How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? - MMA fighters trying to be Movie Stars, car accidents, and hashtags

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"Dana says all the fighters he talked to have weidman beating silva. He didnt talk to me. I have silva keeping his belt." -Brad Tavares

"Do I watch the Hawks game tonight or the first card for Bellator MMA?!!!?" -Pat Curran, when your champion isn't sure...

"A self-photographed bicep flex is the male equivalent to 'duck lips'." -Dan Hardy

"I'm addicted to shopping" -Mike Ricci ‏

"Big big thank you to @danawhite @lorenzofertitta and @ufc for going above and beyond and paying me more than contracted" -Chris Camozzi ‏

"I just got in big car accident, everyone is okay but fuck! Dude, would you believe I just switched my policy to full coverage LAST night?! ...Crazy how energy works: last night I changed my insurance to full coverage, I just totaled my car, and my girl had a dream I crashed!!!" -War Machine

"The cops were cool to me, I was nervous, one of them had even watched my last fight! Lol... It was MY fault and Im really glad nobody got hurt, I would have felt like shit." -War Machine

"Fckkkkkk! My new insurance coverage doesn't kick in until TOMORROW!!!!! Hahahaha!! Fckkkkkk!!!!!!!" -War Machine



"I did it my Way. I lived the the life of a fool, no regrets" -Renato Sobral


"He doesn't always party with fighters . But when he does it's top UFC welterweights!" -Mike Pyle


"It's official, fight contract just got signed" -Jon Jones


"A tattoo of a legend by a legendary tattoo artist. #brucelee #tattoo" -Dan Hardy




"That's my boy! future Champion last of a gully loyal dying breed !" -Phil Baroni


""@Mr_Honky: @Benaskren you can watch Koppenhaver say he's coming for your belt. #watchout" ha! He is terrible at MMA and everyone knows it" -Ben Askren

"At Taco Bell cuz winning means that you're allowed to be a fat fuck for a minute. =] ...Lil gay guy at Taco Bell threw some cinnamon twists on my tray for Free 99...I ain't mad at him." -War Machine

"For the record I support gays and their rights 100% so the PC Police need to fuck off, the other F word is only a WORD... I don't support retards though, or obese people, or really ugly ones, sorry." -War Machine

"PS the "UG" is retarded, I did NOT get in a fight backstage last night and I am NOT in jail. You guys who post there need to get lives." -War Machine



"Just landed back in sunny Cali.Had a great time in London filming thanks to for a great opportunity.cheers mate" -Michael Bisping

"On set in character as Sergio. #anomallythemovie" -Michael Bisping, how does a loud British dude turn into a "Sergio"?


"Heading to William Morris office to meet with my agent Ari and brad... Interviewing all day with different movie producers in Los Angeles" -Jon Jones

"Today went phenomenal met some really extraordinary producers.These guys had all types of ideas, I cant wait to see which comes to life... Arthur and Chandler should definitely be at these meetings with me today.. I foresee a Jones brother show in the future" -Jon Jones

"My first meeting today is with the president of MGM studios, wish me luck!!" -Jon Jones

"You never know" -Jon Jones, but I thought Bones Knows?


"Just finished a six hour commercial shoot here in LA!! Wait until you guys see this. " -Jon Jones

"My first movie offer from the producer who produced "juice" with the great tupac shakur and all the fast and furious movies...Neal moritz." -Jon Jones




"After this win, you Lebron haters better get off his back. deserves our respect. " -Jon Jones

"What an incredible display of talent from LeBron and the heat this series. Much respect to the spurs.. ???" -Jon Jones

"Careful with that champagne bottle this year " -Jon Jones, yep, DUI is a bitch.



"Lets go! @skinnybikini @tiffanichynel @harolbaez #jetsetter #vacation #bikiniseason" -Arianny Celeste, #selfie.


"Happy #humpday" -Natasha Wicks, #art.


"Bday trip to mexico! #bananajoe is deff a beach baby." -Brittney Palmer, #dogstagram


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