Mena and Falcao kicked off Renovacao Fight Team following altercation

via Bellator

Following an incident outside a gas station in Brazil, Maiquel Falcao and Kaue Mena have been expelled from their training camp, the Renovacao Fight Team. Renovaco is home to Luis Alberto Nogueira, Jose Maria Tome, and Genair da Silva.

While current Bellator middleweight Maiquel Falcao may have escaped from his recent brawl with only superficial injuries, it appears that the effect the fight will have on his career will be much more significant. Fighter's Only reports that Falcao and Mena both have been removed from their training gym, the Renovacao Fight Team. Coupled with this news is the revelation that Mena had also apparently been accepted as a participant on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil. At 7-0 (1 NC), and only 22 years old, he was a promising prospect in the featherweight division. Now, he may never fight again given the severity of the injuries to his head and brain.

RFT leader Marcelo Brigadeiro released a statement saying that while blame attached to multiple parties in the brawl, including the "over reaction" of the woman’s companions, the main culpability rests with Falcao and Mena.

"The attitude of these two athletes did not reflect the behavior of our entire team. We are known for being one of the most successful teams in the world but also for being a true family of athletes and good men. Suitable character and exemplary behavior is expected of true martial artists," he wrote.

"The attitudes displayed by Maiquel Falcao and Kaue Mena were not consistent with what is preached and practiced by me to my students, not what is expected by our sponsors and business partners.

"As professionals and martial artists we should not and can not be associated with nightlife - the fights and confusion and alcohol consumption. We have a duty to set an example for society and especially for children who have us as heroes.

"Anyone who knows me knows the immense love I feel for my work and my students, I treat them like my children, including Falcao and Mena. However, as a teacher or "father," as I call it, I do not and I can not close my eyes forward to the failures of my boys.

"Due to all this, it is with a broken heart and a great sadness that I state officially that Maiquel Falcao and Kaue Mena are no longer part of the team Fight Company / RFT.

"Finally, I hope that this tragedy will serve as a lesson to us all. May we realize how much a simple and unfortunate action can negatively and permanently affect our lives.

"Those who are starting in our profession understand that by choosing to be an athlete they are making not a career choice but choosing a philosophy of life that implies abdication, discipline and obedience." (quotes via Marcos Luca Valentim)

It's a difficult decision for a gym to make, especially given Falcao's reasonably high profile, and Mena's current condition, but many schools and gyms take the devotion to non-aggression and the avoidance of "thug culture" seriously and it seems fairly definitive that Falcao crossed that line.

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