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Dan Faggella vs. The Giant Pt. 2

I wanted to write an article about my friend and first instructor, Dan Faggella.....Dan is a super small guy - and a prolific brazilian jiu jitsu competitor.....known on the tournament scene for absolutely smashing guys that literally weigh twice his weight...and Im not kidding - he's tapped out guys who weight 240LB in Expert Division Matches in 12 seconds....

Here's Dan's Story......

Me: Dan tell us about your second "Giant" match that everyone seems to be talking about lately...

"I think I should add "Grappling Giants" to my hobby list on Facebook, because it seems that I have a knack for hopping on the mats with some rather large fellas. Remember my write up on my infamous showdown with The Giant? Well, it wasn’t the first time something like this had happen.

At NAGA New England in 2011, I met the Giant in a 3rd place match. I’ve already been over that one before, this one is about the "other" Giant…at the same NAGA, in fact! While this guy wasn’t as large as the other guy, he still posed an interesting challenge that had to be taken care of.

Me: You know what they say.....The Bigger They Are…

This ‘Giant’ was very persistent and clearly had a game plan right from the jump. Before I knew, I was on my back with him exerting some dominant top control that stifled my game for a bit. He was trying and trying to pass my guard, however, I was able to control one of his legs most of the time I was there, which impeded upon his ability to do much.

Soon after, I decided to let his leg go and work my way out of the situation. Closing my guard, there was little to nothing that he could do while he was there. Knowing time was ticking, and the match could go either way, I broke guard and made him work.

He stood up, and my eyes lit up! Lunging for his leg, I thought I had him, but he was equal to it. With a butterfly hook in, he pretty much used me as a chair which wasn’t that fun. Contorting my body, I was able to force him to stand up for a brief moment, allowing me to attack his leg.

With a heel hook applied, he did his best to defend against it and kept his calm. As he began to roll out of it, I found myself switching to a knee bar, hoping that this would finish it. Again, he was able to defend it very well, forcing me to switch my submission YET AGAIN to a toe hold!

Me: Why Was He So Difficult!?

So after all of these leg lock variations, I wasn’t able to put this guy away! He was just so stubborn and difficult to finish, so hats off to him! At one point we became tangled and triangled my arm. He was using some sort of modified straight armbar that was not a pleasant experience. Heck, I was THIS close to tapping!

Somehow I found my way out of it. Want to guess how the match ended? Good guess, with the both of us at an impasse in the 50/50 guard looking for, what else, a LEG LOCK! Shocking, I know.

Normally I like to discuss my finishes; matches that have a highlight leg lock ending that I can hang my hat on, but not this one. What I took away from this was that some people are just super tough, and even with something as painful as a leg lock applied to them, just won’t tap!"

Me: Thanks Dan - I'd hate to see what kind of messed up stuff you would do to them if you ate food once in a while. Just Kidding

Dan: You better be.

Me: Im sorry.


Hope you guys like this!

Tim Anthony

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