Journo to Journo: Eugene Robinson and the great UFC 162 conspiracy

Image courtesy of Eugene Robinson

Published author, Eugene Robinson, known to our readers for his work with Kid Nate on the Tete Tetes, weighs in with his own conspiracy theories about UFC 162.

Eugene Robinson, a Bloody Elbow staple routinely featured in Kid Nate's Tete Tete videos, has opinions on everything under the sun. The creative artist in him gives him a perspective that doesn't always conform to the mainstream way of thinking, so it's no surprise that he's part of a small contingency that believes there was something inherently fishy going on with UFC 162.

In an ongoing effort to feature more journalists as subjects of interest, both on my show and here, Mr. Robinson is the latest one that my co-host, Iain Kidd, and I have put under the magnifying glass for our readers. A musician, published author and playwright, Eugene proved to be a very interesting guest. Here's what he had to say about Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman:

Was UFC 162 a Fix?

I think, like Frankie Pentageli in Godfather Part Two, I believe that Anderson Silva surveyed the landscape, was bored or disinterested in the landscape as it was, and just figured, 'ah fuck it, I'm going to shake things up a bit.'

People go, 'why would he want to fuck with his legacy?' His legacy is assured. He could have come out and crapped in the cage and it would have been assured. You have to admit, and any body within hearing distance has to admit this point, that the middle weight division now, is no longer this kind of kings court, where everybody comes and supplicates before Anderson Silva, and we wonder in what way he's going to beat them.

Middle weights now are completely enlivened. It was a great passing of the torch. I don't think a better thing could have happened for Anderson's division than him doing what he did. Did somebody put a bug in his ear to do that? I don't know.

There are now reports about a one million dollar bet placed an hour, or two hours before the fight, though it's less likely that happened, because the odds going into the fight an hour out were for Weidman. Why did they switch so aggressively? There's some talk that people in Vegas in the know got word out to people ... Lots of strange things are happening. What kind of person believes in that kind of coincidence once, or twice, or three times?

Ultimately, you're like the guy in the joke, I don't know if you know this joke, it's an off color joke about a guy who keeps getting raped by a bear. Every time he tries to shoot the bear, and the fourth time out the bear says, 'Hey man, you're not coming here for the hunting.'

What am I supposed to do, being a bright person, with all this coincidence? Am I just supposed to wash it down the toilet and go, 'Ah you know what, these things are just accidents?'

We're going to pour a bit of cold water on the conspiracy theory about the gambling. We actually called the Nevada Gaming Board, and there wasn't any $1 million dollar bet placed on Weidman investigated by them.

Good. Speaking of the betting thing, I'm interested in the rematch, and how the odds are heavily in favour of Anderson. People are voting with their dollars. What does that mean about what people thought about what they just saw, that the odds are heavily in favor of him for the rematch?

Make no mistake, what everybody saw was Anderson Silva fucking around. Everybody saw that. That's not in dispute. What we're talking about is why he was fucking around, and it may be one of those things that we can only hope to get a glimpse into his mind. Ed Soares was really surprised, or if not surprised, unhappy with the outcome, I believe. Did they talk about it before? I don't know, but I think the outcome will benefit them all in double, triple spades.

People are denying that, people are going, 'Oh, he screwed up the super fight!' He didn't want that super fight. He didn't want to fight Jones, and I guarantee you GSP did not want to fight Silva. I mean, every time they mentioned it, it was like somebody was talking about killing GSP's mother. It was painful for me to see his face every time they talked about the Silva thing. Why would he want to do this? He didn't want to do it.

However, if they're thinking about bumping a fight to put this on at New Years Eve, and now they're talking about having it on Super Bowl weekend? Come on. Did Dana look sad? I've never seen the man look happier. He said, 'This will be the biggest fight in UFC history.' Somebody said 'he always says that.' No. He always qualifies it. In this instance he said this will be the, he used the article the, the biggest fight, and he's right.

As much as I've been trying to open up the spirit of enquiry about what we saw, I guarantee you I'll be front and center watching that fight. That's the only way we'll be able to know whether or not what I've said has been true.

There are three scenarios, like in Hamlet. 'If he but blanch, I know my course.' Based on what happens out of these three scenarios, we'll know whether I was right or wrong, and going into it, I have a two thirds chance of being right. There's only one outcome in which i'll be proven wrong; if he accepts the rematch, and he gets beat.

Then i'll say, you know what, you're right. You're right. You guys were right. I was crazy, I don't know what I was thinking, but the other two scenarios definitely support my argument.

You can follow Eugene via his Twitter account, @EugeneSRobinson

You can listen to the audio from this interview here

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