Oh captain, my captain....

This message is meant to cheer up my captain, cerebrally ballsy himself; Andy Anderson


Sooooooooo, I am currently on the worst team potentially in BECW history, and I'm cool with that. You see I was a lurker for the longest time. I never knew how to properly insert myself into an already established community, and provide intellectual or insightful commentary that people would digest, or provide feedback on. About 6 months ago I decided 'fuck it' and made a fanpost.

Id always read about the BECW, and longed to be included into something that looked so fun a BE specific. The problem? I do everything off my phone (hence the constant spelling mistakes and syntactical errors), and MMA playground for the longest time would not load properly on my phone. Me being a technological spaz, I could never figure out how to fix it.

Fast forward to this season:

For whatever reason, when the post came up for this season, the signup took. Finally it works!!! I made picks for the final 3 events, and I actually did pretty well (slightly above average).It dawned on me that i was finally going to be drafted!!

The live Draft:

i wonder what's the earliest a noob goes? Refresh. Hahah they are making fun of Kreally! Refresh. Mol goes early! Refresh! Oooooo I can't believe Halls team! Refresh. Wow they are really chirping Andy Anderson about his picks. Refresh.

The 7th round starts. This is it I know it. This is the round I get drafted!

Andy Anderson: "I know this might be controversial, but at this stage it's a high risk, high reward pick. FLYING ARMBAR BRO!"

Woo Hoo! I'm finally in a BECW...Andy Anderson? They kept making fun of him for having the worst team and I'm on his team sooooooooo..... Fuck!

Over the course of multiple event futility, there has been several email threads that have been both entertaining and insightful. It has helped me view UFC events from different perspectives and allowed me personal interaction with a colourful cast of characters I never would have met.

Yes all of our insight has been way off the mark, but it's still been a really fun experience overall!

So to my captain Andy Anderson, you may have picked a crappy team but I'm real happy you did. Cheer up!!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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