UFC 164: Anthony Pettis wants T.J. Grant's shot at champ Benson Henderson

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Pettis claims he'll be healed from a torn meniscus and ready for his title shot against Ben Henderson in time for UFC 164 in his home town. There's just one catch, T.J. Grant's already been promised that fight.

We just got the news a couple of days ago that Anthony Pettis was hurt and forced out of his UFC 163 shot at Jose Aldo's Featherweight title. The Korean Zombie will now get his well-earned shot and all is right with the Featherweight world.

However, Anthony Pettis is back acting as a free-radical in the Lightweight division. He claims he'll be recovered from a torn meniscus and cleared to fight in time for UFC 164. He also claims he should get the title shot at LW champ Ben Henderson since the card is in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the fans have been waiting for the Pettis-Bendo rematch since 2010.

Admittedly their first scrap was a classic for the ages and Pettis is seemingly a potential super-star in the making but there's just one problem and his name is T.J. Grant. Grant was promised the UFC 164 shot at Bendo after his KO of the Night demolition of Gray Maynard at UFC 160 last month.

Here's what Pettis told Fuel TV:

"I can be 100 percent ready to fight Benson Henderson in Milwaukee. With all due respect to T.J. Grant, Milwaukee is my town, and the fight with Ben is the fight everyone has wanted for years."

Here's how UFC President Dana White responded:

"He talked to a doctor, and the doctor said he's out for a good six weeks, and he needs a good (physical) therapist, and he needs to get his knee back," White said. "That's what a doctor said. He talked to a therapist in Milwaukee who told him three weeks. I could give a s--t what the therapist in Milwaukee thinks; I'm listening to the doctor. And I'm going to fly him out to Las Vegas to see Dr. (Steven) Saunders, too, for a second opinion.

"He's definitely in line [at featherweight], but we'll see what happens. He could do either - he could fight Aldo or he could fight the winner of [Ben] Henderson and T.J. Grant."

So Pettis might be barking at the moon or maybe T.J. Grant is SOL. We'll see and stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for updates.

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