UFC Fight Night Shogun vs. Sonnen: Chael will be on TRT for Shogun bout

Jonathan Ferrey

UFC star Chael Sonnen has revealed that the Massachusetts commission has accepted his application for a therapeutic use exemption for testosterone replacement.

Add Massachusetts to the list of testosterone-friendly jurisdictions. UFC Light Heavyweight Chael Sonnen, who pioneered the unauthorized use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) claims his request for a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for TRT has been accepted in Massachusetts.

He's also still insisting that his use of TRT before his first title bout with Anderson Silva at UFC 117 was not a violation of the rules, despite the six month suspension he served. Here's what he told Boston.com:

Boston.com: Following your first fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 117, you had a few problems with the California State Athletic Commission with regard to your use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Have you had any issues with the Massachussetts commission?

Sonnen: That got accepted on the record. They had a meeting. But, I never broke a rule anywhere. In California, they said that your T to E ratio [testosterone to epitestosterone] was high. Well it was! I was on testosterone. That gap is your ratio. All that tells you is what they already knew, that I was on testosterone. They didn't understand their own test. They go, "No, your levels are way too high, you're 17 to 1." It's like, guys, I could be 1700 to 1, I'm still within the legal limit. You don't understand your own test. So they give me six months [suspension] instead of a year. The referee that night is now in prison and that executive director is back home in Washington state and has been fired. But these are the guys that I'm working with. This is what you get when you deal with government.

So I sit before the six person commission, doesn't know their own rules, and anytime I say that I feel like I'm being condescending. But here's the reality: They don't know their own rules. I can go one by one and say what's on page three. It says right there that testosterone is legal. You brought me in here for taking a legal substance called testosterone. Page three of your rules says its legal, what am I doing here? Oh we didn't know, we didn't see page three. So you kind of sit there and scratch your head. It's the blind leading the blind. So what do I do? I can take them to court and sue them, but now I've got to sit out. I don't get my license back until the court case is over. So they really got you and it's very inappropriate.

That Chael always has a unique take on reality.

Sonnen will face Mauricio "Shogun" Rua in the headlining fight of UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen on August 17 in Boston. That event will mark the UFC's debut on Fox's new Fox Sports 1 network (currently the Speed channel).

SBN coverage of UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen

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