Falcao / Mena - Updated 7-18-13 - Falcao Interview

Just happened upon another update so I'll post here for anyone who is interested. Falcao did an interview:

Translation is spotty:

After pounding on the gas station, Maiquel Falcao says he suffered racism

In an interview, Maiquel Falcao says he suffered criminal act and regrets the tragedy involving Kauê Mena

A sad episode marked the careers and lives of athletes Maiquel Falcao and Kauê Mena. Former teammates of RFT, MMA team that both belonged, had their trajectories in the fight game changed after the brawl at the gas station, the coast of Santa Catarina.

culminating in the expulsion of the RFT and in critical condition Kauê Mena, which is ICU after confusion, tragedy gained new chapters after the interview Maiquel Falcão the newspaper Mid-Day:"We had taken about three beers in the bar and went to the station to take one more. A girl who was at the counter thought I was hitting on her and turned to me with nicknames referring racist. If I were to assault anyone, look how many men were there, I never agrediria a woman. If we were accustomed to drink, nothing would have happened. With half a dozen words could have settled for that, but I do not know what happened to the head of those guys. That day I was robbed, took my shoes, a jacket and my wallet. was a double attempted robbery, "said Hawk Maiquel. About the situation of his friend, Hawk lamented the episode and apologized to the family of Kauê Mena: "The Kauê and I took blows, I'm very hurt and dejected by this have happened to him, today was the first day I could walk because that brawl in the post. I ask a million excuses to his family, I apologize for lovers and MMA fighters. makes me sad for having involved the name of the sport in this episode, "he said.

7-16 Update - Translation is spotty:

One of the masterpieces Kauê Mena, who remains in a coma since the fight, also gave evidence yesterday afternoon. Linea Terra was called to the police station since the mother of the young fighter was unable to attend psychological. The Delegate requested the presence of a family to have information about the profile Kauê.

The girl said that her cousin is not fights and believes that Kauê only became involved in the melee to defend his friend Maiquel Hawk. Kauê and Falcon are gauchos and knew each other before coming to live in Balneario Camboriu to train.

Linea and Sabrini Caesar, another press of the fighter, said the family's concern now is with the health of Kauê. Sedation is being gradually reduced, but the athlete remains in coma breathing with the help of

According Linea, brain injuries were very serious. Familiar athlete, Santa Vitória do Palmar (RS), closely following his situation at the hospital, but for now, there is no prospect of improvement.

The cousins ​​did not want to speak on Maiquel, who has not visited his friend since then.Sabrini reported that the family is already contacting a lawyer to prosecute the case when Kauê wake.

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