2013 Half-Year Awards: Boxing Results

Kevork Djansezian

We wrap up our 2013 Half-Year Awards: Boxing Edition with the results from our polls. Who won for best fighter, best fight, and best KO? Find out right here.

It's the July lull in combat sports, so we continue our look back on the first half of 2013 and think about the year so far. Tim Burke has already bestowed a number of 2013 Half-Year MMA Awards, but here, it's all about the boxing.

Thanks to all of you who voted. I know I'm sounding like a broken record here, but it truly has been a great year for boxing so far and the crop of fights, KOs, and fighters represented on our lists displays that. All 3 of the half-year winners would be very respectable representatives if they still hold the title 6 months from now. Of course, with fights like Pacquiao vs. Rios, Bradley vs. Marquez, Mayweather vs. Canelo, and Garcia vs. Matthysse on the horizon, who knows what the rest of 2013 will bring? But all that is ahead of us. Today's we finish looking back with our Half-Year Award Winners.

Bloody Elbow 2013 Half-Year Boxing Awards

And the winners are...

FIGHT OF THE HALF-YEAR: Timothy Bradley vs. Ruslan Provodnikov

You know how everyone loved the first Iron Man movie largely because expectations weren't so high and it turned out to just be this incredibly fun movie? Yeah, that's this fight - a sneaky one that no one saw coming, but ended up being an unforgettable moment. This stands just behind Silva vs. Weidman for my favorite combat sports moment of 2013 so far. 54% of the votes went here, with Rios vs. Alvarado in 2nd place with 24%.

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Gennady Golovkin

No surprise here. The heavy handed Golovkin has that elusive "it" factor that makes his fights fascinating to watch. The question is, can he turn that intrigue into the kind of star power that will bring in casual fans. This was the biggest blow-out vote, as GGG took home 61% of the votes. 2nd place was Lucas Matthysse with a mere 16%.

KO OF THE YEAR: Chad Dawson vs. Adonis Stevenson

I thought this would be an easy pick, but it ended up being pretty close, with Stevenson's one punch blast of Dawson taking home 31% of the vote, closely trailed by Golovkin vs. Macklin at 25%. I still think this is the right call though, as it was not only violent and impressive, but also an upset that made a new star. I'm very interested to see what the future holds for Stevenson.

That's all folks. Thanks for voting - see you at the end of the year!

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