UFC: Roy Nelson 'I'll be fighting for the UFC for the rest of my life'


UFC heavyweight contender, Roy Nelson discusses his new contract, upcoming fight with Daniel Cormier and whether or not he'll be doing VADA testing for his upcoming bout in this exclusive interview.

After months of back and forth comments and call outs, complete with a homemade bout contract, Roy Nelson vs. Daniel Cormier has officially been booked as the co-main event for UFC 166. It's a fight that many can look forward to, as both fighters bring their own brand of excitement to the table. I had the opportunity to get a brief first comment from Daniel last night, and just got Nelson's first comments a few moments ago. Here's what Roy had to say:

Wins & Losses

The beauty of the heavyweight division is that you can fight anybody in there and lose on any given day. The only person in the division that has a perfect record right now is Daniel, and that's only going to last until October.

Cormier's Journey Down To 205

I can't be mad at Daniel for trying to get paid at 205 because he can't get paid at heavyweight.

Twitter Comments Regarding CageFighter

From my understanding, when sponsors don't pay you, you try to get your money up front. You can just google it and find a lot of information about this. He called me fat [laughs]. I asked him if he wanted to do mama jokes while he was at it. I just asked him a simple question. Did he pay all his fighters? He didn't want to answer. I told Daniel about it because I always look out for other fighters.

UFC Contract

I do have a new UFC contract. You could say that I'll be fighting for the UFC for the rest of my life. The contract is that big. You won't see me fight anywhere else, unless the UFC goes under. I don't think that's ever going to happen.

*It has been reported by Nelson's manager, Mike Kogan and MMA Junkie that the contract is for nine fights.*


If I beat Daniel, I think I'll be Top 20 [laughs]. Seriously, if I beat Daniel, and he's the Number 2 guy in the world, where does that put me?

Fighter Pay

I think there are two stories for everything. I don't know the whole business side of the UFC, so I can't really make a fair assumption. I can tell you from the experience of just working in general, you can always do more. You can always do better.

VADA Testing

You know, I'm not sure we'll be able to do VADA testing this time around, because I think their sponsor budget was exhausted with the GSP fight. It all comes down to the budget. If they sponsor us for it, sure, absolutely. If not, we'll have to let the commission handle our testing.

You can follow Roy via his Twitter account, @RoyNelsonMMA

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