BECW S6E5 Recap & Mid-Season Review


"Rands of the Judges need to work on their picking."

What's up, bitches?! The least anticipated PPV in living memory went down on Saturday and like all other fight cards that look bad on paper, it delivered a bunch of memorable fights was pretty forgettable. The meh-ness of UFC 161 only added to what has been a lackluster BECW season in terms of fight action; the season started off with Chael Sonnen's richly deserved title shot followed by a fight card co-mained by Chris Camozzi and a "who is who?" (sic) of Brazilian MMA at UFC on Fuel 10's submission-fest. Interspersed between these meaningless cards was the pearl of a main card that was UFC 160 and the good news is that the rest of the season bodes well. Very well indeed, actually. Here's a look at what's ahead and a couple of standout fights from each card:

Event 6 - UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman (July 6)
MW Title Fight: Silva vs. Weidman
Edgar vs. Oliveira
Siver vs. Swanson

Event 7 (Wildcard weekend!) - UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Moraga (July 27)
FLW Title Fight: Johnson vs. Moraga
RoryMac vs. Ellenberger
Lawler vs. Siyar

Event 8 (GP Quarter-Finals) - UFC 163: Aldo vs. Korean Zombie (August 3)
FW Title Fight: Aldo vs. KZ
Machida vs. Davis
Maia vs. Koscheck
Lineker vs. Harris

Event 9 (GP Semis) - UFC on Fox Sports 1 1 1 1 1: Shogun vs. Sonnen (August 17)
Shogun vs. Sonnen
Overeem vs. Browne
Faber vs. Alcantara
Luke Thomas vs. Thiago Alves
Pickett vs. Mayday
Ogle vs. MacGregor

Event 10 (GP Finals) - UFC on Fox Sports 1 2 3 4: Condit vs. Kampmann (August 28)
Condit vs. Kampmann
Cerrone vs. dos Anjos
Mizugaki vs. Perez
Elkins vs. Hioki

The first UFC on Fox Sports 1 event in particular is stacked. Ironically, it also has by far the least compelling main event of the five events.

Anywho, I'm sure you're aching for all the latest stats and fear not, the numbers are coming. First, though, let's take a brief look back at the first half of the season.

Mid-Season Review

H2H Matchups

Season 6 has seen the introduction of H2H Matchups between one player from each team. While the idea was very positively received, much of the excitement has fizzled out. Here are some numbers from the first 30 matchups of the season:

Matchups that would've ended differently if the H2H did not exist: 5
Matchups that could've ended differently if the other team had won the H2H:

Out of the 5 matchups directly influenced by the H2H, Sugel's team has been the lucky team on a remarkable three occasions while Marcu$' Field of Dreams has lost three matchups in dramatic fashion this way. The ½ matchup that could've ended differently was lanky6's win over Sugel this week that would've ended in a draw had the School of Standup Comedy prevailed in the H2H. Funnily enough, that would've given Sugel's team the win thanks to having the highest low score.

How does everyone feel about the H2H matchups at this point? They will NOT feature in the playoffs but is there any interest in keeping them around for next season? Maybe in another format? Eg. 1st rounders could face off in week 1, 2nd rounders in week 2, etc. with captains facing each other in week 7.

Pick missers

On a positive note, only two players have missed picks so far this season: former Andy Anderson-esque captain inthepipes and Garrett Turpin. While KMcCaig decided not to replace inthepipes, there is no word on whether Andy Davis is looking for a replacement for his early 3rd rounder. By comparison, four people had missed picks at this point during last season. Beware, though, complacency usually truly sets in once teams fail to qualify for the Grand Prix. An additional six people missed picks during the final three events last season.

Live spreadsheets

Is it just me or is Google having an increasingly hard time coping with the live spreadsheets? I have ideas for stats I want to put in - as well as re-introducing the live team standings - but the current loading times are already unacceptable so I won't tempt fate and add yet more calculations.

My question to you guys is as follows: would your BECW experience improve if I found a fix/replacement for the spreadsheets? The whole tech part of the BECW needs an overhaul soon anyway and I'd like to make the live scoring a priority. Basically, I can either leave things as they are, fix the spreadsheets so they look the same but run faster (ie. contain the same cell values but without calculations happening) or totally replace the spreadsheets with another medium, eg. a website. The last option is obviously the most desirable but it would also take longer to implement. If you care enough I'll be happy to give it a shot.

Teh numberz

These are abridged numbers - complete stats can be found here.

Individual Scores, UFC 161

Rank Name Score
1 #6 Ben Bauman 77
2 #60 aaronb 75
2 #94 Careful Icarus 75
4 (C) Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist 72
4 #93 clay davis 72
6 #31 jafotinatos 71
7 #47 Brad Ackerson 70
7 #54 Andersac 70
7 #58 TitanFan2K 70
10 #20 Hayabusa2000 69
11 (C) Josh Hall 66
11 #30 sday420 66
11 #84 fedorable 66
11 #108 DarthRevan 66
15 #12 Patrick Wyman 65
15 #36 Pat Tzu 65
15 #49 Our Bovine Public 65
15 #117 Cocytus 65
19 (C) John Danaher's Hair 64
19 #23 cardioless 64

Ben Bauman wins his second event of the season, finishing 16th on MMA Playground in the process. DarthRevan enjoys back-to-back standout events while Careful-Icarus goes from 2nd-last to 2nd.

Individual Scores, Overall

Rank Name Score
1 #6 Ben Bauman 401
2 #17 sgiblin 395
3 #84 fedorable 390
4 #29 phenylenginerods 386
5 (C) Sugel Mendoza 381
6 #61 Fraser Coffeen 379
7 #1 swiftman 377
7 #4 pooki 377
7 #10 sun yue 377
10 #47 Brad Ackerson 376
11 #57 Kaleb Kelchner 375
11 #86 Centre Line 375
13 #58 TitanFan2K 374
14 #108 DarthRevan 372
15 #27 Sweet Scientist 371
16 #83 scruffy_thejanitor 369
16 #106 jason18 369
18 #48 corey nielsen 367
18 #63 Manch1ld 367

Bauman's great performance sees him reclaim first position and he is now 2nd overall on MMA Playground. sgiblin has not given up on his quest for back-to-back individual titles, though, as he is joined in the top 3 by the rejuvenated Fedorable. The only three 1st rounders that are worth a crap are tied in 7th place.


As usual, all pictures are available in full size in an imgur album. Go here.

Division 1


The Fuken Magi took a vital win to take them to 2-3 and keep them in the hunt for a top 2 finish in the division while the hapless Hands of the Judges suffered yet another defeat. HotJ still haven't won a H2H matchup or finished with a better team score than 10th.

Division 2


The bad luck continued for the Field of Dreams who were on the end of an ultra-narrow, H2H-fueled defeat to Josh's Beauties. lanky's Picketts bounced back from consecutive losses to move back into the top 2 in the closest division of the three.

Division 3


Fox Blockers put in a consistent performance, handily taking out the 11 Inchers, while PFP's Lawyers continue to plummet as they offered no resistance to Andy Davis' CLYDTSFF.



Pickers and Bangzillians are one win away from securing a playoff spot while The Magi still have a chance. Division 2 is WIDE open although The Field of Dreams will have to settle for a wildcard spot if they want into the playoffs as it is mathematically impossible for them to finish in the top 2. PFP's Lawyers are almost out of the running for the top 2 although they can theoretically still get there by winning their last two matchups and outscoring CLYDTSFF by 185 points in the process.


In the overall standings, three teams currently battle it out for the 2nd wildcard spot as Sugel's Comedians barely pip The Field of Dreams due to having recorded more wins. Two strong performances from PFP's team could see them enter the race for the spot as well.

Team Scores & Next Week's Matchups

Division 1


The Magi will attempt to outscore the Hands for the 6th event in a row while the winner of the other matchup clinches a playoff spot.

Division 2


In a pivotal matchup, the Beauties take on Wonderboy's comedians with the winner clinching a playoff spot if lanky's team fails to beat the Field of Dreams.

Division 3


Fox Blockers and the 11 Inchers can both clinch playoff appearances with wins while CLYDTSFF can make things very interesting indeed with a win.

That's all for now, folks. We'll be back in just two weeks for UFC 162 which promises to be a good one.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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