Metamoris II: Kron Gracie vs. Shinya Aoki Live Play by Play and Results

Kron and Rickson Gracie backstage at Metamoris 1. - Metamoris Photo Gallery

Follow the Metamoris II: Kron vs. Aoki action here at Bloody Elbow with Ben Thapa (@DefGrappler). The lineup promises a feast of grappling matches between some of the world's best submission grapplers and with two high profile MMA fighters featuring as well. Hang out in the comments and refresh regularly for updates.

Hello grappling fans, welcome to the Bloody Elbow live blog of Metamoris 2. The organizers of this submission grappling tournament have brought together some of the best grapplers on the planet - and backed them up with some of the best promo/training videos I have ever seen. T.P. Grant gave us a solid preview earlier and if you want to look at the happenings and GIFs from the first Metamoris, you absolutely can, as well as the live blog of the first edition.

You're more than welcome to hang out in the comments with us and please remember to refresh the page every so often for updates. The stream begins at 7:00 PM ET (4:00 PM PT) and should go for approximately three hours.

Schedule (in Pacific Time):


The broadcasts opens with their overall promo package video - which is one of the best I've ever seen for any combat sports organization - and it's glorious. Tony Torres, the announcer, brings us up to speed and starts hyping us up.

The line-up is introduced and the athletes look super-professional as well. This sport looks legit!

Rener and Ed O'Neill then come in to spice things up. Go ahead, get the Al Bundy or Modern Family jokes out, he's here all night. Rener seems to have enough charisma to carry the two of them through. Ed's got some good timing on his line deliveries too.

They get walk-out music? Awesome. Judges are Pedro Sauer, Jean Jacque Machado and Nelson Monteiro. Huge collection of grappling knowledge (not just BJJ, but sambo, wrestling, judo etc.) here.

Match #1: Jonathan Torres vs. Victor Estima (gi)

JT in the white Tatami gi and Victor in the blue Storm gi.

They crouch and clasp hands as they circle. JT pulls guard and briefly threatens an armbar before closing on a knee shield/half guard situation. He reaches for a cross-collar bone grip ans hifts to a single leg/DLR on the far leg. Now gets a sweep and Victor drops back, looking to set up his famous footlock. JT stays standing and starts pushign down/clearing the free leg to prevent the footlock from coming in. Victor's kind of smashed in a ball right now, holding on until he can push out to get the footlock. Opens up a bit as JT goes to combat base (one knee up, one knee down). Victor has his leg popped free and JT drops back to clear himself fully. Victor goes to half butterfly and tries to bring JT up over him. JT drops back and goes for double ankle cuff grips. Victor keeping a collar, another collar grip established and pulls JT on top of him in a spider guard situation. Victor reaps the leg and triangles his leg to try for a kneebar. JT falls backwards to defend.

They are back to a more neutral position with JT on top of guard, he stands up to work something. Victor starts for the footlock again. JT bases out to defend it and grabs a collar grip to keep Victor exactly where he is. JT always keeping a collar grip and Victor abandons the footlock. Victor has a leg across the upper thigh and hip from outside and seems to be kicking upwards for a spider situation. JT continually gripping and re-gripping to prevent a sweep to his left and Victor goes back to the footlock. JT basing out and doesn't look super-concerned at all. Gets out of the footlock and starts going for ankle cuff grips. Victor inverts to try for a calf slicer, but it's nowhere near success. JT looking to smash the kneeshield guard down and pass. Gets a footlock opportunity of his own. Victor does some proto-defense (before it gets dangerous) and starts coming to the top of guard, but JT isn't letting him come up the way he wants.

Half guard for JT on his right side and Victor appears to be getting up. JT tries for a deep half situation, but is prevented right away. JT pulls a reap to better his own chances for a footlock, but Victor steps out and is pushing a knee slide situation. JT elevates him and pulls the free leg in, sweeps him. JT now on top and grabbing a high collar grip, ankle cuff grip on the same side and looking to slide that free leg off. Victor isn't letting him do so at all and they grip fight. Victor trying to roll JT off to Victor's left and JT's basing out remains strong.

Victor is reaping with a leg across to the opposite hip and the free leg entangled in the gi and tries to overhead sweep JT. It's creating some opportunity, but JT is resisting. JT tries to back step out as he stands, but can't get out. He's smashing the free leg of VIctor down and has to give up his half-guard foot and JT goes for a toehold! It looks dangerous. Victor comes up top to yank free an arm and does!

VIctor on top and JT goes underneath him to try and get a sweep. Victor threatening a toehold of his own and JT working for his as well. It's dueling leglocks for a bit as they defend well.

They break free of each other adn stand in the middle of their own accord. Victor pulls half guard and JT works a knee slide. Victor getting a lapel under and JT framing to prevent the free leg from pushing on a hip. Victor trying to invert ot bring across the outside leg to the inside and get that footlock. JT preventing it, at the cost of his own guard pass attempt. Victor has JT's gi entangled on his foot and tries another overhead sweep to no avail. He's got his footlock somehow set-up!

Oh, he has to abandon it of his own choosing as it's too close to a heel hook. They're so close to the boundary that the referee resets them in the middle with JT having a leg entangled. Dangerous reset for JT if he can't stay on his feet. Victor lets go of the entrapped leg and starts working the sweep that Mario Reis was doing to Quexinho at Worlds, before abandoning that too.

JT now working a collar choke before being shoved off. Victor trying to spin for a kneebar and may be able to get it, but JT navigates the balance positions to a 50/50 position. Victor inverts and goes for more kneebars and JT grabs a footlock!. Victor has a kneebar of his own! It's a stand-off!

They both let go and JT comes up top. Victor is curled up in a ball grabbing for a collar grip on the far side. Spins the other way with a lapel trapped under the thigh. JT basing out and has to go back down to the ground as the situation is too precarious. It's a 50/50 situation once more. They're trading positions like they're on a teetertotter for a bit. JT comes up top and stands, then goes back down. Victor comes up, then goes back down, JT on top prevents a spinover and toehold.

Victor keeps inverting and is framing to get himself inside for a kneebar. JT is preventing him and looking to get a collar choke going. Victor pushes an arm away and keeps working. JT stands once more and grabs an ankle cuff grip. Victor still trying to spin under and JT appears to be opening up the arms. VIctor pushes back to 50/50 and is trying for a footlock on the far side and JT tries for a toehold on Victor's farside. Neither works and Victor tries for another footlock with 30 seconds to go. Victor inverted and going for it! JT defending so well that it's not looking good and they end up in a footsie battle. I lean a bit towards Victor here for pushing the agenda a bit more, yet JT did play some excellent defense and go for his own opportunities. Still Victor for me.

The judges deem this a draw. JT Torres and Victor Estima grapple to a draw.

An image from the incomparable Esther Lin of this match:


Match #2: Mackenzie Dern vs. Michelle Nicolini (gi)

Dern in blue and Nicolini in white.

Michelle comes forwards and pulls guard ans Mackenzie goes for an outside trip. Mackenzie turns a footlock attempt on her into a mean toehold! Nicolini spins and ends up in a single leg sitting. Dern kicks out and is on top of a half butterfly and is crushing downwards with a collar grip on the freeside. Nicolini pushes Dern over and they are close enough to the edge that they're reset in the middle.

Dern isn't in any real danger of a footlock, but she goes to her back to work free of the leg tangle. Nicolini trying to get a spider guard situation set-up. Dern spins under, goes out the back door and scrambles for a pass. Nearly gets it with some very nifty footwork! In top of half guard and smashing down. Trying to slide over the top and gives up too much stability. Nicolini backs out instead of going for a sweep. They hand fight for a bit.

Nicolini pulls guard once more and Dern fends off her legs again. Dern thinks about a berimbolo, but doesn't like it. Sets up the same situation and tries to kick the legs free and pass guard the old fashioned way. No luck as Nicolini retains connection with the legs. Dern gets a two on one on one sleeve and then switches to one sleeve, one ankle for her grips. Nicolini working to break grips and get two sleeve cuffs herself. Dern tries to pass and gets tossed over, but Nicolini doesn't follow. They're head to head once more in the quasi-butterfly/open guard again.

Dern tries for a triangle, doesn't get it, kicks legs free and tries to come up top. Nicolini leans back out of danger and slowly gets back to the head to head position. Dern trying to get free of the sleeve grips and kick her legs out, but Nicolini isn't cooperating. Dern does get a sleeve free by kicking out at the entrapping arm, but the head to head grip fighting makes her give it back up and Nicolini inverts looking for a toehold. Dern defends it and Nicolini spins back to an open guard. Dern nearly shunted to 50/50 and pulls the leg free to stay out of it. Head to head once more and Nicolini comes up on her feet. Dern kicks her back on the ground and Nicolini goes for a toehold. No chance of it succeeding and Dern gets a spider guard situation going.

Dern trying to invert and come up top. Nicolini inverts, as her sleeve is trapped by Mackenzie's grips. They come back to head to head as the grips are ripped free by both. Dern going for an ankle cuff and a hip grip. Nicolini trying for spider guard and Dern wiggles free of the spider hook and inverts Nicolini into a near back take.

Dern comes up to scramble and Nicolini stays on her back, ends up in x-guard. Dern smashing downwards to prevent any ovverhead sweeps. Nicolini really pulling the arms wide, but having no luck with it. Dern slithers down to top half guard and Nicolini inverts for a toehold! She's got a decent set-up, but her own thigh is preventing the real torquing of the foot and Dern defends to a 50/50 or open guard position as they go out of bounds.

Reset in the middle. Dern goes to work preventing a clinch-up by Ncicolini from guard. Dern grabbing the seat of Nicolini's pants to try and pull her upwards. No luck. Back in open guard of both. Dern trying to pass by keeping a sleeve grip and Nicolini decides to stand up. Bad decision!

Dern shoots a triangle! Nicolini falls back to avoid it and gives up her arm! Dern can't quite invert in time to grab it and Nicolini looks like she's happy falling to her back with a good defensive barrier. Dern rests for a moment and pulls her legs free. Nicolini has a death grip on the sleeves and isn't letting Dern do anything with the arms.

Nicolini sseeems to be trying for a pushover/inversion to toehold. Dern defends and briefly tries another flying triangle as they both come up. Dern dealing with Nicolini's invert with her own invert and has to move around to prevent a toe hold situation from happening. Still pretty neutral for both. Dern yanks her legs out a bit and goes for a toehold on Nicolini.

Dern sets up a very unorthodox kneebar, trying to brute force the leg straight upwards and into a kneebar, and Nicolini resists it mightily. No go on the submission and Dern ends up in top of half guard. She tries to float/flip over and Nicolini follows to prevent it. Dern now inverting to try a toehold and ends up in a leg drag/back take situation. Nicolini pulling an ankle cuff with all her heart to prevent Dern from squirming around back. Prevents it!

Head to head once more. Dern looks tired, but Nicolini isn't opening up to push the pace here. Nicolini still moving very slowly and Dern comes up to top half/knee shield guard and starts smashing the inside leg down. Nicolini trying for a toehold and Mackenzie remains standing to smash and work a guard pass. Nicolini trying for a kneebar, it's somewhat dangerous and Mackenzie goes to her butt to hand fight and defend. Dern tries to roll over to pass/defend, decides to go to her back to push Nicolini's butt down with her free foot. It's well defended and Dern decides to match Nicolini in dueling toeholds.

Dern tries breifly for the back and they go head to head once more. Time elapses. I go with Dern for constantly pushing to pass and to set something up. Her triangle attempts and armbar were closer than Nicolini's kneebar at the end.

The judges call this match between Michelle Nicolini and Mackenzie Dern a draw.

Benson Henderson and his wife-to-be, Maria Magana, (also a fine grappler in her own right) are in the front row and the champ gives Schaub a hug.

Match #3: Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu vs. Brendan Schaub (no gi)

Schaub is in the black top, green shorts. Cyborg in the grey Furia shirt with black shorts. Schaub is 20 lbs heavier and 5 inches heavier.

Cyborg with an upright stance and Schaub looks like he's in an MMA fight with his hand movement. He's pushing Cyborg off and preventing clinch-ups. Cyborg looking for collar and arm. Schaub tries for a knee tap without a level change. They finally tie up after some more circling and Schaub seems really reluctant to allow any sort of inside head control from Cyborg.

They're still circling and Cyborg goes for a single leg. Schaub sprawls on it and goes for head control to spin around back. Cyborg starts butt scooting. Schaub is backing away from a playful Cyborg, who is inverting and goofing off.

Schaub still backing off from a very obvious invitation to dive into the guard of Cyborg. Cyborg is now butt scooting in and Schaub is running away.

Schaub finally drops into the half guard and then runs away. Cyborg continuing to butt scoot and invert and Schaub continues running away. Cyborg drops to his back fully flat and Schaub is barely touching him. All Schaub seems to want to do is to push Cyborg's head away and touch a leg here and there. Schaub drops to a knee briefly and goes into the half guard. Cyborg has a wrist and a head tie.

Cyborg looking to go to tornado guard, but Schaub won't stay down or give him the space to do it and Schaub backs out. The referee steps in and stands them up. Cyborg is frustrated with Schaub's lack of engagement, so he's giving a lot of opportunities for takedowns. Cyborg finally goes for a double of his own and Schaub sprawls... then gets back up to continue edging away.

Schaub may have poked Cyborg, who walks away briefly and then re-engages. Cyborg tries to get a single, Schaub sprawls and Cyborg goes to half guard. Cyborg goes for tornado guard, but Schaub is controlling the neck and threatening to stand up and back out again.

Cyborg chills for a moment, inverts finally and nearly gets a calf slicer as Schaub turns to roll out and away (proper defense). Schaub then goes back into the half guard and Cyborg again sets up the tornado, only to wait. Knee shield now for Cyborg. Schaub stands up and goes away, then comes back in. Cyborg pulls half guard and goes inverted. Tries for a triangle, but Schaub backs up and away.

Cyborg trying to butt scoot in and Schuab running away. Another 30 seconds of this. Schaub finally drops into the half guard and Cyborg once again goes to the tornado set-up. Cyborg goes to the deep half, Schaub sprawls to defend and Cyborg tries for an inverted triangle as Schaub stands up to run away.

Schaub finally drops back into the half guard and Cyborg goes to his familiar set-up. He's avoiding any sort of wrist control and trying to grab deep half. Schaub is pushing Cyborg's upper body away and keeping that far leg out of danger. Cyborg inverts and Schaub avoids any snapping up of legs by fleeing. 8:40 left and Cyborg butt scoots into a standing Schaub.

Schaub drops down and Cyborg working some no-gi spider guard of sorts. Cyborg inverts and keeps spinning to do something, anything to try to force some action. Schaub drops into the full guard of cyborg. Abreu opens it up and is trying to keep Schaub down. It works for a while and then Schaub stands.

He invites Cyborg back to the feet and Cyborg obliges. Cyborg comes forwards and Schaub backs away. Cyborg does a flying half guard pull and Schaub drops to defend it. Cyborg trying for deep half and gets it! Schaub on his side and Cyborg tries for a kneebar, has to spin to open guard as Schaub stands.

Cyborg trying to make something work from butterfly now, but Schaub stands again. Cyborg pulls half and finally goes half the other way. Grip fighting for wrist control and Cyborg dives down for a single leg/deep half. Schaub in a battle to prevent the head from coming in. 4:50 left. Schaub stands up from half guard once more. Cyborg is doing more butt scooting as Schaub flees. Schaub drops down after another 40 seconds into the half guard. Now he's back out at 3:50 and they both stand. Cyborg still coming forwards and Schaub going away.

Cyborg trying to come forwards and engage in a clinch. Schaub is pushing him off and backing away. Cyborg finally stands still and lets Schaub do whatever he wants - which is just to push Cyborg. Cyborg tries a foot sweep, which doesn't work as Schaub's already fleeing. Schaub still going away from Cyborg, who backs up only to pull the action back to the middle. Cyborg tries for a single leg and Schaub sprawls.

Cyborg trying to get a two on one and sit out to get something, but Schaub seems content with head control. Cyborg moves to half guard and Schaub flees it. They're standing at the 1:50 mark and Schaub is still running away. Cyborg goes for a double, Schaub sprawls and they return to the feet. Cyborg displaying his frustration to the crowd and Schaub is still not engaging. Cyborg coming forwards all the time, Schaub running away. This is the constant pattern and Schaub is embarrassing himself. Cyborg tries for a single and Schaub sprawls, pulls a guillotine and ends up pulling Cyborg on top of him in side control. Time elapses and Schaub has made a fool of himself.

This is absurd. There needs to be greater ability for the referee to step in and penalize fleeing.

The judges decide that Cyborg Abreu is the winner.

A couple more Esther Lin shots:



Intermission in which they appear to be making Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie II (it is a grappling re-match of an ADCC fight which Bravo famously won by triangle from rubber guard against an overconfident Royler). Yep, they're making that match for the next event.

Match #4: Andre Galvao vs. Rafael Lovato Jr. (gi)

Andre in the blue Storm gi. Rafael in the white Lucky gi. BJJ Pix and that MP (MusclePharm) look to be good sponsors of this, as they've been featured on multiple athletes thus far. Galvao giving up 4 inches and 10 lbs to Lovato Jr.

They circle a bit and Andre looking to get high collar grips as Lovato is doing the same. They reset in the middle after edging out. Lovato trying to get a two on one and Galvao pulls guard. Lovato goes to stand, Andre opens up guard and goes to the RDLR and then to knee shield as Lovato brings the pressure. Andre bases out and stands.

They spin in place and work to get their grips standing. Bent over, each has a high collar and are fending off sleeve grips. Head to head, twitching here and there. Andre smoothly puts on a flying triangle attempt that ends up being more of a high guard on the standing Lovato. Rafael still standing as Andre grips up tightly. Andre opens up and goes down to open guard and bases out to stand. More collar/collar, arm/arm gripping. Brief foot sweep threat from Lovato, but it's a weak feint.

They're grip fighting like crazy and it's such a refreshing sight to see this true action. Andre fakes the guard pull to single leg, but Lovato is wise to it and positions himself to defend accordingly. Still standing and Andre pulls a brief guard and then stands. Andre trying to work into a throwing position, but Lovato's length is denying him that. Ooh, Lovato briefly tries a nice throw, but it's grip-defended and Lovato resets. Andre tries to change levels and get a knee tap single, but it's not there.

More gripfighting with purpose as 5 minutes have gone by. Lovato seems to have a strong grip set up, but Andre pulls out and re-places his grips. Andre tries a jumping head control move, but Lovato has already moved away. Andre gets a knee off a fake guard pull and they head out of bounds with the leg in Andre's control. Reset in the middle.

Gripfighting and Andre shoots for a double after they break. It's stuffed right away and Andre clinches up. Lovato tries for a farside leg trip briefly, but it's not there either. Andre trying for his leg trip combinations now. More grip fighting on the feet. Andre tries a drop seoi nage and Lovato hits the mats on his knees, but they instantly return to the feet. 11:30 remains in the match.

They break and reset in the middle. More grip fighting. Andre pulls RDLR and Lovato goes goes to knee slide past. Andre now shifting to a complex open guard and looking to sweep Lovato. Does! Andre on top and looking to pass. Lovato stands and Andre tries for a flying triangle! Misses, but it was an exciting sequence from Andre.

Lovato returns to the middle and Andre returns. Guard pull from Andre to a sweep attempt to open half and Lovato looking to pass an inverting Galvao. Andre going for a footlock/kneebar setup and gets a sweep on Lovato! Andre on top and Lovato's length allows him to push Andre away, get a leg up on a shoulder and force Andre to get up and out.

Back in the middle for some more gripfighting. Andre drives in to force a better situation for him, but the gripfighting continues. Lovato pulls guard and Andre goes for the double unders. Scoops Lovato up. Lovato tries for a triangle! Andre postures up and gets out. Back in open guard of Lovato with Andre looking to set up a leg drag. Lovato tries to stand and Andre forces him back down. Lovato's legs are so long and preventing Andre from passing, so they stand up once more.

More gripfighting at the 6:30 mark. Both guys being very, very set on getting a good judo-style collar and arm grip, but neither can really get it. Andre pulls open guard, goes to half guard on Lovato's right leg and starts going for the knee of the other side. Lovato pressuring in and preventing the turn. Andre still working to set up the turnover sweep like he did before. Lovato has the defenses right and is looking to get his pass set up. Andre to closed guard and Rafael stands. Andre opens up and back to half guard. Andre rolls Lovato back over his own shoulder and gets on top. Scramble time! Andre now in top of half guard and really driving in. He stands and Rafael looking to invert and get on the other side. Andre sets up a leg drag situation, but Rafael's open guard recompose is so fast that he can't get there in time. Rafael now in open spider guard and Andre driving in still. Andre stands and tries to scramble past. He hops over Rafael's knee in a brilliantly timed switch of direction from a pass attempt to the left and little hop over the knee coming to counter to the right and is in side control!

Andre hanging on to the position strongly with a back collar grip and farside hip grip. Now to north/south and Andre spins to try for the back as Lovato gets up. No luck and Rafael stands, only to pull half butterfly guard. Andre working from the top with 1:20 left to go. Rafael working some half butterfly and open guard. Andre looking to shuck the legs aside, but they're so long that he can't. Goes for a flying triangle again! Way off, but no cost to him as Lovato has to go backwards to defend. Andre on top of half guard and is working a backstep/dive under. Hops over the guard somehow! To north/south!

Back to the guard of Lovato, as he refuses to give up. Andre not content and drives for another pass as time runs out. Clearly a Galvao win, but what a technical, tense, fun match to watch! Much respect should be given to both fighters for truly trying to showcase their overall games.

The judges anoint Andre Galvao as the winner.

Match #5: Braulio Estima vs. Rodolfo Vieira (gi)

Braulio in the blue Storm gi. Rodolfo in the white Venum gi. Braulio is actually an inch taller, but 16 lbs lighter.

They circle and Braulio pulls closed guard on standing Rodolfo. Looking to scoop Rodolfo's left leg up. Rodolfo pulls them both over to the middle and continues standing. Rodolfo opens it up, steps back with the left eg and looks to really bring some pressure on Braulio. Grips appear to be key here as Braulio is working RDLR and trying to bring a lapel over for his free foot to work with. Rodolfo sits down to reset himself and starts setting up his backstep pass. He's got his head down low and Braulio continues following with the free foot.

Rodolfo stands once more and Braulio now looking to get underneath Rodolfo. Rodolfo again goes for the backstep and has to go to one knee to push Braulio's upper body away. Braulio basically playing spider guard with the lapel behind Rodolfo's tricep and goes inverted as Rodolfo starts side stepping his way around. It's a near pass, but Braulio's lapel grip is preventing the side control claim.

Rodolfo has such a tight grip on Braulio's back that Braulio can't go anywhere and eventually Rodolfo stands once more to try a different avenue. Braulio allowing his ankle cuffs to be controlled and Rodolfo hops over to the left once more to pass that way. The lapel grip behind the triceps prevents it and Braulio keeps it. Rodolfo swivels back to the right and momentarily slips free of the grip and goes down, swivels back and swivels back again to get free of the grip. Now he's going back and forth and back and forth to confuse Braulio and open up passing opportunities. Nearly gets past!

Back to guard after some moments of danger for Braulio. Estima sets up the same spider lapel grip on Rodolfo's right arm and starts to sit up now, as Rodolfo gets knee grips and pushes the knees down. Braulio working some more lapel stuff as Rodolfo's knee is now preventing the free foot from really coming in.

Braulio now in a more familiar leg lasso position, then shifts back to his spider/lapel grip. Rodolfo goes to the back step pass once more, but can't get it. Gets back to top of half guard and goes once more to the back step. Braulio preventing it with some nifty footwork and lapel work.

Rodolfo switching sides and trying to get past. Braulio pulls deephalf/spider. Has Rodolfo's left leg underhooked and the lapel/spider grip. Braulio now setting up a footlock on Rodolfo, who stuffs the leg coming inside and stands up to better plant his foot securely.

Rodolfo trying to shift the foot minutely for a backstep pass and drops down, no luck. Braulio now in RDLR with the lapel/spider grip on the same side. He's really going after Rodolfo's right side to keep it out of the action.

Rodolfo trying to work around and get Braulio's legs down. He kicks his right leg down tosee if he can shift to a simple pressure pass. 10 minutes have gone by and Rodolfo steps past Braulio's guard, however, the lapel grip is still there behind the triceps and Braulio is trying to extend his leg and prevent the claiming of side control.

Rodolfo clinches side control! Braulio trying to invert and prevent anything from north/south! Invert triangle threat! Rodolfo defends, while trying to keep position and has to settle for going back to guard in a better position than before. Braulio is again working the lapel grip for spider, but Rodolfo is standing and has decided he wants to prevent the lapel grabbing.

A battle for the lapel of Rodolfo's gi is occurring and Rodolfo gives up on it. He goes for the pass instead and gets 3/4s of the way, then pops the grip momentarily loose with brute strength. Now trying to get to side control, but Braulio is determined to use his long, long legs to keep the lapel grip there. Rodolfo is trying to use his knee to smash down the lapel gripping hand, but it's not working!

Braulio is so determined to keep it and wiggle his feet in there. Rodolfo is bringing the pressure and trying to get free. Cannot do so and they are back to the open guard. Rodolfo stands and starts trying to bullfighter his way past. Nope. Braulio yanking super hard on that lapel tail. Rodolfo trying for some smash passes and Braulio fends it off with more creative application of his leg framing and lapel gripping. Rodolfo trying to knee slide now. Deep collar grip on Braulio's collar and really trying to pull himself forwards.

Braulio defending and looking to get deep half. Rodolfo basing the leg out wide and gets a bit more upright for a tiny second. Braulio brings in the free foot for an invert triangle set-up and Rodolfo goes to the backstep pass. Rodolfo appears to have a possible opportunity for north/south, but Braulio's foot in the lapel is preventing this. Braulio playing RDLR/lapel spider and Rodolfo is on one knee. Three minutes left.

Rodolfo switches sides and Braulio now looking to pop up in a sweep. Rodolfo is now smashing the legs in a quasi-leg drag! Braulio holding on with all he's worth to keep that guard from being passed. Rodolfo trying to pull the farside lapel free from Braulio's foot and pass. Braulio goes inverted and Rodolfo now trying to smash the legs down and prevent kneebars. Rodolfo dances around and is possibly on top of a turtled Braulio. Nope, more invert and more lapel foot from Braulio and the pass/control is somehow staved off.

Rodolfo resting and looking smash to smash the lapel grip free with his knee once more in a pressure pass. Goes up, pops free and instantly goes for an armbar! Braulio defending like mad! Starts spinning to try and come over. Rodolfo cinches tight and is looking to yank the arm free! 30 seconds left!

Braulio is now extended in a belly down armbar! Somehow the arm positioning is not right. Braulio not moving, but not tapping and still pulling down. He gets out after a couple tense seconds! Braulio on top of Rodolfo! Goes for a back take, as Rodolfo defends! Time runs out!

I go with Rodolfo there, but that was some seriously gritty guard work from Braulio and one heck of an ending.

The judges deem Rodolfo Viera the winner against Braulio Estima.

Match #6: Shinya Aoki vs. Kron Gracie, no-gi (without a kimono)

Kron in a white longsleeves rashguard, black gi pants. Aoki in all black, Shoyoroll and Evolve being his chief sponsors. Aoki a couple pounds lighter, but a couple inches taller.

They cautiously clinch and grip fight. Aoki looking very intent on getting head control, wlowly. Kron tries a few foot sweeps to open up things and Aoki getting in a rhythm. They're still grip fighting on the feet and Kron is kind of just pressing forwards, setting up foot sweeps, while Aoki has kind of stalled out. A couple minutes have gone by and Aoki finally goes for a leg briefly. Kron postures up and circles out, only to come back in.

More gripfighting and Kron fakes a level change. More gripfighting for a couple minutes and Kron finally pulls closed guard. Aoki goes down to secure his position and fends off Kron's head with his hands. Kron keeping the posture broken down. Aoki now looking to get his posture up, stands and Kron's ankles are controlled. Kron sets up a guillotine and Aoki is trying to pass to the safe side. Kron has the guillotine tight enough to sweep Aoki multiple times, but it's being defended just enough for Aoki to survive. Kron keeping chin control and looking maybe to take Aoki's back with a kimura grip. Aoki trying to work around and pass to side control. Kron again going for the guillotine and they're nearly off the platform! The referee stabilizes them just enough for Kron to get the tap after a couple tense moments pass. Aoki really put on a nice show of guillotine defense, but that edge kept him from really moving around to defend.

Kron Gracie submits Shinya Aoki with a guillotine.

Rules: one 20 minute round of submission grappling with stoppages only if a groin shot, eye poke or bleeding situation happens. No strikes are allowed. Heel hooks are allowed only in no-gi matches (without the kimono). Going out of bounds will usually result in a reset in the middle; however, going out of bounds while in a submission hold may result in a win for the opponent who has the submission hold applied, as per the referee's discretion. A decision will be rendered for matches that go the full twenty minutes without a submission and will be delivered by a three person panel of black belts.

How to pay: Go to the Metamoris website ( and pay the $19.95 for the live stream/replays with a credit card. They will not accept PayPal due to previous experiences with that particular service.

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