UFC 100: A look back at one of the biggest events in UFC history

UFC 100, a landmark event for the UFC, was four years ago today. Let's take a look back at the event and see how the fighters have done since then.

July 11th, 2009. Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. 10,871 people were crammed into their seats, ready to watch a piece of history - UFC 100. The card was stacked with two title fights, an Ultimate Fighter coaches matchup, a battle of guys that are now in the Hall of Fame on the undercard, and a future champion's third UFC bout (and first finish).

Since that event was four years ago today, I thought I'd take a brief look back at the card and talk a bit about how each fighter has fared since that special night that drew the largest PPV buy number in company history - 1.6 million. On a side note, I don't think Dana White has lived up to his promise yet to parachute off of the roof of Mandalay for hitting that PPV number.

Somewhat surprisingly, 10 of the 12 undercard fighters from UFC 100 are still on the roster. Some of them didn't fare so well on that night though. Current featherweight Matt Grice lost a lightweight bout to Shannon Gugerty by submission. Current lightweight number one contender T.J. Grant was soundly decisioned by welterweight Dong Hyun Kim. Tom Lawlor submitted C.B. Dollaway in 55 seconds. Then things got really interesting.

Some dude named Jon Jones had made a minor name for himself by picking up a decision win over Stephan Bonnar at UFC 94. He faced former heavyweight Jake O'Brien at UFC 100, and though he was a big favorite to win anyway, he did it in style with his first UFC finish - a guillotine that looked more like a brabo choke - in the middle of the second round. I've heard his name a time or two since that, I think.

After Jim Miller picked up a decision win over Mac Danzig, the final undercard bout featured two guys that are actually now in the Hall of Fame - Mark Coleman and Bonnar. It doesn't exactly sound like a HoF fight, and it certainly didn't look like one either. Coleman latched onto Bonnar's leg for the entire first round and Bonnar couldn't shake him no matter what he did. Coleman gassed out in the second, got a takedown, and just laid on Bonnar while defending sub attempts from the bottom. The third was more of the same. And Coleman took an improbable 29-28 decision win, the last victory of his storied career.

The main card kicked off with Yoshihiro Akiyama making his much-hyped UFC debut against Alan Belcher. The bout was very close and is probably most memorable to Belcher's cage-aided superman punch. Akiyama got the split decision in what turned out to be his only UFC victory to date.

Next up was the battle of TUF coaches - Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping. I think anyone that watches MMA knows how this ended - with one of the most thunderous knockouts in the history of the sport. Henderson sent Bisping to the mat with the H-Bomb, then dropped one on his unconscious face too just for good measure.

Then it was onto the title fights. Georges St. Pierre took Thiago Alves down 10 times in their welterweight title fight and passed his guard 13 times in five rounds despite suffering a groin injury in the third round. Alves was game and got up a lot, but could never get anything going. In the end, GSP won got all three scorecards with two 50-45's and one 50-44.

The final fight of the night was Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir to unify the heavyweight title. Lesnar controlled the first with some heavy punches from half-guard. Mir scored with a jumping knee early in the second, but Lesnar got another takedown and beat the crap out of Mir until the fight was finally stopped. Mir, with blood all over his face, got up but Lesnar was right back in his face to talk some smack. This image led to the infamous strawberries photo that still makes me laugh every time I see it.

Lesnar saved the best for last though, flipping off the fans and giving one of the most famous post-fight interviews in UFC history. He dissed chief UFC sponsor Bud Light, saying he'd rather have a Coors Light since Bud Light didn't pay him anything. He also made a reference to going home and fornicating with his wife, which got an amused reaction from the crowd. UFC president Dana White tore him a new one before the post-fight press conference for the Bud Light thing, which Lesnar ended up apologizing for.

An amusing tidbit that a lot of people don't remember is that Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago was the swing bout, so it went on AFTER the title fights. Fitch won a decision, but nobody cared at that point.

So, that was the card. Here's a rundown of how every fighter on the card has done since their UFC 100 fights.

Shannon Gugerty - 0-2 UFC, released after loss to Clay Guida in 2010. 3-2 since release.
Matt Grice - Released after UFC 100 loss. Won four straight to get another shot, then lost to Ricardo Lamas. Dropped to 145, 1-1 since. Bout with Dennis Bermudez earlier this year was FOTY candidate.
C.B. Dollaway - 5-2, 2 performance bonuses.
Tom Lawlor - 3-4, 2 performance bonuses.
Dong Hyun Kim - 5-2
T.J. Grant - 2-2 in four more fights at welterweight, 1 knockout of the night. Dropped to lightweight in late 2011, 5-0 since then, fighting for LW title at UFC 164.
Jon Jones - 9-1, only loss by DQ. UFC Light heavyweight champion, five title defenses. Currently ranked # 1 P4P fighter in the world. Five performance bonuses.
Jake O'Brien - Released after UFC 100 loss. 4-1 since, only loss to Gegard Mousasi at Dream 15 where he missed weight.
Jim Miller - 8-2, 1 NC. 4 performance bonuses, one fight of the year (vs. Joe Lauzon).
Mac Danzig - 3-3, 3 performance bonuses
Mark Coleman - Had one more bout, a loss to Randy Couture at UFC 109, before retiring. UFC Hall of Famer.
Stephan Bonnar - 3-2, retired after loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 153. 1 performance bonus. 1 steroid suspension. UFC Hall of Famer.

Main Card
Yoshihiro Akiyama - 0-3 at middleweight, 2 performance bonuses. Dropped to 170, lost debut to Jake Shields. Currently out with ACL injury.
Alan Belcher - 4-2. 2 performance bonuses.
Jon Fitch - 4-2-1 in UFC, 1 performance bonus. Released after loss to Demian Maia at UFC 156. Strangled by Josh Burkman in WSOF debut.
Paulo Thiago - 3-4, 2 performance bonuses.
Dan Henderson - Left UFC after UFC 100 bout. 3-1 in Strikeforce, won LHW belt, beat Fedor Emelianenko. 1-2 since UFC return, 1 performance bonus, one fight of the year (vs. Mauricio Rua).
Michael Bisping - 7-3, 2 performance bonuses.
Georges St. Pierre - 5-0, 5 title defenses. 2 performance bonuses. Currently #2 P4P fighter in the world.
Thiago Alves - 2-3. Missed weight once.
Brock Lesnar - 1-2, 1 performance bonus. Lost UFC heavyweight title to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121. Retired after loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141. Current WWE superstar.
Frank Mir - 4-3, 1 performance bonus. One submission of the year (vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira). Lost two title shots.

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