UFC 161: Evans vs. Henderson results and post-fight analysis


Rashad Evans outlasts Dan Henderson and Stipe Miocic batters Roy Nelson in the two featured bouts of UFC 161. Brent Brookhouse gives a quick breakdown of some of the action from the night's fights.

Rashad Evans outworked and outlasted Dan Henderson in the UFC 161 main event tonight to move one step closer to a rematch with Jon Jones that I'm not sure anyone is all that interested in seeing.

Henderson was able to land some hard shots in the first round and come close to finishing Evans, but he did something he has done in the past and started to overswing once he hand Rashad hurt. Henderson was slipping and off balance because he was throwing absolute bombs to try and get the knockout. That he didn't size up Rashad and throw with a little more accuracy probably cost him the fight.

It was a decent fight between two veterans but didn't feel like it was really a battle to see which of the two deserved to be closer to a shot at the 205 pound title. Both guys seemed kind of...old.

Still, it wasn't a bad fight, and given the rest of the card not exactly being a thrill-a-minute, it came off as pretty decent.

  • Stipe Miocic beat the tar off Roy Nelson and it wasn't because Nelson came in on late notice. Sure, the late notice didn't do him any favors, but it's not as though Nelson's cardio has ever really held up in a fight like he was in tonight. Miocic knew what he wanted to avoid and fought in a way that avoided it. He wanted to move, make Nelson move in,out and side to side to wear him out, and mix in combinations. And those combinations were crisp, and even came off feinting takedown attempts. Miocic was simply too good tonight.
  • Ryan Jimmo fought like Ryan Jimmo tonight in beating Igor Pokrajac. Jimmo was known as an incredibly boring fighter in MFC and it was for much of the reasons he built that rep that tonight's bout was so far away from being entertaining. Jimmo fought looking to hold Pokrajac against the cage for the most part and even when he knocked down Igor he ended up engaging on the ground instead of opening up hard for the finish. Jimmo knew his performance wasn't going to win him any fans by the way he handled his post fight interview. But he did win, and that's the important thing.
  • I'm not sure I fully understood some of the hate for Alexis Davis' win over Rosi Sexton. On Twitter there were people really running the fight down as boring. I thought it was very compelling for two rounds and even the third was pretty interesting. No, it wasn't the show stealing war that people seem to think WMMA delivers 100% of the time, but it was still one of the better fights this evening.
  • Pat Barry getting blown up in under a minute wasn't something I saw coming. I figured a crushing loss was a distinct possibility, but not quite the way it went down. Shawn Jordan just went out, put it on him and went home. I don't know how much upside Jordan has, but fights like that will keep him around a long time, especially in the ultra-shallow heavyweight division.
  • Dana White was tweeting that he felt Tyron Woodley was robbed in his fight with Jake Shields, but I simply don't see what T-Wood did that would earn him the win. Shields didn't ever really get a takedown despite many attempts, but he was the one pushing the action and the one pushing more offense, even if the offense wasn't really all that impressive. Woodley was far too hesitant considering how little danger he was in from Shields' striking and power -- or lack thereof.
  • James Krause looked very impressive in beating Sam Stout. Stout couldn't deal with Krause's ability to control distance. Stout would throw punches but they were consistently a few inches short while Krause could actually land. He's on an eight fight win streak and was one of the guys who left me feeling like I wanted to see more after a fairly lackluster evening of fights.
  • Roland Delorme and Edwin Figueroa put on a good fight. Figueroa is like what the UFC wanted Leonard Garcia to be. He fights very hard, is an aggressive brawler and is a very, very tough out. He simply got outworked.
  • Fun fact as betting favorites went 5-6 on the night. They should have been 4-7, but Yves Jabouin was gifted a hometown decision win.
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