Who's in the mix??

Hello everyone,

I'll start off by saying my formatting sucks, so if this comes out as a wall of text, I apologize.

Here is who I think is "In the mix" for each weight division. #1 being the most likely and so on.

Please comment on what you think:


Next title bout: Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos 3

What more needs to be said about this fight? It's going to be amazing and I can't wait. Here's who is next if...

If Cain Wins -

Legit choice/Responsible choice: Cormier should fight the winner regardless but he's Cain's BFF so he's out. Fabricio Werdum is the only responsible choice for Cain if he beats Junior again. He is someone who Cain has yet to fight and has a decent win streak in the heavy weight division. Oh yeah, he also gave Fedor his 1st loss.

Back up Choice: Winner of Overeem/Browne. I don't think either of these 2 deserve a title shot, but that didn't stop Bigfoot and his opportunity. If Overeem wins devastatingly and Werdum decides to fight Cormier for no damn reason, this is about all thats left except...

Last ditch option/alternates: Barnett/Mir Winner. Mir shouldn't get a title shot after losing twice in a row however Barnett is a fresh face and a fresh face who might possibly demolish a known fighter like Mir could give him the push. An alternate if everyone else gets injured or whatever would be Stipe Miocic. I know he's too green and not far removed from the Struve loss but heavyweight is slim pickings. I guess Jon Jones is a stretch if everything in the heavyweight division goes to shit so I'll mention him

1. Werdum

2. Overeem/Browne Winner

3. Barnett or Stipe

4. SUPAFITE with Jones

If Dos Santos wins -

1. Cormier

2. Werdum

3. Overeem/Browne Winner


Since dos santos has already beaten Werdum and so has Overeem, Overeem may jump Werdum regardless of record.


Next title bout: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffsson

I am super pumped about this fight and personally think it'll be more competitive than most think.

IF Jones wins -

Legit choice/Responsible choice: Glover if he beats Bader. Let Jones take care of the new breeds before deciding to move on to heavier adventures. Bader already had his chance so if he pulls out the W then...

Back up Choice: Lyoto Machida/Phil Davis winner. I know i know, Machida got MDK'd last time around but has looked solid since. He also has a fan base that would love to see him get another shot. Phil Davis is amongst the new breed and only has the 1 loss against a sharp Rashad Evans. Beating the man who beat Evans would erase that dirty mark on his record.

Last ditch option/alternates: Rogerio Nogueira. He got an ugly victory over Rashad but hasn't done much other than that and get injured alot recently. His only upside is that he's a new fight for Jones and that he's fought every light heavy in the UFC top 10 besides Machida and Glover.

1. Glover (if he beats Bader)

2. Machida/Davis Winner

3. Lil Nog

If Gustaffsson wins-

1. Machida/Davis winner (Machida would be a fresh challenger and Davis would be avenging a loss)

2. Glover/Bader winner

3. Jon Jones rematch if something funny happens.


Next title bout: Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2

Oh this match up...I'm tired of talking about it already and wish I could time travel to December already!

IF Weidman wins -

Legit choice/Responsible choice: Vitor Belfort. I don't care if he is TRT'd or not, if he can get approved wherever they want to fight, it needs to happen. This is interesting though because Vitor would have to hold out for a title shot. It worked once so maybe again. I think Vitor should fight Mousasi/Costa/Cung Le. Anyone in that list while he's waiting. The winner of that proverbial fight could be lined up for the next shot unless...

Back up Choice: Michael Bisping if he beats Munoz. Bisping would finally get his long awaited title shot and I'd have nothing against it for once. He's a fresh fight for Weidman and could sell big in the UK. Munoz is not far removed from his last fight with Chris so I'd say no, but that didn't stop Bigfoot (wait didn't he just use this same line??) Not likely the same for Munoz.

Last ditch option/alternates: Okami/Jacare winner. Both a new fights for Chris and both would be coming off nice winning streaks. Oh yea, Costa is in the top 10 too! He needs to fight Vitor for clarities sake.

1.Vitor/Winner of proverbial fight with Vitor.

2. Bisping if he beats Munoz

3. Okami/Jacare Winner or Costa if no one is left and he hasn't taken a fight.

IF Silva wins -

1. Possible Rematch with Weidman/Retirement

2. SUPAFITE with GSP/Jones

3. Bisping if he beats Munoz

4. Winner of Vitor/??? Match up. (Though I wouldn't mind seeing Vitor/Silva 2 before any of the others)


Next title bout: Georges St. Pierre vs Johnny Hendricks

Along with the other title matches coming up, I'm very happy with this match up.

IF GSP wins -

Legit choice/Responsible choice: Rory Mac/Ellenberger winner. I see no one else in the welterweight division that screams title shot besides the winner of this. Rory sounds like he may have changed his tune and may pull a Jones and fight GSP anyway so I'm leaving this as an option. Dana said they were in the mix (reason why I started this damn thing) so who else could be in that mix besides...

Back up Choice: Demian Maia. He got pulled from his fight with Koscheck so he would be ready for a match up with the Canadian. Also, Tarec Saffedine. He was the last Strikeforce welterweight champion so that mean something right??

Last ditch option/alternates: Kim/Silva winner. Not very likely but who else is left besides the above fighters? I guess GSP could retire or do a SUPAFITE if Anderson wins. Also, in case someone mentions it... Robbie is no where near a title shot. I need to see more then flash ko'ing Koscheck before erasing his previous run of bad losses.

1. Rory/Ellenberger winner

2. Demian Maia/Tarec Saffedine

3. Kim/Silva winner

4. Anderson/Retirement

IF Hendricks wins-

1. Rematch with GSP

2. Rory/Ellenberger winner

3. Demian Maia/Tarec Saffedine


Next title bout: Benson Henderson vs Anthony Pettis 2

Alot of Rematches coming up huh? I'm perfectly fine with it, especially this one. Been wanting it every since Henderson "won" the rematch with Edgar.

IF Henderson wins -

Legit choice/Responsible choice: TJ Grant or TJ Grant/Thompson winner. TJ looked spectacular against Maynard as did Thompson with Diaz. Either would be a new fight for Smooth too.

Back up Choice: Jose Aldo if he beats Zombie. I know it's a stretch to call a superfight but this one makes too much since for the UFC as Aldo REALLY needs to move up to keep the lightweight division going as there isn't much left besides...

Last ditch option/alternates: Khabib Nurmagomedov. He's way to green to be in title implications but not much left other than a rematch with Melendez or a fight with Diego if he pulls off the miracle. Lightweight doesn't appear as stacked as it was a year or 2 ago. More reason to get Chandler and Alvarez over.

IF Pettis wins -

1. TJ Grant or TJ Grant/Thompson winner

2. Melendez/Sanchez Winner

3. Jose Aldo if he beats Zombie.

Well, that's all I'm doing for now. I'll do the other divisions if enough people want to see it. Looking at the landscape, we have a lot of great match ups coming up but we still need to people to rise up in the next year or 2 to keep it going. Someone always comes up eventually but this was for the immediate shots after the next title bout.

I love you Bloody Elbow and I hope you enjoy!


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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