How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? - Ellenberger steals GSP's truck, War Machine on Sponsors, Legalization of MMA

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world. This edition features Jake Ellenberger poking fun at GSP's misfortune, War Machine ranting on MMA sponsorship, and Kyra Gracie on a steamy magazine cover shoot.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"My car got stolen last week, first time this happened to me- I wish I could have caught the guy while he was doing it!!" -Georges St. Pierre

"@georgesstpierre so was your car stolen, or was the person who tweets for you get their car stolen?Strictly for law enforcement..." -CM Punk

"St. Pierre: I stole your truck. I have the pics of you & Rory. Let's talk" -Jake Ellenberger



"@danawhite @ufc I hoop I can fight in december against Belfort... I think my fans would love that fight.... If fans like me to fight mr. Belfort than they should tweet mr Dana and J.Silva" -Gegard Mousasi

"Got the surprise of Danaher promoting me to brown belt in class today. Definitely an honor." -Chris Weidman

"Knocking out some of the Medicals for the fight. Getting eyes dilated. On my way to losing my sight for a few hours .." -Chris Weidman

"Guys, I'm not worried about breaking into the top 10 heavyweights. I just want to break the top 10. Period." -Josh Barnett

"I have 2 keep it real,I had fun on TNA last night.And I was a Lil star struck when I met Hulk Hogan. But can't wait 2 get back n the cage!" -Quinton Jackson

"Yo guys I need some ideas on what 2 name my Reality show 4 Spike TV.. I have a few names already,but would love 2 hear from my fans" -Quinton Jackson

"@bjornrebney thanks for the follow boss! Dana White never followed me or even responded to my tweets! #respect @bellatormma Natural is home!" -John Alessio, if Dana only knew it was this simple to get #respect!

"After deep thought & consideration between me & my team, I've decided to move up to 185. Thanks for everyone's support, Ché" -Che Mills

"A man on my FB fan page wants to pay me $1000 to kiss my feet for an hour...@ikevf @timkennedymma @kylenoke u guys get these offers?" -Julie Kedzie, seems like a good deal to me!



"UFC 163 !!!" -Anthony Pettis


"ahead on recovery;)" -Cat Zingano


"My knee's (right) full extension two weeks out.Almost even, about 2inches off.Great news!Baby steps" -Cat Zingano




"Here's a big F*CK YOU to all you cheap ass MMA sponsors out there, kill yourselves, we bust our asses in that cage for PENNIES, f*ck you... You f*cking clothing companies,promoters & managers get rich off of OUR pain and suffering ya'll and have the nerve to nickel & dime us?" -War Machine

"In 2008 Sprawl paid me like $1200 (maybe more, I forget) to wear their shorts on a NON-televised fight, now they offer $500? JOKE! ...All of you dumb f*ck fighters need to start telling these companies to F*CK OFF! Don't accept their low ball offers, make them pay us fair!" -War Machine

"I'll wear a BLANK shirt, a BLANK hat and BLANK shorts-no they won't be blank, they'll say, "MMA SPONSORS ARE CHEAP FUCKS" on them all!" -War Machine

"EVERYONE in MMA is making money EXCEPT the f*cking fighters! I bet Arianny Celeste makes more f*cking money holding up a f*cking ring card! ...And ALL of you MMA fighters who are seeing my fcking posts and AREN'T RT'ing them have no f*cking balls! You know I speak the truth." -War Machine

"Good morning cheap f*ck MMA establishment,while ya'll continue being rich us fighters continue to train with all types of f*cked up injuries... I do have ONE good sponsor though and that's , and what do you know, it's a NON MMA company, big surprise... And, just for the record, it is not just ME having these problems idiots, it's ALL us guys fighting in and the " -War Machine

"Even the GSP's/Anderson Silva's are getting raped, yeah you/they THINK they are getting PAID, but when compared to Mayweather: RAPED!" -War Machine

"The #1 reason that I wanna win the rest of the fights in my career is so that I can get on that mic and tell MILLIONS the truth about MMA." -War Machine

"I'd rather sit here and promote the few good companies for FREE, than to promote a company who wants to pay me PENNIES to wear their shit." -War Machine

"Shittttt, gets like a MILLION live viewers and YOU want your logo to be seen by all them eyes for $500? LMFAO! Wow..." -War Machine

"If every fighter had my BALLS, we'd all be rich. " -War Machine

"All you COWARD ass "fighters" out there need to take notes from DADDY and grow a pair of balls so that you can get the $ you deserve too." -War Machine



"Connecticut becomes the 49th State to legalize MMA ....NY is the last holdout and we'll get there too! ...Also today MMA is now legal throughout all Provinces in Canada great day for MMA" -Marc Ratner

"Hey I have a question for everyone, who looks stupid on this map?" -Dana White




"Capa da @revistastatus sábado nas bancas!!!" -Kyra Gracie


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