My predictions from exactly a year ago and results

July 1st, 2012 I decided to write down some predictions for what I thought would happen in the world of MMA halfway through 2013. I wrote these down in a text document and put a reminder on my calendar to look at them today. These predictions were based on all the information I had at the time and kind of illustrate some of the trends from 2012.

I broke down my predictions by weight class.

1. HW: Daniel Cormier becomes UFC HW champ

Cormier was the talk of the Elbow after defeating Josh Barnett to claim the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Championship. It seemed inevitable he would one day become the UFC HW champ. However, with his teammate, Cain, holding the belt I may have to wait a while longer for this prediction to come true.

Result: still waiting...

2. LHW: Jon Jones Fails Drug Test

After getting a DUI and losing his sponsorship with Nike, things didn't look very bright for Jon Jones. I figured the next logical step while he was getting shit on was for him to test positive for some type of banned substance. I guess I was just applying Murphy's Law to a fighter I wasn't too fond of.

Result: Wrong

3. MW: Alan Belcher earns title shot

Wow... you guys are really gonna wonder what was going through my head when I predicted this. Well, at the time Middleweight seemed very thin. Also, Belcher's impressive win over Palhares (Paul Harris to some) was still fresh in my mind. Now, with back to back losses to Okami and Bisping I just look like an idiot...


4. WW: GSP is still champion

Looks like I really took a chance on this one...

Result: Correct

5. LW: Eddie Alvarez vs. Gil Melendez for No. 1 contender in UFC

If a few factors played out differently this might not have been too far off. Sadly, Alvarez's contract situation really messed this one up. This prediction might have been more wishful thinking than actual predicting.

Result: Only in my dreams

6. FW: Jose Aldo is still champion

Another wildly outrageous prediction. I still don't think anyone at FW can beat this guy. Sorry Korean Zombie but Aldo is just too quick.

Result: Of course!

7. BW: Cruz recaptures title by decision

This seemed like another conservative prediction at the time. Not even my psychic powers could predict that Cruz would stay on the shelf since October 2011. According to Wikipedia his team robbed a grave and hired Nazi scientists to rebuild him with the best bits and pieces from deceased legendary fighters and animals...

Result: Maybe in my 2014 predictions...

8. FW: I just wrote "who knows?"

Obviously, Flyweight was a brand the new division and I don't think anyone even knew who would be fighting in it last year at this time. Actually, I still don't have much of a prediction for what to expect from the 125ers, it really could be anyone's division a year from now.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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