José Aldo: The True People's Champ

Note: This is my first fanpost. I'm Brazilian, so please forgive me for eventual grammar errors.

Hello, fellow BE readers. I've been lurking around here for a while, occasionally commenting, but i've never started a fan post, until, today, i had a reason to do it.

While José Aldo is a hell of fighter and a great champion, this post is not about his fighting skills or his famous UFC 142 celebration. This is about a humble man and his will to make his country a better place.

I don't know how much is being covered by the media in other countries, but Brazil is amidst a "revolution", so to speak. It all started in Sao Paulo, when the government announced the raising of bus fare to R$ 3,20 (around U$ 1,40), so the average worker spends R$ 6,40 a day just to get to work and back home. Keep in mind that the minimum wage in Brazil, today, is R$ 678,00. Simple math can tell you how taxing this simple raise can be on the working class.

Following that, protests broke all over the country. Large parades, with around a hundred thousand people were organized in most of Brazil's capital cities, claiming the lowering of bus fees and an end to the shameless corruption that ravages a great portion of Brazil's politicians.

Most of the parades were peaceful, but small groups took advantage of the situation to thrash public property and plunder local businnesses, which led to police intervention with pepper spray, rubber bullets and tear gas.

Still, the people carried on and it's been roughly a week with daily parades that grow bigger each day. Amongst the protestants, a distinct figure for the MMA community.



José Aldo, UFC featherweight champion and Léo Santos, TUF Brasil 2's winner in yesterday's Rio protest.

As a proud Brazilian and huge MMA fan, you can't imagine how happy i was when i saw this. This is an example of citizenship from a guy that, being honest, has a better life than 80% of the people in the country, doesn't need to make use of our awful public transport system anymore and still feels the need to go out on the streets and support the movement. This is the true definition of a people's champ.

Oh, by the way, today, 23 cities announced the lowering of bus fees.



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