A night at the office with Stitch Duran

Stitch Duran wrapping UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez - Courtesy of Stitch Duran's Twitter

The most famous cutman in MMA and boxing details what it's like to be in his shoes on fight night.

Jacob 'Stitch' Duran is an awesome human. I know this from experience, as I've interviewed him many times. Most men (and a few women, too) would trade a kidney to be in his shoes. He's responsible for maintaining the integrity of a fighter's well being by preventing and treating damage incurred during a bout. Sometimes, his actions can make all the difference, controlling the bleeding from cuts, controlling swelling and enabling a fighter to continue on. In short, he's a fight medic, that helps keep the action going in a fight.

Duran is more than that, though. He's also the top dog when it comes to hand wrapping. Some fighters don't allow anyone else to wrap their hands, preferring his workmanship instead. The Klitschko brothers and Andre Ward of professional boxing are prime examples of this, using him exclusively in their bouts.

Recently, Stitch detailed what goes on during a night at the office for him, via the Above and Beyond MMA website. Here's an excerpt from that interview:

An hour before the show begins, Duran prepares his bucket.

"I'll get my KO Swell, my Vaseline, my Adrenaline Chloride 1:1,000, the Qwick-AID, the icepack, the waters, the towels that I use to wipe the blood," Duran says. "Once I finish that, then I go back to wrapping hands."

Duran usually checks his position cageside - "the best seats in the house, almost," he says - about 15 minutes before the fights start.

"The thing I like to do and the reason I'll always do the first fights is to meet with the doctors and let them know this is what we do and we're pretty good at what we do ... ," Duran says. "We understand that the doctor's decision is always the final (decision). We're here to work together with them.

"I make sure that our locations are sealed, our table and our chairs are there and we have room to work."

Duran used to work all of night's fights, but as the UFC has grown, so has the number of cutmen on site. These days, Duran works the first three fights - to make sure everything is in order - then a few of his four teammates work the "middle fights" before he comes back for the final three bouts.

You can catch the rest of this great interview right here, and you can follow Stitch via his Twitter account, @StitchDuran

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