Bloody Wraps: July 25, 2013 - Bellator Bum Fights edition

Ethan Miller

A look at the big news in the MMA world on July 25, 2013, including MMA ties to Biogenesis, Michael Chandler's new Bellator deal and the ridiculous idea of a fight between Roy Jones Jr. and Rampage Jackson.

For those unfamiliar, Bloody Wraps was a (mostly) nightly feature that used to run here on Bloody Elbow, recapping the day's news with a bit of opinion. I felt that -- given the large amount of weird news today -- it was a good night to bring the feature back.

Is it back to stay? I don't know. But it's here tonight.

Roy Jones Jr. vs. Rampage Jackson

Before I say anything else...I don't think this fight will actually happen. But let's pretend it will...

I've said this over and over, but Roy Jones Jr. is one of the key reasons I'm a fight fan. He was just the most amazing fighter I'd ever seen when I was younger and watching him pull off the amazing hooked me on pro fighting after a childhood of thinking Rocky, Bloodsport and Lionheart were the greatest movies ever.

But this fight is a step above Bellator promoting Bum Fights. I don't say that to be "disrespectful" to a guy like Roy, who I deeply admire and consider my favorite fighter of all time. But it's about the spectacle and not at all about anything else. It's a freak show and it's a freak show involving at least one fighter who is pretty clearly already suffering the effects of a long professional fight career that has seen a lot of punishment over the past five years. A freak show fight involving damaged fighters is no better than bum fights. It's purely exploitative. Roy hasn't even been sanctioned by a legitimate commission since 2010 and I doubt he would be for the Rampage fight.

But that's where holding your shows in Native American casinos without real, legitimate oversight comes in handy.

Rampage hasn't won a fight since May of 2011 when he put on a particularly "blah" performance against Matt Hamill. So when was the last time that Rampage looked "good?" Against Keith Jardine at UFC 96 in March of 2009?

In that same 2009 to present time span, Jones beat up on Jeff Lacy, Lacy whose friends told me ahead of the rumored Nick Diaz boxing match that they were worried about his health and figured Diaz for a safe and easy fight that might make him a little bit of money so he could retire. Then Jones got knocked out by Danny Green in one round, nearly shut out by Bernard Hopkins in a rematch a decade past its expiration date and then brutally drubbed in the tenth round by Denis Lebedev that left him unconscious for several minutes, though Roy was surprisingly competitive in the bout.

Roy "bounced back" by beating club fighter Max Alexander and then being gifted a win over late replacement Pawel Glazewski in a fight ESPN's Dan Rafael scored 97-92 for Glazewski.

No matter what anyone says, Rampage isn't as good of a boxer as Glazewski, a shot Lacy, Lebedev..etc. So Jones can (and probably will) win the fight. And can (and probably will) do so easily. He's simply a better boxer, even as shot as he is.

But who cares? Who cares if Roy wins? Who cares if Rampage wins? There's no meaning, no reason for it to happen and it's dragging Roy's corpse out to fight Rampage, who hasn't looked particularly good in going on five years. There's no name value to Jones. They're selling a freakshow and nothing more.

It's Bellator Bum Fights.

And when exactly are they planning for this to happen?

The initial report said "The fight is expected to take place at the end of the year, though a date and weight class for the bout could not immediately be confirmed. It's also unclear how the event will be branded given Bellator and parent company Viacom's focus on MMA."

Let's run down the last few Saturday dates (hold it any day but Saturday and lose buys) of the year:

- November 16: UFC 167

- November 23: Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios

- November 30: I believe this might end up being the date for Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana

- December 7: I think this date is open

- December 14: UFC on Fox 9

- December 21: UFC's Australian show

- December 28: UFC 168

So you're looking at one real open date during the month, and asking boxing fans who are already paying for Pacquiao/Rios and MMA fans who are paying for 167 and 168 to shell out money for Roy Jones vs. Rampage Jackson.

Good luck.

Michael Chandler signs eight fight Bellator deal

It's going to be a while before we get to see how good Michael Chandler truly is...if we ever get to find out.

I know it sounds harsh, and I did just rant about "Bellator Bum Fights" already...but the truth is that a fighter can not prove how good he truly is in Bellator. Chandler in Bellator means Chandler against pretty much nothing but B-tier lightweights instead of against Ben Henderson, Anthony Pettis, TJ Grant, Josh Thomson, Donald Cerrone or any of the other truly great opponents he could fight.

Chandler has every right to take care of his own life and finances. And it sounds like he got paid well.

But, speaking purely as a fan, this deal sucks.

Biogenesis story now involves boxers and mixed martial artists

"Now" might not be the correct word given that we already knew that Yuriorkis Gamboa's name was in the Biogenesis report that came out in January.

But having the actual whistleblower state that mixed martial artists are on the list of Biogenesis clients is an interesting turn.

It'll be interesting to see what UFC names (if any) actually come out and what happens to the ones that do. Will Dana fire or suspend guys who show up on the list? Or will he say that unless someone tests positive there's nothing they can do?

That's what is most interesting to me.

Quote of the day:

"The best example of who Michael Chandler is and what he means to this organization is what he does inside that cage, which is really kind of Jordan-esque in terms of what he's accomplishing." - Bjorn Rebney compares Michael Chandler to Michael Jordan after signing his new deal.

Other posts of note from today:

- Tiffany Van Soest talks sponsorship in Muay Thai with Steph Daniels

- Miesha Tate says there's "no way in hell" she'd let Kim Winslow ref another one of her fights after Winslow stopped her last fight.

- One of the defendants in the MMA Millionaires lawsuit filed a motion to dismiss the suit.

- Thiago Silva to fight Matt Hamill in October.

- A judo chop of the best and worst of Saturday's flyweight title challenger John Moraga.


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