Biogenesis whistleblower says mixed martial artists and professional boxers were clients of clinic

Ryan Braun has been one of the central figures in recent Biogenesis stories after the MVP was suspended by Major League Baseball - Christian Petersen

MMA and boxing look like they will be tied into the Biogenesis PED scandal as whistleblower Porter Fischer names the sports as having athletes who were clients of the clinic.

In an article on ESPN today discussing an interview with Biogenesis whistleblower Porter Fischer, it was mentioned that Fisher and his associates identified athletes from many prominent sports as clients for the clinic. While he said that they didn't identify anyone from the NFL or NHL as clients of Tony Bosch, he did state that pro boxers and mixed martial artists were identified.

From the article:

The man who turned the Biogenesis clinic from a quiet investigation in Miami into a national scandal says there are at least "a dozen" more athletes whose names haven't been exposed, and they come from across the sports world.

Porter Fischer, the former Biogenesis of Miami clinic employee who turned boxes of documents over to the Miami New Times last year, declined to name the athletes. But in his first television interview, Fischer told "Outside the Lines" that numerous sports had at least one athlete that received performance-enhancing drugs from clinic founder Tony Bosch.

Porter Fischer is the man who brought the Biogenesis scandal public, by providing documents to a Miami newspaper that named MLB players as PED clients.

"This isn't a 2013 thing or a 2012 thing; some of these people have been on the books since 2009," Fischer said.

Fischer said he and associates have identified athletes from the NBA, NCAA, professional boxing, tennis and MMA, in addition to other professional baseball players who have not yet been identified. As far as he knows, he said, Bosch had no clients from the NFL or NHL.

Speaking purely speculatively, I doubt that anyone involved with a high end, designer drug outfit like Biogenesis is some low or mid-card dwelling fringe UFC talent. The costs involved here are likely so high that it would seem likely that anyone involved would be much more high profile than that.

Just a little more background on Biogenesisand Bosch:

Bosch, 49, is listed on state incorporation documents filed in 2009 for what would have been an online pharmaceutical business, but an associate told "Outside the Lines" that legal concerns voiced by his attorneys killed the venture. By then, Bosch had already told others, or allowed them to believe, that he was an "anti-aging doctor." Though he had no medical license, Bosch managed to build relationships with local doctors who helped educate him on protocols for using hormones -- with one telling "Outside the Lines" that Bosch bragged about having treated MLB players.

Bosch most recently ran Biogenesis of America, a clinic alleged to be a source of PEDs for a more than a handful of prominent baseball players, topped by New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. It closed in December, a few weeks before news reports started detailing Bosch's alleged treatments of and involvement with players.

The closure marked the latest blip in Bosch's career on the fringe of the health care industry. He's had a hand in so many ventures, directly and indirectly, over the years that it is hard even for close associates to keep track of them all. At one point, he allegedly functioned as a specialist in a dental office that also dabbled in the anti-aging business.

All the while, Bosch emerged as a popular figure with baseball players who live and train in South Florida. He befriended a few player agents and prominent sports trainers, while tapping into the expertise of local Latin doctors versed in hormone therapies. One of his businesses fronted an elite adult men's softball team a decade ago, a friend recalled.

The potential is there for this to be one of the biggest and most important stories in mixed martial arts history depending on who was involved and what details come out. Biogenesis is one of the most talked about things in the sports world, something that is not going to change any time soon with a massive MLB investigation and more pending suspensions and disciplinary actions on the way.

The harsh punishments and active role MLB has taken also makes it very hard for the UFC to do nothing if anyone on their roster is named. Right or wrong, it's hard to play the "well, they didn't test positive" card with other sports being far more aggressive and Dana White's insistence that they're very serious about PEDs and are so heavily tested and aggressive.

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