The True GOAT: An MMA Math Breakdown.

With Anderson Silva's title defense coming soon, the usual debates of who the Greatest of All Time is will no doubt appear. Usually these arguments have two sides. First there is the Fedor side, which brings up his historic win streak over the likes of Nogueira and Cro Cop. Then there is the Silva side, which believes the amazing things he's done against the likes of former champions such as Franklin, Henderson and Belfort puts him over the top. Then there's that one guy who says GSP has fought much better competition than all of them, before the other two camps say that GSP doesn't finish them the way that Fedor or Silva do. But there is one name that I am disgusted that is never brought up. The Ironman from Waterloo, Iowa himself. You know who.

Travis Motherfucking Fulton.


Let's look at the facts. Sugar Ray Robinson is considered the greatest boxer in history, with 200 fights. Well Travis Fulton is obviously superior to that, with 308 fights to his name. Not to mention that MMA is 100% proven to be superior to pillow fisting boxing. I called a gentlemanly scholar by the name of JB Guy to back me up on this and he told me, "Bro what the fuck are you doing, writing on that stupid-ass notebook like some kind of girl? Only sorry-ass bitches fuck with that writing bullshit. And what the fuck do I know about that sorry-ass boxing shit? It's for lame-ass old people. UFC is where everyone Just Bleeds."



Moving on from that, Travis Fulton has a legacy that essentially makes him the greatest bad-ass to have ever walked the universe. It all starts with his win over Wesley "Matt Roth" Correira. In 2002, Correira defeated Travis Wiuff at something called SB 24 - Return of the Heavyweights. Wiuff went on to defeat Ricco Rodriguez in the immortal YAMMA Pit Fighting Heavyweight Tournament. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion defeated Randy Couture in 2002, who in turn defeated Chuck Liddell. Liddell defeated Alistair Overeem in Pride, before Overeem defeated Fabricio Werdum in Strikeforce, the same Fabricio Werdum who upset Fedor Emelianenko and broke his historic run. In case you haven't been keeping track, it's:

Fulton > Cabbage > Wiuff > Rodriguez > Couture > Liddell > Overeem > Werdum > Fedor, which means that Fulton > Fedor.

Then there's the debate of whether he's better than Anderson. Going back to Liddell, the path starts with Liddell's victory over Wanderlei Silva, who defeated Dan Henderson in Pride 12. Dan Henderson defeated Ryo Chonan during the Pride Welterweight Grand Prix. The previous year, Chonan defeated Anderson Silva by Flying Scissor Shungokusatsu. This leaves the standings as:

Fulton > Cabbage > Wiuff > Rodriguez > Couture > Liddell > Wanderlei > Henderson > Chonan > Anderson.

And for you GSP believers out there, Chonan defeated Carlos Newton at Pride Bushido 5, who in turn beat Shonie Carter in 2009. Carter's signature victory, a spinning shit knockout over Matt Serra, leads to Serra's upset over Georges St. Pierre in Houston. So:

Fulton > Cabbage > Wiuff > Rodriguez > Couture > Liddell > Wanderlei > Henderson > Chonan > Newton > Carter > Serra > GSP.

Some of you will say that similar chains can prove that Fedor/Silva/GSP>Fulton. Well that is a faulty premise, as Travis Fulton has more than twice as many fights as they do combined. This gives him a greater Body-Rambunctiousness-Offensiveness Rating, or BRO Rating. And everyone knows that the BRO Rating is the only true way of determining who the greatest is.

But I'm not fucking done yet, bitches. There is more to this than just MMA, and it goes back to Randy Couture. Couture defeated James Toney in the ultimate superfight in 2010. Toney defeated Evander Holyfield in 2003 in an IBF title eliminator. Holyfield defeated an aged Larry Holmes in 1992, a reflection of Larry Holmes' victory over Muhammad Ali in 1980. 18 years prior to that, Ali, then Cassius Clay, knocked out Archie Moore in four rounds. Moore defeated Joey Maxim three times in as many years from 1952-1954, all by unanimous decision. Right before his fight with Moore, Joey Maxim was riding high after a 14th round TKO over Sugar Ray Robinson. Therefore:

Fulton > Cabbage > Wiuff > Rodriguez > Couture > Toney > Holyfield > Holmes > Ali > Moore > Maxim > Robinson.

But this goes beyond combat sports. Maxim also sports a win over Jersey Joe Walcott, who owns two wins over Ezzard Charles. Charles defeated Joe Louis in 1950, giving Louis only his second career loss. The first was a 12th round knockout to the German, Max Schmeling in 1936. The rematch occurred in 1938, with Louis knocking out Schmeling in the 1st round. During this time, the rematch was billed as the USA vs. Nazi Germany, meaning that Joe Louis defeated the Nazis, which really means that Travis Fulton defeated the Nazis. So this means:

Fulton > Cabbage > Wiuff > Rodriguez > Couture > Toney > Holyfield > Holmes > Ali > Moore > Maxim > Walcott > Charles > Louis > Schmeling/Nazis.

So not only is Fulton the greatest mixed martial artist and boxer of all time, he is also the greatest American of all time and defeated the Nazis before it was cool. Hopefully this will put away any silly notions that Fedor/Silva/GSP is the GOAT, as Travis Fulton would not even see them fit to wipe his ass with. God knows they certainly haven't defeated Nazi Germany.



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