Dawson vs. Stevenson results and gifs: Adonis Stevenson KO's Chad Dawson in one round

Chad Dawson from his fight with Bernard Hopkins - Al Bello

On HBO Boxing tonight, Chad Dawson took on Adonis Stevenson, and it was Stevenson's one punch KO power that made the difference. Get all the details here, including gifs.

Adonis Stevenson defeats Chad Dawson by KO round 1 1:16

Heading into this fight, we knew it was going to be the power of Stevenson vs. the technique of Dawson. Most (myself included) thought Dawson's technical boxing ability would carry the day. We were wrong. It took Adonis Stevenson less than one round to connect a perfect left hand shot that put Chad Dawson down and out. Dawson struggled to his feet, but was clearly still wobbly and the fight was justifiably called off.

This was a tremendous, immediate star-making performance from Stevenson. This is the kind of marquee name and highlight reel finish that makes his career. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here. For Dawson, it's a crushing loss coming on the heels of the Andre Ward loss.

Great, great moment for Stevenson, who post-fight called out Kessler and Froch for refusing to fight him. He also talked up a potential fight with Bernard Hopkins.

Check out the KO below in gif form.

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Your thoughts 50 Cent?


And here's the stoppage. Some questioned if it was early, but I don't see it:


Yuriorkis Gamboa defeats Darleys Perez by unanimous decision (116-111 x 2, 115-112)

In the broadcast opener, Yuriorkis Gamboa took a unanimous decision victory over Darleys Perez. Gamboa had a nice performance in the opening rounds, scoring a knockdown in the first and displaying the talent that has always made people excited about him throughout the first half. But as the fight progressed, it was Perez who took more control while Gamboa seemed to coast. Still, the gutsy late round performance from Perez was not enough to make up for his early deficit, and Gamboa took the win. Not a great fight or great overall showing from Gamboa - maybe the bar has been set too high for him, but he's definitely not clearing it.


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