How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? - Zingano vs. Tate's Nose, Justin Bieber vs. Twilight, Everyone vs. Mazzagatti

Graphic by Anton Tabuena

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"@danawhite "Vitor Belfort has been 'unjustly beat down for the TRT thing" My opinion. Dana is full of bull crap" -Victor Conte

"Hey @jimmyfallon, your enormous teeth must be growing into your brain. Learn how to pronounce names of celebrities more famous than you." -Chael Sonnen

"@MMAWorldSeries @SugarRaySefo are there 4 tickets for the NY Bad Ankle to limp in and watch @jonfitchdotnet smash a bald busta tomorrow ?" -Phil Baroni

"Tattoo today! Yeahhhhhh buddy! Getting my brother's name X'd out and putting my mentor/real brotha @philbaroni above! Haha! #GAMEBRED" -War Machine

"Because being my relative is nothing more than an introduction, you gotta earn your keep. For my mentor and brotha the NYBA Phil Baroni..." -War Machine



"Surreal world type weight cut today. Shared the sauna with Ron Jeremy. He was impressed with my girth." -Jon Fitch

"I wonder if I have time to rub one out before the main event. " -Justin Buchholz



"If I had $1 for every Justin Bieber song I could sing or every Twilight movie I have watched... I would have $0" -Tim Kennedy

"Id be rich" -Nick Newell



"McDummy Bad News: Fighting Me Good News: Handicapped Parking" -Jake Ellenberger

"Which round is Rory getting melted? #YouChoose #UFConFox8" -Jake Ellenberger

"4some1 with such a week jaw u sure use it alot 2 talk shit when ur done buildin ur self up ill b there 2send u back 2reality" -Rory MacDonald

"McDummy.. Unless you are using a unit of time as an adjective, the word is "weak", not "week", Stupid." -Jake Ellenberger

"Let me proof-read your inane comments from now on, y'idiot" -Jake Ellenberger

" emotionally struggling knowing inside he is inferior 2 me... Dont fool yourself jacob correcting internet spelling wont change your fate" -Rory MacDonald



"Sorry to everyone who has supported me. Went for the slam instead of defending the choke. I'll be back." -Jon Fitch

"Glad Burkman stopped. Mazzagatti is a clueless idiot who will hurt someone and continue to ruin guys legacies. Much respect Josh... NSAC needs to seriously do something!! When you have been a ref that long and still don't know what u r doing its time to go away!!!!!" -Dana White

"Mazzagatti has been a ref for so long yet still doesn't know the sport & now Kizer is defending him. Unfortunate. He should be reprimanded... Reality is @danawhite is 100% correct on Mazzagatti. Bad refereeing hurts fighters, fight orgs & can cause irreversible damage to a fighter. As a fighter you can train for almost anything that can happen in a cage EXCEPT FOR bad refereeing & bad judging." -Kenny Florian

"For those who don't know what Mazzagatti fight I'm referring to, it's Burkman/Fitch fight in WSOF. Burkman both won & reffed the fight... Anyone on my team knew that if Mazzagatti was going to ref one of my fights, we were to protest immediately & request another ref. #Truth" -Kenny Florian



"@rondarousey hit her in that nose at@ufc #TUF finale for me will ya? ;)" -Cat Zingano

"dont worry I'll handle her and we'll have the title fight you deserve, heal up ;)" -Ronda Rousey

"its a big target;)" -Mauricio Zingano

"lol! Yeah it is" -Ronda Rousey



"Outdoor shampooing. 🌞 #friskyfriday" -Natasha Wicks


"Squat Intervals on the #IndoBoard whilst I catch up on #RiverMonsters !! #balance #core Even though I can't run right now, I gotta keep on it" -Natasha Wicks, high level balancing selfie right there.



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