BECW S6: UFC on Fuel 10 +5-gasm

Bonjour, dickbags! So you guys must be really pissed about Hayter getting shitcanned as Snake and replaced with Kiefer Sutherland. I think it won't accomplish anything unless they hire a competent English writer to cough out some less laughably bad dialogue. Remember Final Fantasy X? Amazing voice actors. (Well, except for. You know. That... thing. With the laughing. Ugh.) But all anyone remembers about it is the eight billion zippers, Lulu's Hendricksian rack, and the awful awful clumsy dialogue that tripped all over itself. I can't take MGS seriously anymore because of how wooden the dialogue is. Until they fix that, no high-priced talent can make me interested.

Also, fuck codemasters, Grid 2 is maybe the biggest letdown ever.

Final nerd-babbling: Does anybody else play Mechwarrior Online? Shit's super-fun, but haaaard. If you've killed a dude named Cletus Davion in there, that'd be me. Anyways:


Fukken Magi (1-2) vs Split Decision Pickers Anonymous (2-1)

Hands of the Judges (0-3) vs Duane Bangzillians (3-0)

Beauties and the Beard (1-2) vs Brad One Punch Wolf Picketts (2-1)

Steven Thompson's School of Stand-up Comedy (2-1) vs Josh Rosenthal's Field of Dreams (1-2)

Fox Blockers (2-1) vs Ultimate Fighter Paternity Suit Lawyers (1-2)

Can't Let You Do That, Star Fox Fallon (1-2) vs 11 Inch Reach Advantage (2-1)


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Fabricio Werdum

William Macario vs Leonardo Santos

Thiago Silva and Rafael Feijao vs Drug Testing

Erick Silva vs Jason High

Daniel Sarafian vs Eddie Mendez

Rony Jason vs Mike Wilkinson

Raphael Assuncao vs Vaughan Lee

Godofredo "Real Life Nos Commercial Guy" Pepey vs Felipe Arantes

Ildemar Alcantara vs Leandro Silva

Rodrigo Damm vs Mizuto Hirota

Caio Magalhaes vs Karlos Vemola

Antonio Braga Neto vs Anthony Smith


As always, you should probably bookmark this.





Fights start at 4:30ish, main card at 8 according to wiki, 10 according to SBnation. I'm thinking probably 8. As always, no acting like me, that shit gets you banned. Also, I'm pissed, I'm so sensitive to caffeine I can't even drink decaf coffee any more. One fucking cup and my heart is beating like a fucking speed metal drummer. Fucking depressing...

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