed your training to deal with the effects of getting older?

10) TRT is a topical controversy these days. As an older fighter, have you considered taking TRT to keep your body young so you can continue working your magic?

11) There is a lot of talk about UFC fighter pay these days. As a well-paid fighter who rose up the ranks, do you think the UFC could pay the lower-level fighters more?

12) You have never been knocked out in your MMA career. What is the secret to this? Were you gifted with a great chin, or is it due to your defensive skills?

13) Vitor Belfort has been looking exceptional in his recent fights. Some people think the new Vitor could defeat you. Looking at his improvements, do you think you could beat him again in a rematch?

14) What is the secret to your superior skill? All fighters train hard, but you're so much better? Is it due to the martial arts you studied as a young man, how you train, or just natural talent?

15) You have opened a martial arts gym. Lots of people would like to come there to train with you. Do you think you are as good a teacher as you are a fighter?

16) People frequently debate your relationship with Steven Seagal. You seem to respect him a lot. Can you tell us why?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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