Golovkin vs Macklin: Full fight video live online of the best of Gennady Golovkin

Get ready for Gennady Golovkin vs. Matthew Macklin with these videos featuring some of the best fights from GGG. Then join Bloody Elbow Saturday June 29 for live fight night coverage of HBO Boxing After Dark Golovkin vs. Macklin.

Saturday June 29, Bloody Elbow presents live fight coverage of Gennady Golovkin vs. Matthew Macklin, live on HBO. HBO Boxing After Dark Golovkin vs. Macklin airs this Saturday, June 29 live on HBO with a fight time of 9:45 p.m. ET. Bloody Elbow will have live fight coverage, including results and discussion, right here.

GGG, Gennady Golovkin is one of the most hyped up and coming prospects in boxing right now. The fearsome fighter out of Kazakhstan had already built up something of a mythology around himself when he made his US debut for HBO last year. Heralded for his punching power and sheer brutality, Golovkin is the kind of fighter that appeals to that part of every boxing fan that just loves to see a good KO. But is this hype for real?

Judge for yourself with this look back at some of Golovkin's best fights. Included in this video package are his most recent KO wins over the likes of Nobuhiro Ishida, Gabriel Rosado, Grzegorz Proksa, and Makoto Fuchigami, plus some of his older fights.

More Golovkin vs. Macklin coverage:
Bloody Elbow | Bad Left Hook

There's no question that Golovkin has power, and these fights show that. Saturday night, we'll find out if Matthew Macklin has any answer for that power, or if he will be KO #24.

Join us here at Bloody Elbow for HBO Boxing After Dark Golovkin vs. Macklin results, discussion, and live fight coverage this Saturday June 29.


Gennady Golovkin (26-0; 23 KOs) vs.
Matthew Macklin (29-4; 20 KOs)

Thomas Oosthuizen (21-0-1; 13 KOs) vs.
Brandon Gonzales (17-0; 10 KOs)

Willie Nelson (20-1-1; 12 KOs) vs.
Luciano Cuello (32-2; 16 KOs)

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