UFC on Fuel 10: Nogueira vs. Werdum live results and play-by-play for the main card

Live results and thoughts for the main card of UFC on Fuel 10 from Brazil, which will features a total of six fights.

Join us at Bloody Elbow for live results, play-by-play, and commentary of the entire UFC on Fuel 10 event today from Brazil. The event will kick off with six preliminary card fights followed by a main card featuring six bouts. The prelims will be streamed live on Facebook, and that stream kicks off at approximately 5pm ET/2pm PT. They flip things over to Fuel TV at 8pm ET/5pm ET for the main card. This post will cover the main card.

The main event of tonight's card sees the coaches of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2 facing off. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Fabricio Werdum will meet for the second time, with Werdum looking to avenge a 2006 loss in Pride.

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments as the event progresses.

Rony Jason vs. Mike Wilkinson

Round 1 - Wilkinson turned down a glove tap to start. As soon as Jason opened up to strike, he got taken down. Jason locked up a triangle, and that was a wrap. Wow, that was quick. Rony Jason defeated Mike Wilkinson by technical submission (triangle choke), 1:24 of round 1

Eddie Mendez vs. Daniel Sarafian

Round 1 - Mendez connected first with an inside leg kick. Sarafian responded with a nice combo and a jab. They tied up against the cage and Sarafian landed a trip takedown. Sarafian looks to have an arm triangle set up, and he does. He went to mount and choked him out. Wow. Two quick subs in a row. Daniel Sarafian defeated Eddie Mendez by submission (arm triangle choke), 2:20 of round 1

Jason High vs. Erick Silva

Round 1 - High missed with a leg kick and a head kick. Silva caught a kick and they scrambled for position on the ground. Silva got High's back and transitioned to an armlock. And High tapped! Wow. He locked up a triangle as well, but the armbar is what got the tap. That was pretty awesome. Erick Silva defeated Jason High by submission (armbar), 1:11 of round 1

Rafael Cavalcante vs. Thiago Silva

Round 1 - Feijao came out throwing and connecting with the right. Silva responded with leg kicks. Solid body shots from both men. Both men missed with big shots. Big combo from Silva, but Feijao took it well. Silva went back to the leg kicks.Sick spinning elbow landed for Cavalcante, but Silva came right back with his own strikes. Silva landed a big left and a big leg kick. Cavalcante looked to be slowing down a bit, and Silva stayed on him with kicks and combinations. Silva connected with a bunch of punches, and a right that crumpled Feijao to the mat! One more punch and it's over! Wow! Thiago Silva defeated Rafael Faijao by knockout, 4:29 of round 1

William Macario vs. Leonardo Santos

Round 1 - Patolino led with a leg kick. Santos landeda nice jab and clinched up. Patolino looked for a trip but couldn't get it, and they separated. Santos landed a nice shot but ate a combo in return. Macario dragged Santos to the mat against the cage. He backed out of Santos' guard, then jumped back in. Patolino opened up with punches and seemed to stun Santos briefly. Santos got up with 70 seconds in the round. Santos connected with a leg kick. Patolino with a nice knee up the middle. Santos went for a judo throw but they ended up in an awkward position on the ground. 10-9 Macario

Round 2 - Macario landed a nice leg kick. Santos looked for the takedown but couldn't get it. Santos landed a big right, and Patolino looked a little bit tired. Santos with a nice knee in the clinch. Santos put some good strikes together. Patolino scored with a takedown. He moved it over to the cage and controlled position for a minute or so until Santos got up. Santos went for a takedown but Patolino grabbed the fence. He received a stern warning from Marc Goddard but he didn't take a point. Santos went back to striking and landed a couple of shots to Macario's chin. Santos hit a trip takedown and moved to mount with 75 seconds to go. He looked to lock up an arm triangle, but Macario defended. Santos looked to drop elbows. Macario rolled over, then back, and Patolino was suck in an arm triangle. He managed to survive for a while, but tapped out with 17 seconds to go in the round. Leo Santos is your Ultimate Fighter. Leo Santos defeated William Macario by submission (arm triangle choke), 4:43 of round 2

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Fabricio Werdum

Round 1 - Werdum started with a big leg kick, and another. Werdum threw Nogueira to the mat and tried to jump to mount, but Nog spun him back to guard. He passed to half and landed a hammer fist. Nog grabbled a leg and got up, but ate a knee in the process. Werdum landed a nice jab and a leg kick. Nogueira pressed forward with some punches and clinched up against the cage. Werdum spun away and landed a leg kick. Nog with a nice conbo and Werdum was a tad wobbly. Back to the clinch against the cage and some dirty boxing from both men. Werdum looked for a single but couldn't get it. Nogueira with a nice inside elbow. More inside boxing. 10-9 Werdum.

Round 2 - Werdum opens with a leg kick again. A jab, and three leg kicks from Werdum. Big right hand from Werdum. They both threw a few punches that missed against the cage. Back in the clunch and Werdum tried for a guillotine and got Nogueira down. Werdum looked for a kimura, then spun to pass. Werdum took his back and sank a hook. Werdum looked for an armbar, and he got it! I'm not sure if Nogueira tapped or not. Apparently it was a verbal submission Fabricio Werdum defeated Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira by submission (armbar), 2:41 of round 2

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